Obama urges UN veto against PA bid
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.09.11, 19:17
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1. Sept 20
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.11)
no power, no food, no aid, no money... NOTHING more from Israel. good luck little refugee terrorists!!! game-set-match.... CHECK MATE!!!
2. Jordan is Palestine
Oren ,   Ramat Gan   (09.08.11)
No way in hell the 20% that Israel maintains of the original Jewish state promised to them by the British, will be carved up even further. Mr Moon LOOK AT A MAP! NO MORE LAND FOR ARABS! PERIOD!
3. they are well experienced
Campaigns? ,   World   (09.08.11)
they are well experienced- terror campaigns, publicity- they got well educated on that specific field
4. Tunisia waiting !
Jules   (09.08.11)
5. With Arabs automatic majority, they get without obligations
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (09.08.11)
6. Then can we expect recognition of Kurdistan?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (09.08.11)
7. #6 peter
ender ,   van   (09.08.11)
Do you want Turkey to send kurds to Diyarbakır.Turks maybe want a kurdish state but not kurds.Kurds and Turks has been living together since 1071.My mother's family is even kurdish.Majority of kurds don't support PKK.You can search election result. %75 of kurds has voted for AKP.BDP (kurdish party) doesn't demand for free Kurdistan.Ottoman Empire has sent Armenians to its syria territory before.You know the results.Could you say that how possible is a kurdish state.
8. Let's Not Forget - This Is Unilateral
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.08.11)
PA/Hamas terror entity is running to the world for the right to unilaterally bully Israel. Nothing new. This says more about the world than about Israel.
9. They send a terrorist's mother to deliver the letter??/
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.08.11)
My G-d. What has the world come to? They send a woman, who is proud to send her sons to kill innocent civilians? A woman who sends her 8 sons to their own death? And they are proud of this woman and think she represents what they want to be? Only thing worse than this is that the UN will welcome her with open arms and love and TLC.. Makes me sick.
10. Obama is no Abraham Lincoln
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.08.11)
...who freed the slaves during the American Civil War. Obama has the opportunity now to free the Palestinians form the invading European and Russsian Jews, but instead he will Veto so that he can get reelected with the help of the 2% American Jewish population and their Christian supporters.
11. Oslo
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires_Argentina   (09.08.11)
With this bid of the Palis, the Oslo Accords become NULL and VOID, therefore, Israel should cut ALL ties with the PA, that means: No more cheap Electrical Energy, neither Water, nor Gasoline, nor Food to the WB and Gaza, nor use of Ben Gurion Airport for trips to the WB, nor "free" Shekels for use as a Pal Currency, nor use of the Sea Ports, nor Security Colaboration, nor Pali workers in Israel, nor Medical care for grave cases, nor money from the taxes that Israel gives to the Pals, nor etc. etc. etc. Good lack with your "new" State, Palis !! You will need to pray not five times a day to Allah, but at least TWENTY times !!
12. Palestinian campaign
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.08.11)
Colossal, palestinians launched a propaganda campaign for statehood. I am very curious about when will the israeli government start an effective propaganda, because I see no signs of it.
13. Shooting oneself in the foot
Yishai   (09.08.11)
The UN has decided to boycott the peace process and put a final end to it. It looks like the Palestinians are working hard against their state...
14. AP bias
Shmuel ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (09.08.11)
Why is Ynet publishing an AP article? AP is your usual anti-Israeli media outfit. They write about the mother with seven sons in prison for "alleged" (my quotes) militant activities. These terrorists were tried in court and sentenced for proven crimes not alleged ones. Why is Ynet parroting the hostile media? Later on AP reports about Israeli preparations which include stockpiling "non-lethal" (AP quotes) riot-control equipment. The list includes tear gas, water cannons and stun grenades, all of them non-lethal. So, why the quotes? AP accepts at face value everything coming out of the Arab side but accepts nothing from Israel as being true. You would think that an Israeli outfit would write their own news, not repeat the foreign media's outrageous lies and fabrications.
15. #10 Eat your heart out, Mutt.
16. There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (09.08.11)
There Never was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was Never the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Jewish Bible, not once in the Koran. The inalienable rights of Jews to the Biblical heartland must not be violated! No one is demanding Muslims surrender THEIR top religious areas of Mecca and Medina! In 1948, Egypt invaded Gaza, ethnically cleansing all Jews and in 1948, Jordan invaded Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem, ethnically cleansing all Jews. In violent opposition to G-D, Muslim Jordan destroyed 58 synagogues in Jerusalem. The jihad is against the Holy One. When Israel won the Arab war of aggression in 1967, Jews returned to the areas of their ancestral homeland they had been ethnically cleansed from for 19 years. Anti-Israel propaganda deceitfully calls Jews' legitimate return "occupation". Jews have had a continuous presence in physical and spiritual homeland Israel for 4,000 years. All Land and Property Stolen from Jews in the 1948 Islamic Invasion Must be Returned!
