World forgot Israel’s 9/11
Giulio Meotti
Published: 08.09.11, 12:38
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1. World hypocricy
R ,   Israel   (09.08.11)
America attacked Afganistan after 9/11, rightfully so. But even after Israel suffering years of almost daily attacks, so much of the world tries to deny us the same right. Thank you Giulio Meotti for remembering these victims.
2. This writer is a saint
Hanoch   (09.08.11)
3. Dear Julio: words "shame" and "world" don't fit together.
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.08.11)
4.  World forgot "Israel’s" 9/11.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.08.11)
and Giulio Meotti forgot Palestine’s 5/15/ 1948. For me, the innocent Palestinian victims are all saints and heroes.The Palestinian civilians should be honored with the same global sorrow and respect.
5. Yes
Ehoop ,   UK   (09.08.11)
6. What nonsense
op ,   UK   (09.08.11)
If a country chooses to be an occupier it also chooses the consequences of insurgency
7. #6, Typical PC ditorted logic..
Ted ,   UK   (09.08.11)
Firstly based on your logic any terror event like London 7/7, madrid etc.. is the muslims response to occupation of Iraq and Afganistan. So, are you justifying it? Israel never targeted civilians on purpose, and any colateral damage is only a result of self-defence. Secondly Gaza is NOT occupied (Blockade is NOT occupation). And thirdly Palestinian terror existed before 1967 as well, unless by occupation you mean basically Israel's existence? -won't surprise me... So learn some history before you respond..
8. Playing off victims against other victims ...
berlonski ,   berlin   (09.08.11)
... that's for sure not heroic. Ever thought about that 9/11 had the bigger effects on world history and that because 9/11 happend in the heart of world power no. 1 are the reasons why it got such extraordinary attention? If you want you can find thousands, even millions more forgotten victims in many other countries (Sudan, Kongo, Cambodia etc etc) - but comparing them and their "value" with each other is in my eyes trampling on them just one more time again. Peace and all the best to the families and the beloved of the victims in Israel and anywhere else in the world!
9. #6 you are 100% right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.11)
After the British received control of Israel in 1920, they proceeded to violate the terms of their mandate and import Arabs from neighboring countries to occupy Israel. These Arabs, together with the British occupation forces and armies from neighboring Arab countries, started attacking the aboriginal Jews throughout the 1920s, 30s and 40s culminating with 1948, the expressed purpose being genocide and ethnic cleansing. Please tell #4 to stop complaining. As you say, the Arabs chose to be an occupier and now they are suffering the consequences.
10. What a shame No body remembers Heroshima & Nagazaki
Sabra   (09.08.11)
11. To #6
JDL ,   USA   (09.08.11)
Funny how when Israel left the Gaza Strip, nothing but rockets and other terrorists have been exported to Israel. Maybe you can explain what exactly Israel is occupying in the Gaza Strip? Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you explain how elementary school children are "occupying" land? You, I am sure, supported England when it was occupying Northern Ireland. Therefore, the civilian bombings in London were justified also. Just want to be on the same page with you.
12. Kol hakavod Giulio. Well said.
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (09.08.11)
13. #10 Everybody remebers Hiroshima
60"sLeftistLeftover ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.08.11)
How synical to make a remark like that when everyone knows of the yearly commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .Not mentioned however are the facts that those cities were training basis for suicide bombers and also were preparing for more should America invade Japan which would have led to millions of more dead on both sides. Only a brainwashed leftist left over from the 60's makes those kinds of remarks
14. Israel forgot
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (09.08.11)
Having lived in Israel during those very hard times I can honestly say that Israel forgot. Rarely if ever are the victims and their families ever mentioned in the israeli media. Basically the dead, the wounded and their families are ignored. Life in the nation, amongst the people, just goes on. Part of the problem was that the media, controlled by the left and the left wanted to ignore realities and only focus on the "peace process". Murder and maiming of children, women and men was an inconvenience for them Even Sharon waited a very long time before he half heartedly began to act against terror. Watching 9-11 ceremonies in the US I know Israel has seriously failed. No wonder the world does not care. WE DO NOT CARE.
15. An honorable mention
Ilana ,   Efrat, Israel   (09.08.11)
This weeks marks the anniversary of the terror attack on Cafe Hillel, where Nava Applebaum, z"l and her father Dr. David Applebaum z"l shared their last night before her wedding day. May their memories be blessed and all the terror victims who died senselessly.
