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Beit Shemesh: Haredi-religious war escalates
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 06.09.11, 22:15
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1. Such mindless hatred will destroy us.
Yosef ,   Israel   (09.07.11)
Secular, national-religious, haredi. We can all look forward to another 2,000 years in the galut if we don't learn to love each other, regardless of whether we disagree with each other.
2. Mayor is as bad as UN
Michael ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.07.11)
This quote: "The Beit Shemesh Municipality condemns the violence and calls on both sides to stop the deterioration and return to the negotiating table in order to reach an agreement. At the end of the day, these people are neighbors and have no choice but to get along." is as despicable as the prattling by the UN after Israel gets attacked by terrorists. These extremists are terrorists. There is nothing to "negotiate" with them. The mayor's office has one clear obligation here. That is to get these terrorists off the street, by any means necessary. There is no "both" sides here. There is only one side attacking little girls who want to go to school. The insinuation of anything else is perverse and just shows what a low-life Mayor Abutbol really is.
3. Throwing rocks is assault
Ayelet HaShachar ,   Maale Adummim   (09.07.11)
This is not a "delicate" situation that needs to be negotiated. This is criminal activity and the police need to arrest the perpetrators. If it were my kid, I'd be doing more than hanging unkind posters. The police and city government have abdicated their first obligation in a civil society to protect the citizens and preserve the rule of law--in this case little school children. Throwing rocks is assault and the national religious parents are at their wits end at the refusal of the police and mayor to do their jobs. Period.
4. Yosef, the hareidim are assaulting little
Ayelet HaShachar Bir ,   Maale Adummim   (09.07.11)
school children and the mayor and police are doing nothing. They are slashing tires, tresspassing, harrassing, holding hostage (by not letting the girls exit the school), and destroying property. They're screaming and calling little girls 'whores.' This is a criminal issue and not a religious issue or an issue of sinat chinam. What would you do if Arabs were throwing rocks at your children? Society cannot function without the rule of law. If the police will not act, then the hareidim are lucky that the parents of the school children are just trying to embarrass them instead of beating them up. If it were my children, there is nothing I would stop at to protect my children. I am so tired of criminal behavior by the hareidim whether in Yerushalayim or Beit Shemesh being treated as some sort of game of Keystone Cops by the authorities.
5. ". At the end of the day, these people are neighbors "
AJB   (09.07.11)
They are not neighbour, they are brothers and sisters. SORT IT OUT - Ahavas Yisroel
6. Negotiating?
moti ,   Brooklyn   (09.07.11)
1. There is no one to negotiate with-- this not ALL the chariedim -- this is a sect of 50 bored troublemakers 2. its a free society... one cant say i dont want dati leumi kids in this neighborhood!!! imagine what would happen in NY if in a white area they said no blacks can come to the school...its called discrimination and its illegal..there is nothing to talk about
7. ANY MAN Hanging out in front of an
RBS resident ,   Bet Shemesh   (09.07.11)
elementary girls' school staring at girls in any part of the world would be reported to the authorities. Because he is an extremist and also abusive he should be arrested! If these animals have complaints-they have to deal with those in charge-not take it out on innocent girls-they are mentally il!!!!!!
8. Pashkivilim
RBS resident ,   Bet Shemesh   (09.07.11)
Your article failed to mention that these animals put up awful posters all over the city first claiming that the little girls of Orot were _____________. I refuse to even write it! If your innocent six year old were called names and screamed at by weird men, wouldn't you do something to stop it??? Good for the parents who fought back by publishing these monsters for all to see!!!!
9. Join forces!
Pinny ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.07.11)
The dati le'umi chevra have to join forces with the NORMAL chareidim (Chabad, Breslov, and many others) to show unity against the crazies. This will help both the dati le'umi and will also help the normal chareidim whom the press and the public bash by putting them all in the same camp. The actual number of extremist chareidi wackos is very small. Normal chareidim should want the public to know that!
