Erdogan the hypocrite
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 07.09.11, 18:00
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1. thank you, nail it right on his head
Kai ,   Malibu   (09.07.11)
it is time to stop saying it is rain when someone is spitting on you. and this guy will not stop unless ew stand up to him. no need for huff and puff, but the only way to stand up to bullies is to confront them in away the uncover thier real face.
2. This was to mild I think !.
However, Israel with its Experience of the Holocoast, should never have had anything to do with Turkey the Genosider of Armenians, and the Supression and Murders of the Kurds/Medians. Shame on Israel in this Regard. Israel should have knovn that the National Turkish Personality havent change,either, even if hiddden in the National subconsciousness. Arn.Sweden.
3. why do you permanently defend this blunder ?
eporue ,   europe   (09.07.11)
sent bibi and lieberman to ankara to apolgize ! its their fault ! they ordered it, they have to apologize... YOU dont have to pay the price for this ! nobody believes, it was the failure of the "troops"... send your leaders to apologize,.. and stop twisting and talking such drivel...
ALEXI   (09.07.11)
Erdogan is a bloody coward, a big mouthed lout from kampisi whose only virtue is his participation rugby. His managment degree from marmora is worthless, his islamic credentials give him a bed with his brothers zohar and meshaal, his lack of army combat matches him with olmert which explains why they got on so well, he is a shmuck, same as livni. She is a shmuck pure and simple. Both livni and olmert along with weisglass, 3 gutless lawyers without combat experience will pay a big price for talking sharon into the unilateral withdrawal from gaza.
5. Israelis are English?
Mblexon Svoko ,   Johannesburg, SA   (09.07.11)
Shaul sounds very much English and I wonder how you are Israeli? Would you care to explain.
6. Spot on!!!
AI- Raalte   (09.07.11)
7. erdogan is the voice of the unchosen
selim   (09.07.11)
go erdogan go !
8. Erdogen is bucking for a place on the UNSC
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.07.11)
His actions are not only illegal and deplorable but in line with the permanent members of the UN Security Council. Those sanctimonious morons that rule over the rest of us. Each of them currently occupy lands that they do not own and have done so for a very long time, yet complain when we want our little 0.07% of the Middle East. They remain mute when we are attacked by our neighbors in direct violation of the UN Charter and are only moved to action when we finally defend ourselves and then by condemning us for defending ourselves from genocide and if we are real lucky they may even condemn our attackers, but that is not very often. Why should anybody be surprised that Erdogen wants to follow in their racist footsteps, he knows that if he is powerful enough the world will ignore his hypocrisy and blame us for his attacks just like they do for the rest of the terrorists. When the Arabs state their goal is genocide and Abbas states he will again ethnic cleanse Jews from Judea and Samaria the world nods and smiles. If we propose to move Jordanian citizens to Jordan the world screams racism and apartheid. Yes Erdogen is a hypocrite and so is the rest of the world as well.
9. This article is written by a real hypocrite
Martin ,   USA   (09.07.11)
Mr. hypocrite author : 1- The kurds you called are recognized as terrorists the US and EU 2- Armanians stabbed their own countrymen in the back during the war time in 1915. Therefore they were deported by the government. Of course it wasn't a vacation, people from both sides were hurt. Using Armenians only make the Jewish holocoust look lighter or less dramatic . So I wouldn't even mention Armenians in this issue. 3- I am shocked that you didn't mention greeks in your article, that would complete your article perfectly, with a cheap way to mention every turkish enemy unrelated to the current issue :)
10. good writing..
mehrdad ,   germany   (09.07.11)
also erdogan welcomed the butcher of sudan and got the human rights price of ghadafi. 9 kurds...erdogan kills them in 1 hour in north irak on a daily base.
11. ts a pity that our PM doesn't point this out!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.07.11)
When is Netanyahu going to tell the people of Israel where we stand? Is it war or peace? Is it isolation or building bridges with those who could help us out of the isolated situation we have found ourselves in. By all means NO APOLOGY to Turkey for defending ourselves but some sort of settlement has got to be made withe the Palestinians whether we like it or not!
12. Hypocrite
Memo ,   England   (09.07.11)
Get your facts right, if u have proof of massacres, killing children show them llike the priminister said u are a spoilt brat who does not like it when u don't have it ur way f ool
13. Not only a hypocrite
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.07.11)
If Erdogan were only a hypocrite the situation wouldn't be so bad.After all there are plenty of hypocrites in politics and its still possible to do business with them.I shall not name names,but just mention France and Italy. Maybe I will mention Tony Blair. The real problem,putting aside his arrogance,is that Erdogan is OBSESSIVE and humiliating Israel is one of his obsessions.You cannot deal with somebody who is irrational so there doesn't seem much point in trying to.He won't be satisfied until his obsession is satisfied,if then. I just cannot help but compare him to Hitler. One can only hope that the Turks see through him very soon before he leads them into a disaster, THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
14. Anyone get the feeling that this
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.08.11)
Is going around in circles? We all know that good Israel Turkey relations are very important for both countries and the region as a whole But all the while the international community is looking totally bewildered at the antics of two countries completely abrogating their responsibilities to promote stability and set an example in the region Apart from a few hotheads most of the Turkish and Israeli public despite differences want to see a resolution. So whats the solution? 1. Israel expresses its deep regret at the deaths of the Flotilla Activists 2. Turkey acknowledges Israels legal and proper right to protect itself from Hamas attacks from Gaza. Whilst these attacks continue Turkey acknowledges Israel has every right to enforce an arms blockade and condemns rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza 3. Turkey and Israel agree a plan that would allow the flow of all aid via Ashdod to Gaza in the presence of international and Turkish inspectors to search for arms