16. amnesia
Tamara   (09.08.11)
This amnesia on jewish victims is well organized, as Meotti explains. World should delete Jewish blood in order to push on Israel's destruction
17. Israels 9/11
T David ,   Kingman, AZ USA   (09.08.11)
As someone in the U.S. who studies Israels history, emanating from the Old & New Testament Bible, I do know that you are sadly correct in your article...I can tell you there are some like myself who keep up on Israel every day and pray for Israel also. Some of us know, through history, no culture has been more persecuted than the Jewish people and it continues to this day. The U.S. had a wake up call on 9/11 but has mostly fallen asleep again. Israel has to deal with that wake up call every day for the heinous crimes against her. All I can do now is pray that God will give all understanding who seek him. Israel and the Jews will prevail...for it is written...it is God's will. You are God's chosen people and I do love each and every one of you. Sincerely, David
18. All terror is bad
Phil Chips ,   vancovuer, canada   (09.08.11)
I agree that the US makes too much of 9/11 but that is what happens when the home front is relatively peaceful from outside forces and politics enters into memorials. What we need to remember is that all blood is red and all terror from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe is bad and innocent people die every day just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. As for the Israelis/Arabs until both sides seriously start talking and accept each other as human, stop being ignorant about each other I am afraid death and terror will continue, everyday.
19. Thank you very much, sir :)
Tom ,   Beer-Sheva   (09.08.11)
20. Apples to Oranges
Robert ,   Cairo   (09.08.11)
The feckless attempt to equate attacks is an injustice to all of the victims, and feeds the woefully out of touch 'Us vs Them' narrative. Shame on the author, and shame on Ynet.
21. Truth spoken to an indifferent hypocritical world
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.08.11)
This article is a powerful statement and tells a painful truth to an indifferent and hypocritical world. I doubt that most Israelis have the understanding and perspective that Guilio Meotti reveals here.
22. The coming storm.
John Prophet   (09.08.11)
 Actions speak louder than words, and the action of Iran ( building atomics) and the actions of her proxies Hezbollah and Hamas ( arming to the teeth) speaks volumes with respect to it's intentions towards Israel. Israels actions towards these developments also speaks volumes ( she does very little). Anyone who believes the new "Palestinian State" will not follow the path of Gaza and Lebanon is an idiot beyond compare. 
23. I would like to make an important correction
Salma, Palestine   (09.08.11)
The difference between the Palestinian tragedy and the Israeli tragedy is that our tragedy is self-inflicted. We did it to ourselves and mistakenly attached the Jews (out of desperation) and caused more tragedy to ourselves in addition to them. This is a mess, and we must stop it!
24. #6 Use Compassion Please
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.08.11)
Those who interpret from a Red-Green leftist perspective purport to be champions of egalitarianism and compassion, but their statements prove the opposite. #6 perhaps read your own comment and realize your complete lack of empathy for everyone except your pet select group.
25. Post #6 lies
Ken Jurist   (09.08.11)
Occupation of what. Pals never had a country in history. Even with that, Barak and Olmert offered them a state, only to be rejected by the baby killing Arabs. 100% of Gaza is controlled by Hamas. 96% of the Pals in West Bank live under PA rule. So stop with your nonsense about Israel controlling the Islamo Nazis. I advise you to read this article from Ynetnew which shows their is no such people as the Palestinian people. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3953601,00.html Who are the Palestinians? Op-ed: ‘Palestinianism’ no more than political construct, rather than legitimate national identity
26. world didn't care when jews were killed
World didn't care when jews were killed over and over again, so the world found out what happens when you justify and elevate arab terrorism. It comes back and bites you like a poisonous snake.
27. not only the world forgot,but also Israel
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (09.08.11)
after all look who is the President of Israel,it is none other than this self hating leftist,who is the sole architect of the criminal suicidal Oslo disaster,which has caused the murder and maiming of thousands of jewish men women and children,in any other normal; country,this abomination would be behind bars,and not in the president's house
28. Salma don't forget Madrid,London,Bali,Paris Metro9/11
Eurabia   (09.08.11)
29. I think we can feel for someone else sometimes.
noa ,   israel   (09.08.11)
30. 28 israelis were killed in 9\11 terror attacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam ,   ## ### ####   (09.08.11)
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