Turkey suspends defense trade with Israel
News agencies
Published: 06.09.11, 16:36
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1. Look at the guy - foaming at the mouth
Sick. Very very sick indeed... we all know that if Turkey sends warships something will happen for sure....lets hope someone with brains stops this lunatic before we wake up to find large areas of the ME are uninhabitable.
2. Obama, where are you?
leo ,   nyc   (09.06.11)
The only thing that will stop the madman Erdogan would be a stiff call from Obama---but I guess that is something that will not happen. Hey US Congress, let Turkey know the consequences of these acts. And of course this reflects the negative results of the "Arab Spring" which was so widely hailed earlier this year
3. Erdogan the puppet on a string
Ivan ,   South Africa   (09.06.11)
Wait until Iran cuts your strings,and lets see how hard you fall.....
4. When Turkey apologizes 4 Armenian Genocide...
AmiChai ,   Israel   (09.06.11)
Israel will apologize to Turkey! In the meantime lets diplomatically talk about the power of forgiveness. :)))
maurice clebert ,   Judea Samaria Israel   (09.06.11)
6. Great news!!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (09.06.11)
Israel doesn't need to worry because Turkey has a LOT more to lose by doing this than does Israel. But at least now we know where we stand. Turkey has made its decision and is now firmly a part of the Islamofascist bloc. Hope N.A.T.O. has the good sense to boot Turkey out of the Alliance. Let it shack up with Iran and 7amastan.
7. boycott turkey!
KURD4KURDISTAN   (09.06.11)
google the list of poducts made in turkey and free kudistan!!!!!!!!!
8. Turkey suspends
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (09.06.11)
Erdogan has been looking for any reason he can to suspend relations since he came to power. Israel is actually paying the price for the E.U telling Turkey that you are not European enough to join the E.U. Thus he is going to be more Islamic than anything else. Actually the only spoiled boy as he calls us is Erdogan himself.. Looks like Turkey is heading for another dictator on the same lines as Venezuelan
9. Little tayyip Your Wrong And Palmer Report
Is Biased, but Still Says turkey is Wrong!!! You the iranian Lap Dog Chose to side with the little bearded monkey and his troop of mad mullahs. No such thing as madhi It's make-believe like your aspirations of Ruling A islamic world, yea Right. Baruch Hashem
10. Woow!!!
Oded ,   Netamya   (09.06.11)
Egypt change there regime & slowly are trying to back out of the peace agreement, Turkey Decided the we are not Human enough for them and suspended all trade ties and the USA just think we are not a good ally, HOW NICE IS THAT :) Did I hear someone said "NEVER AGAIN" ?!?!?
11. Very childish leaders
Ted   (09.06.11)
12. Erdogan
jack b. ,   brooklyn NY   (09.06.11)
It seems "The Lady Protest Too Much". Is Erdogan upset that the Palmer report critisized Turkey?
13. Erdogan acting like "a spoiled boy"
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (09.06.11)
First denied what he wanted and then called on the carpet for it by the UN and now Erdogan acting like "a spoiled boy" who did not get his toy.
14. Erdogan
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.06.11)
His utterances are no hollow threat and the state of his mind does not make things better. I worry this may degenerate into an extra fight we can do without now Obama has unleashed Islam; doubt if his $'s can control it anymore.
15. Turkey
harry ,   belgium   (09.06.11)
if we would have self respect we would say to Turkey that we heve enough of this behaviour and stop all our relations. Enough is enough
16. Erdogan's belching as usual
to 1? sick ,   WORLD   (09.06.11)
17. Best news we have had all year ! Now
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.06.11)
we will see them as they are -hopefully- just another enemy and we treat them as one.
18. Don't apologise for anything!
Talula ,   Israel   (09.06.11)
We all saw the video and read the book! They came with intent to kill and cause damage - if they didn't, there wouldn't have been weapons on board. Why isn't Turkey taking responsibility for that? Well, I've binned my Mavi jeans, won't be buying anything made in Turkey - they can go sod themselves.
19. No more trade with Turkey
Israeli Importer ,   Israel   (09.06.11)
All my order with Turkey been cancelled.The order worth several hundred of thousands Dollars.
20. The beginning
MF Hussain ,   Karachi, Pakistan   (09.06.11)
Wait till Egypt, Jordan and Syria have Islamic govt. And Iran and Pakistan will provide them nuclear weapons
21. Yes, but will they accept our help
Elad Lending ,   Yahel, Israel   (09.06.11)
if, heaven forbid, there's another earthquake?
22. Erdogan
Raymond ,   Aruba   (09.06.11)
Erdogan is the Turkish Hugo Chavez, provoking, to come in the picture. If he thinks that he will have it as easy as he had it with Greece, he will make a miserable mistake. Like Chavez wants to do with the Dutch colonies in the caribbean.
23. Great Turkey, take the leadership of Muslims
Huzzain ,   Bangalore &India   (09.06.11)
Wow, it is great that, the giant turkey has waken up from its european sleep to take the leadership of muslims of the region. All the democratic people love it... Long live turks... I too a turkis rooted indian citizen, still people call us turks here... love you turkey.
24. Where is the apology? The flotilla was botched.
Josh   (09.06.11)
The military botched the operation. Couldn't;t they make some sort of half hearted acknowledgement they botched it and people were shot. No leaders have to make it a war that harms the already oppressed Israeli Jews because they want to play tough guy on a non-captive audience. Give it a rest two-year old testing its parents mentality. Polictobinical egomaniacs.
25. Re Boycott Turkish Products
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.06.11)
Considering the only Turkish product that I have ever encountered in my travels here in Canada is crappy dried figs in the grocery store... there is certainly no effort required on my family's behalf to boycott Turkish products. How long till Turkey runs out of spare parts for their Israeli made military hardware?
26. Just yesterday some dimwit Israelis were 'shocked'
Al   (09.06.11)
that they were stopped at the Turkish airport. Gee...the goyim keep pissing on our heads and yet we want them to like us. To the Turks..."Go F yourselves and the donkey you rode in on."
27. Test It in Court
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.06.11)
Call Turkey on their own arrogance. Turkey is acting purely from emotion and it will be proved for the world to see if tested in international court. Of course, that is if the rule of logic still applies.
28. Time to bring back all Israeli military contractors
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.06.11)
Israel still has people on the ground in Turkey providing maintenance and support for Israeli-provided weapons systems. They all need to come home.
29. good get rid of them
alan ash ,   tel aviv   (09.06.11)
they need our technology more the an we need their attitude from the 15 century.. they are the ones that live,think, and treat their people as a backward nation
30. Erdogan, is comparable to Ahmadinejad and Hitler
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