10. Lacking Accurate Background
S ,   Bet Shemesh   (09.07.11)
These thugs come out daily to harass little girls. They scream at curse at the girls and their parents. The mayor and city have FAILED to protect the girls and their families who have the rightful possession of this school they worked so hard to build and grow. They are caving to lunacy, thuggery and terror.
11. Great examples of Judaism! (not)
Roxanne ,   Haifa   (09.07.11)
you are all a disgrace and a shame upon those who perished.
12. constant assautment
Alan ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.07.11)
When little girls ages six to eleven,are being constantly assaulted by men adults, it is time to take action as well as talk. The harassment of these little girls, must stop immedietly one way or the other.
13. Act now! The time is running out!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (09.07.11)
.We created these monsters. Empty mind devil's house. Too much tora study that it's making a normal person crazy (only few are really destined to achieve this but whole community do not have everything to become a tora scholar). Many are just using it as a tool to get free help and to hide their laziness by saying they are learning tora. We saw much much bigger number of secular protesters on streets in past few weeks. How many of them throw stones? Called little girls ______????? How many burnt tires and broke street lights? How many? None. The results are in front of us. Sitting idle created goons and monsters and crazy religious fanatism. Stop their monthly help immediately. Force them to join IDF. Then they won't have strength or time to create these riots. If our government will not do it today, tomorrow these goons will turn into terrorists. There is no time left. We are already standing on the border of it and the water has reached the nose. Act now or the whole Israel will be doomed by it's own people.
14. #9 is right
Rick ,   Somewhere   (09.07.11)
Only haredim from the Satmar and Neturei Karta dynasties are crazies. I personally love the Chabad for being active in providing assistance to Jews like me throughout the world.
15. #9 Time to join forces
Marc ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.07.11)
Pinny is 100% correct and the vaad horim of the Orot Banot School and the parents have tried to discuss and get support from the mainstream charedi rabbis of Beit Shemesh. Unfortunately the charadi rabbanim have so far refused to get involved because they fear retribution from these thugs. If this was in chutz l'aretz and jewish girls werebeing targeted by non-jews would the charadi rabbonim stand on the side also? If it was the other way around and charadi girls were being targeted by these thugs, I am certain the dati leumi community would be there to support the girls. Shame on the mainstream charadi community for their silence.
16. ???
Menachem L. ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.11)
I don't think that the chareidim would let the children of our forefathers into their schools. After all, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not wear black suits and streimels.
17. How long?
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (09.07.11)
You have no one to blame but yourselves. How long will you stand for this? Vote out the politicians who refuse to do nothing, and vote in someone who will take a hard line against them.
18. they dont study torah its all a costume
abethebabe ,   USAISRAEL   (09.07.11)
Dont let these phonies fool you' . they dont represent G-D 0r religion. They are dressed in the costumes of 17 century Polish and Hungarian noble menand their actions are totally against the Torah. When they get to the next world they will be judged for commiting these acts opf sinat hinom and chilul Hashem and they will join their Islamofascists buddies. As for Chabad and Bretslov I dont care how theyt dress they are true examples of what a torah Jew should be
19. bitel torah ...check their army deferrment...
Lemmings Hotline ,   San Diego   (09.07.11)
If these losers are supposed to be in Yeshiva and instead are hanging out near the Torah school for girls. Maybe the army needs to retract their deferrment and induct them. The army is always looking for Kashrut supervisors.
20. Beit Shemesh
Marion Vaz ,   Brazil   (09.10.11)
It is written in the Tanach, "The people of Beit Shemesh were harvesting their wheat in the valley when they looked up and saw the Ark (of the Covenant). They were happy to see it. The cart entered the field of Y’hoshua of Beit Shemesh!
21. Stop the Hate from Both Sides
Secular Zionist ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.11)
"Ads posted in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in the city revealed the names, addresses and pictures of the haredi battle's leaders, implying that they are all pedophiles who enjoy watching the minor students and meddling in their affairs." Is libel a proper response to harassment? I think not.
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