World forgot Israel’s 9/11
Giulio Meotti
Published: 08.09.11, 12:38
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31. sad but powerful words
Rivka   (09.08.11)
32. #6 Stupid Comment
Really Stupid.
33. Just the tip of the iceberg
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.08.11)
Not only does the world ignore or care when Jews are killed and maimed, but they FUND and support it. The PA, PLO, Hamas all declare that their goal is at a minimum ethnic cleansing again of all Jews from Judea and Samaria (the Jews from Gaza have already been ethnically cleansed twice), but they are going to commit genocide. The world's response? Enthusiastic support for both. What the hell the war crimes will only affect Jews so that doesn't matter. They have both financial and political support for their occupation and theft of our lands.
34. Salma # 4
Arnold ,   Canada   (09.08.11)
In 1947 the UN mandated land for Palestine and land for Israel. Israel got rocky desert and Palestine got lush fertile land. Israel was happy and satisfied. The Palestinians and the other Arab countries were not and immediately in 1947 attacked Israel. The fourth attack by Palestinians on Jews. The other 3 were 1920 Jerusalem, 1921 Haifa, and 1929 Hebron. Before occupation. Please comment Salma.
35. op UK # 6
Arnold ,   Canada   (09.08.11)
Dear op. Please read and reply. Jerusalem-1920-Palestinian Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews-Haifa-1921-Palestinian Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews-Hebron-1929- Palestinain Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews- 1947- Palestinian Arabs and 5 Arab armies attacked Palestinian Jews. Occupation started in 1967. You read this now explain the insurgency for all those years before occupation.
36. Thank you Giolio I've been saying that for 10 yrs.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (09.08.11)
37. Yawn (end)
James ,   London   (09.08.11)
38. to #27 We never voted for the loser to
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.08.11)
be the President of Israel. He could not win an election by the people, only those phonies in the knesset. He should have been tried for aiding terrorism and murder for the oslo death accords. Also the rest of the gang that aided him. The same goes for all members of the knesset that voted in favor or abstained and their non m.k. leaders.
39. To # 37
Rick ,   USA   (09.08.11)
James: Your intellectually challenging comment, makes me believe that you were part of the super motivated, super educated mobs that burned London a while ago,
40. Israel's 9/11 in one word:
daniel   (09.08.11)
41. IN Rememberence of all the victims in Israel
Ken ,   Australia   (09.08.11)
Where does it end , how does it stop, The has to be a way to stop this BS going on in Israel. Israel owes it to the victims and to the citizens. I heard other stories in Australia , about a holocaust survivor who was at the beach with his daughter, he was beaten to death by arabs who had stalked him, infront of her and nobody helped , how is this possible. the must be a solution to this mad BS , But the world does not know of what happens in the middle east, we must do whats possible , and what protects lives from arabs, if this doesent stop, 1.5 million arabs should loose there citizenship. We need to remember, the arabs especially the palestines are a nutcase race and therefore should be treated as such.
42. Thanks Guilio for making people remember!
John ,   Alaska   (09.08.11)
43. To #4 Salma, remembering Naqba Day
John ,   Alaska   (09.08.11)
is like holding a day of mourning to eulogize the man who dragged my daughter into an alley in 2006 but who my daughter fought off before he was able to assault her. Every time I think of those days, I praise God (the _real_ one, the God of Avraham and Yitzach and Ya'acov) for protecting my daughter in 2006 and for protecting Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973 from evil and violent men.
44. To #23 Fake Salma - stop that
John ,   Alaska   (09.08.11)
The reason we do not randomly target civilians in Gaza is because we are not like the Gazans. The reason we do not spoof Salma's identity is because we are not like Sarah B's stalker. Vastly different in extent, yes. But both acts are the same in kind.
45. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.11)
Can you spell "six counties in Northern Ireland?" You are a complete imbecile. Israel does not occupy anyone's land. If anything, it is the Arabs who are illegally squatting on OUR land. Just like the British in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland -- and, as many claim -- Cornwall.
46. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.11)
Well, for me, the ersatz "Palestinians" failed to take advantage of an opportunity in 1947 and chose to go to war instead. You lost. Boo, hoo, hoo. Can't put toothpaste back into the tube.
47. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.11)
You are trying to compare apples and oranges. Have you ever stopped to contemplate the fact that one atomic weapon was NOT enough? It took TWO. The 300,000 people who lost their lives in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- while tragic -- pales in comparison to the estimated two million American servicemen who would have lost their lives in a conventional attack upon Japan's home islands. Do the math.
48. #23 Salma - I actually agree with you!
Carl ,   USA   (09.08.11)
Yes, the Palestinians did this to themselves, as you stated! Unfortunately, they are also responsible for the tragedy Israel endures, terrorizing and murdering innocent Israelis who are forced to defend themselves time and again against senseless agression. But the clock cannot be turned back to 1948 to give the Arabs a "do-over" and accept the original partition.
