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Italian Marranos hold historic seminar
Published: 08.09.11, 08:27
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1. Conversos or Bnai Enusim is Acceptable Term. Morano IS NOT
meir elazar   (09.09.11)
Moranos is a pejorative term and is totally UNACCEPTABLE in the title of this article. Either CONVERSOS or Bnai Enusim is acceptable.
2. Previously religious -- Jewish then Catholic --secular next.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.09.11)
Converting to their roots means to me becoming secular. Certainly not becoming Orthodox Jewish, a branch which didn't exist in its current form when those Anusim were forced to convert to Catholicism. I don't understand what those rabbis were doing at this Marrano convention, unless it's a form of begging for parnasa ...
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