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IDF chief: Price tag vandals – extremist criminals
Ahiya Raved
Published: 07.09.11, 20:47
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1. if he wanted to support the commandos, he would have apologi
eporue ,   europe   (09.07.11)
zed !!! he is supporting his own ass... thats the truth... everyone knows, that the commandos didnt decide on their own to open fire at the unarmed people at the reiling...
2. Oneness: BIG ISRAEL only practical option left.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.07.11)
3. Want to fnd the perpetrators?
Dovid ,   Israel   (09.07.11)
Check with the Yesha council. They know who commits all these crimes. They try to play it both ways, very slimey and sleazy.
4. C'mon, these price tag crimes
Shmuel Meyer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.07.11)
have been going on for more than a year. The criminals who do them- burn the mosques, attack innocent people, destroy police and army vehicles- are known and protected by the settlers. It's all a big conspiracy.
5. The criminal in government control the military
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.07.11)
Instead of preparing to decapitate Hamas the quisling in Jerusalem serve their masters in Washington well by targeting fellow Jews. The Kapo's are back.
6. Gantz is the biggest criminal who should be punished
david ,   MJUSA   (09.07.11)
His unforgivable failure to protect the Egyptian border and the tragic murder of eight beautiful Iraelis is a far worse crime..He should arrest himself
7. Some idiots gather in the middle of Tel Aviv believeing
leo ,   usa   (09.07.11)
that they are being owed to. Other bunch of idiots damage military hardware, the very hardware they might greatly miss one day. Israel, what is wrong with you. How many more jerks do you have.
8. How many Jewish Terrorists killed
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.07.11)
...attacking a military base and destroying IDF equipment?
9. gantz and harsh language
mohson   (09.07.11)
The vandals whoever they are are criminals.However, extremist they are not. The settlers of the ancestral homeland have been restrained by the narrative and restrictions of occupied land which is bogus to ancient israel and the mandate. Jordan is 80 % of mandate and a good piece of it is ancient israeli. And settlers have to carve up less than 5% of the land. So barak burns down their houses and they blew off steam. They should not harm the idf but calling them extremist is too much. Gantz: concentrate on intelligence warnings and premption like the other day near eilat,rather than copying barak who is a big talker but whose bottom line is pathetic.
10. "Price tag" justice is result of trampling Israelis' rights.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.08.11)
When the overwhelming majority of Israel consistently votes for patriotic right wing governments; yet we get stuck with disastrous leftist policies time and time again... When Israel grants Ariel Sharon a landslide victory based largely on his pledge to keep Gush Katif; and he destroys Gush Katif... When the will of the people is trampled upon time and time again. When leftist courts serve Israel's enemies at the expense of the rights, freedom and lives of Israelis..what are people supposed to do? "Price tag" justice is a sad but inevitable result of tramping the rights of the vast majority of Israelis.
11. Criminal lawless settlers need to pay.
Haim ,   TA   (09.08.11)
Seems they intend to start civil war in Israel. They have long lost the support of the general public who see them as a bunch of fanatical lawless thugs.
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