49. Well done.
Yehudit ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.08.11)
Thank you, Mr. Meotti for finally speaking up for us. You really are a hero for this articulate article.
50. Mr Meotti, this is your best column ever
Marcella   (09.09.11)
51. Salma #4 just one question
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.09.11)
How come you ignore the first Nakba? Is it because it happened in 1920 when you whined about no longer being Syrians?
52. @6
but before the occupation in 1967 , there were still terrirsm from the arabs and palestinians. how do you explain that because there was no occupation between 1948-1967 and thousands of jews israelis died from terror coming from gaza and jordan as well as egypt and syria. can you please explain that????
53. to 52
i can explaine a fact but no explanation to a lie .only it is a lie . sure iam sad for evry body to die becouse of terror or hate or war mainly if the victim is a child whatever the flage wrapped its body by statistics how many child died between 48 and 67 little from both arabs or jews it was becouse of hudneh but hudneh did not solve the problem as it is now israil escape any hudneh even it will be less victims from jews as war resulted more victims sure from the weakest sure from gazans children . this is an explanation to a fact as the conflict is more and more established evry tomorrow
54. If Israel had accepted the API...
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (09.09.11)
they would have had peace wtith ALL of its neighbors years ago. Instead they dismissed it without consideration.
55. # 52...'48 was the beginning of Israeli terrorism for the
Edithann ,   USA   (09.09.11)
Palestinians...and to discount that one important and pivotal point, makes your argument moot ! TATA
56. israel's 9/11
sad ,   israel   (09.09.11)
well written!!
57. To #55 Edithann
John ,   Alaska   (09.09.11)
Dear Edithann, Please read and reply to the following: Jerusalem-1920-Palestinian Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews. Haifa-1921-Palestinian Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews. Hebron-1929- Palestinain Arabs slaughtered Palestinian Jews. 1947- Palestinian Arabs and 6 Arab armies (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen) attacked Palestinian Jews. You said that the rebirth of Israel started Israeli terrorism. Yet the stated goal of Arabs for their attack was to exterminate the Jews. The Arabs boasted, "This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades." These are your heroes, Edithann. Justify them. While you are at it, justify the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his indispensable part in the Holocaust. I'm waiting.
58. @54
steve ,   usa   (09.09.11)
Jon, if APl refers to the arab "peace plan" you overlooked that pesky little "right of return" that would allow millions of Arabs who call themselves Palestinian refugees into Israel. It's not a peace plan it's a classic trojan horse strategy.
59. either/or?
J. Spychalski ,   New Haven, Indiana   (09.09.11)
The world should be ashamed that "Israel's 9/11 has been forgotten for centuries, not just this decade or this and the last centuries! Since time immemorial , G-d's Chosen ones have been desecrated, injured, spat upon, humilliated, terrorized and murdered. I know that there are many Americans who pray for Israel and the blessed Jewish people very often, if not every day, myself included. I also belong to many other sites on FB that are for prayer and support of Israel. That having been said, I have had my offers of prayers denounced and rejected because I am A.) American, and B) Christian. I have been insulted by certain Jewish people and it has been cruel things that they have said. Many of them say they need nobody, not their monetery support, nor their prayers. I choose to pray anyway, even for the one's who reject it. My point is this, just because the Jewish nation was chosen to be G-d's very own, they must remember that it was not because G-d found them to be much higher than any other race of people.In fact the opposite is true. So I will continue to pray and love unconditionally for the chosen ones of G-d. But please realize that some of you have words that can cut someones heart out as if it were by knifepoint! Either you want us to remember or you don't. I will remember whether you like it or not! But this article and the comments on the same page are of some offense to me. If the deaths in the article according to scale was the case of 9/11, would that make the one's who agree with this article feel better, or somewhat vindicated? It was the largest terror attack on American soil, ever! And this article is implying that it was not so bad because more were not killed. I did not know that human suffering was measured by scale. If it makes anyone feel better, most of the FDNY, NYPD and First Responders that spent hundreds of hours cleaning up 9/11, are now dying of different cancers of the flesh and of the blood, as well as other diseases. That number will reach very high into the thousands. It will take a few more yrs. to come to fruition, but the deaths will happen just the same. The article was factual but very insensitive. If I have been offensive, I actually do apologize. But I am also a Child of the Most High G-d of Israel. Second choice but a choice just the same. New testament aside even, the Tanakh says that through Israel shall all the nations be blessed. Thank G-d for that. Not such a bad arrangment for us filthy gentiles, goyim or goyah, however you wanna put it. The rotten so called "christians" that have put themselves on a pedestal above even the Jewish people need to be knocked down, but fair is fair, so do some of the Jews!!
60. nonsense it is
lion_of_zion ,   rg   (09.09.11)
what do u think gaza strip looks like? poor children in the streets and israeli soliders shooting them? grow up
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