17. This very hard to swallow
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.08.11)
Obama, the most pro-Arab President in the history of the United States will cast a negative vote against the Palestinian's There go their chances of ever getting a second underserved state If he won't vote in their favor, who would?
18. Anyone know how to say "Dead Duck"
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.08.11)
There goes their scheme for a State
19. #18 "Dead Duck" that never existed in the first place...
Brother Joe ,   B'klyn   (09.08.11)
to die or resurrect itself.
20. I am no longer looking forward to Sept. 20 like I once was.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.08.11)
21. #17 BEN JABO
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.08.11)
Barakeh Hussein Obama knows that his chances in the 2012 elections are exactly *zero* if he does not veto against the PA bid.
22. Yep # 18 meaning of "Dead Duck"
08.09.11   (09.08.11)
"flat-footed quacking murderous bastards".
23. Will Israel get to speak about this attempt at a terrorist
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.08.11)
"state?" Will they ask for Shalit to be freed or will he be forgotten at this public moment like Pollard?
24. To #10
MnEd ,   USA   (09.08.11)
While Obama may not be another Abraham Lincoln, your historical comparison of the Palestinians and US slavery is comical in that it is so ridiculous. I guess I missed that part of US history where we discussed how the slaves lobbed 1,000 of rockets (or the historical equivalent) into civilian areas, murdered sleeping babies (and were hailed as great warriors), and, least we forget, danced in the street following 911. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of Minnesotans and Americans in general recognize who are friends are, and who they are not.
25. #20 Oh Really
Dani ,   Dorot   (09.08.11)
You see that the only we you can get a state is by Negating with Israel, You don't get things by demanding them, you have to contribuite things, Maybe now your seeing sense , You feel your not gonna your 'State' Then? btw to you sussport the Hold of Privet Shalit? I'd like to know where you stand on this matter?. Also you say Palestine in your Name but where? Nablus, Jeninn, Hebron, Ramallah? enlighten us Also whats your postion on Tel Aviv, you can't deny that there was nothing there before the Pionniers of 1911ish came established the City,
26. Where are all the Obama haters now?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.08.11)
It is amazing how ungrateful Israel is. Not one thank you. America is going against the majority of the world for little ole Israel and we get nothing in return.Talk about an ungrateful friend. But the Obama bashing goes full throttle.
27. To #24
MnEd ,   USA   (09.08.11)
Perhaps you should stop rattling and rolling for moment prior to blindly posting ideological nonsense. Wow, we are “going against the majority of the world.” Holy morality issue Batman, that means we will be at odds with the likes of Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela, China, Yemen, etc etc etc who are all such paragons of truth and justice. Let me help you out Sheik. It ain’t rocket science when on one hand you have a democratic country fighting for its survival in a world morally blinded by oil money, and the other a people who clearly state they are dedicated to the destruction of Israel and removal/killing of its people. Sometimes doing the right thing is both obvious and easy.
28. To @26, Sheik R&R
John ,   Alaska   (09.08.11)
Obama did nothing for Israel. This veto is what should be expected from a country allied with Israel. That's what allies do: support each other. Obama did nothing for Israel. The administration knows that if the veto were not used, the political backlash among US citizens would be irrecoverable. He promised the veto purely to avoid censure from the Legislature. That's what Obama does: cover his behind. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that Obama did nothing beneficial for Israel. The only irregularity in this situation is that the administration threatened to decline the veto option as a means of extortion. Obama's actions are those of a person who would rather not be an ally, but who is being forced by popular will and a vigilant Congress to be one despite his personal bias.
29. #26 sheik rattle & roll
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.08.11)
Barakeh Hussein Obama is not interested in Israel; he is only interested in his re-election.
30. If he wasn't an enemy of israel I would feel sorry for Obama
zionist forever   (09.08.11)
If he hadn't openly made himself an enemy of Israel and tried very hard to harm it then I might feel sorry for Obama. He has spent his entire presidency trying to reach out to Muslims even going as far as making Muslim outreach one of NASAS official policies and now because he is in the middle of an election campaign and he needs the Jewish vote he is having to take Israel's side and come September 20 all that Muslim outreach work will be down the toilet overnight. As for Abbas, the man is a moron. Rather than taking advantage of the fact that for the first time since Jimmy Carter the US president was on the side of the arabs and had no love for Israel he chose to play hard man refusing to talk and so Obama was unable to help him no matter how much he wanted to. If Abbas had worked with Obama rather than against him and held unconditional talks like Bibi was calling for then through negotiation with Obama's help he could have forced an indefainate settlement freeze on Bibi, probably ended the Gaza blockade and more. Instead the idiot decided he would go straight to the UN rather than talk but Obama no longer has Congress in his back pocket and because of the election he is no longer able to take Abbas side and so just when Abbas needs Obama backing his corner he won't have him. September 20th will see the end of the Muslim love of Obama ( no Saudi election campaign finds this time round ) and the final nail in oslo's coffin.
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