15. Good words..
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.07.11)
Very good article. I agreee with the most. Soon mr erdogan has to hold on for life to the branch he is sitting on with amahdinejad, in the little tree. And do you know what, soon that tree will fall...
16. #7 Erdogan should go! In Exile or where should he go?
Yoav ,   Germany   (09.07.11)
DonĀ“t mess up with sons of Israel, cuz it always lead to the end of "impires", if you know what I mean? I am sure you do.
17. Martin of USA
Alan from LA ,   Los Angeles   (09.08.11)
There might be Kurds that are recognized as terrorists, but that doesn't give Turkey the right to bomb population centers. If a million Armenians were killed in 1915, how many of them DIDN't "stab Turkey in the back"? Turkey bombs or kills civilians indiscriminately but you spend time on Israel's defending its soldiers from nutjobs with crowbars who have the nerve to attack guys holding guns? You're a little fixated on the Jews, Martin.
18. We should ask them to apologise
Spira ,   Paris, France   (09.08.11)
19. #3 mistake
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.11)
The blockade on Gaza was imposed by Olmert / Livni / Barak. The decision to stop the flotilla was made by the government including Netanyahu, Lieberman and Barak. The operational failure to send only a few lightly armed soldiers instead of a large violent force able to take on Erdogan's terrorists was Barak's alone. It does make sense that one of the most anti-Israeli Talkbackers is a Barak supporter.
20. One of the best opinions on the Turkish idoicy
Israel Supporter ,   Out There   (09.08.11)
We do have some Israelis who haven't lost their balls and their brains,you managed to describe this Erdogan to a tee,a megalomaniac who is a paper tiger. He thinks that he is threatening the Kurds who has slaughtered and enslaved......
21. #5
al   (09.08.11)
The South African president is called JACOB (Zuma) another Hebrew name, but English sounding. Where does he come from?
22. turkeys are the morons and anyone who
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (09.08.11)
agrees is also a moron. Israel owes no one an apology. The turkeys should be glad Israel didn't sink the ship and kill the vermin on board. Take your apology and shove up your .............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. Hypocrite
Zvi ,   Istanbul   (09.08.11)
Read the Turkish News and you learn who many Kurdish civilians where killed . That is in the Turkish media They do not hide it. Selective Moralist
24. Tim #14 not a chance
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.08.11)
Regret for killing terrorists that attack our soldiers? No way - we regret that any survived, not that some died. As for international and Turkish inspectors here in Israel - can you see the UK agreeing to such action? Not a chance - Ashdod is Israeli territory and we will inspect everything that comes into Israel and if the world doesn't like it - too damn bad! They can inspect in Turkey - but we will inspect here regardless of what they say or want.
25. Bringing the Kurds up every time helps nothing
Jo   (09.09.11)
I just wish it wasn't. It's a well known issue, and when things are going well it is forgotten but when it's bad it is remembered with vengeance as a justification or an accusation or both. It does not help solve anything.
26. Erdogan's one man show
georgette ,   ME   (09.09.11)
Turkey is the prey of one man policy, like Hitler and Mussolini with Germany and Italy. He is able to lead his country and ME to a disaster.
27. Martin, USA No 9
Zio ,   Gibraltar   (09.09.11)
I'd be a bit careful of what I say if I were you. You seem to be agreeing with Armenians being deported by the government because they " stabbed their own countrymen in the back in 1915 ". Well Israel is at war, now. You wouldn't object to the Israeli government deporting citizens who " stab their own countrymen in the back " right ? For example, Hanin Zouabi. To David no 11. Whether you like it or not there is no settlement to be made with the Palestinians that does not involve the disappearance of Israel as a Jewish state. I don't live in Israel and I can see that. Why can't you ?
mark ,   t.a. israel   (09.10.11)
29. Erdogan and Ahmadinejad
Benjamin ,   Asia   (09.10.11)
Ahmadinejad used to be always number one in the news before. But Erdogan didn't want to be number two.
30. To#13: What about his friend in Iran?
lidia ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
Who's more obssessive? Isn't he following Iran's leader ' s steps? Sorry, but it's the same rotten stuff with different physical traits.
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