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Religious school says no to Ethiopians
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 08.09.11, 14:08
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1. De facto segregation
Bryan ,   New York, NY   (09.08.11)
This is disgusting. The Ministry of Education should defund schools that refuse to take Ethiopian students. The only reason they have to go to religious schools in the first place is the rabbinate requires it for their conversions. The Ethiopians should also just give the finger to the Chief Rabbinate and enroll their children in secular schools.
2. RELIGIOUS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!???????
dorothy ,   gilgil. kenya   (09.08.11)
Are you not even ashamed of calling it a religious school!!!!!!!? no further comment.
3.  Religious school says no to Ethio
Alan ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.11)
I think this is called Racism!
4. Chabad
Zvi ,   Istanbul   (09.08.11)
You have to understand that Chabad is a SECT with their own Messiah Neither myself a white askkenaz do not fit their life style. I do not know why we still take them as exceptionals
5. They did them a favor !
R. Yisrael ,   Jacksonville USA   (09.08.11)
Would you rather they accept them and turn them into mindless robots beleiving the "Rebbe" is Mosheach ( messiah) ?
6. Hiloul Hashem
Simon ,   Yerushalayim   (09.08.11)
What a hiloul Hashem! When Chabad officials hear and see this I hope they will sanction all the administration, fire every head and make sure they are not allowed in our school system ever again! This is pure baseless hatred! We are in Eloul! How can someone in this position do such a thing! I guess this is what happens when you put incompetent people with no education in positions of power... Shame on you Nechama Dina Deitch!
7. Shut the school down!
Rachel ,   US   (09.08.11)
8. This is not the way of the Rebbe!!!
Hesh ,   Israel   (09.08.11)
A Jewish education for every Jew was the dream - how dare the Chabad that I know and love act in this disgusting manner. The principal should be fired immediately and if the students are not admitted tomorrow all funding for the school should be taken away and the school shut down.
9. The Next Step
Joe ,   Israel   (09.08.11)
1. Obtain a court order directing these children to be enrolled in the school. 2. Police should accompany the children and their parents armed with a court order.. 3. School officials refusing to abide by court order should be promptly arrested. 4. In the event that school officials appointed to replace those arrested continue to refuse the enrollment of the Ethiopian children, the school should be closed and the children dispersed to other schools. 5. Negotiations should be initiated with the parents of the dispersed children and with the Ministry of Education and the court to reopen the school in accordance with the court order.
10. And the rest of the students?
MOISHE ,   ISRAEL   (09.08.11)
It is interesting how the article only deals with what happened to the girls sent to Chabad. It's reported as if in the whole of Petach Tikvah the only Ethiopian girls who encountered a problem were these five who were sent to Chabad! Only at the end of the article (and we know that not everyone reads to the end of an article) does it mention that these five are of a group of Sixty-six!!! Did your reporter try and found out where they were sent?! And what happened to them?!
11. Is this a public school or a private school?
If this is a public school, who recieves government money, they have to take ALL the children who want to come. If it is a private school it is really their own business who they take.
12. RACISTS: Cut off all funding: Private Boycott
EZRA Z ,   US-ISRAEL   (09.08.11)
What a disgusting school. It disgraces and filths Israel and the Jews. Nothing else needs to be said: SHUN THIS SCHOOL COMPLETELY.
13. Why?
Girma ,   Ethiopia   (09.08.11)
I really could not understand why we keep on forgetting what has once been done against us by repeating them. I also wonder why people of power abuse the position they are provided with( at least in their view) by the CREATOR!
14. Today I am proud to be a Jew
Eli ,   Israel   (09.08.11)
My faith in God and in the observant Jewish people was restored today. Thank you for standing against multicoultrialism, thank you for not bending over to the Liberal Socialist machine that wants to destroy Israel by destroying it's idenity. I dont believe they are real Jews and even if they were I would not want my children to be slowed down and the standards downgraded all in the name of diversity. God bless this religious school and yes I will give charity to these schools and by the way I am SECULARE but I respect borders, religion coulture.
15. Religious Schools
Bruria   (09.08.11)
The schools are "religious" for a reason! You may not agree with it, but that is how they live. Chabad has members from all backgrounds. The question here is of religious "observance". Send the children to a secular school (where they will probably feel more comfortable) and let them get on with their education!
16. #4 and Chabad mashiach
yosef ,   memphis   (09.08.11)
This is not the way of the Rebbe! I am from a mix Ashkenaz and Shephardic family but follow the minhag of Chabad and as far as I know I have not seen Mashiach yet so please clue me in... ...don't be so silly #4, there is enough Lashon Hara being slung already.
17. Chabad
Naftali   (09.08.11)
I grew up in this sect. Turns out all their talk about doing good deeds as a Jews are all useless talk. I am disgusted at their behaviour.
18. ethiopian kids
daliya robson ,   walnt creek ca 94595   (09.08.11)
Close down the school and no more funding for these bigots. Shame on you .
19. meanwhile somebody ought to be sure that these innocent kids
Rafi ,   US   (09.08.11)
... are taken care of and given full public respect if not restitution. These children will probably grow up to contribute more to Israeli society and security than this Jewish equivalent of the KKK ever will...
20. to #4 Bruria
Al ,   USA   (09.08.11)
if you won't accept non-religious children in your schools, so perhaps you also want to boycott government funds which were taxed from non-religious taxpayers? Chabad is a mafia racket. We'll deliver you to the Palestinians.
21. no more Moshiah in Chabad....
Alberto ,   Canada   (09.08.11)
To any chabadsker your whole life and religion is focussed on the Rebbe. The rebbe said the rebbe here, even when you get married they read a letter he wrote (for you) The Rebbe is more central that even G-d, you are right the There is no Moshiah in Chabad anymore, they are at the next stage he is the new god!
22. those people really believe in TORAH
David Fakheri ,   Los Angles   (09.08.11)
Fuck them, NO MORE BUDFET for their schools and the teachers any more . Let them go to Ahmadinejad to lick his ass and stay there till they die!.
23. It's not a chillul Hashem, #6
Vered, Israel   (09.08.11)
Since when does Chabad represent Hashem's name, or any other sect for that matter? It is a chillul Chabad, nothing more!
24. Mission Chabad
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (09.08.11)
Wait a minute, isn't Chabad a Jewish missionary movement? And if I am not mistaken they had (or have) one even in India? How does it work- the un- touchables?
25. Chabad and christianity
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.11)
Chabad, are off the rails. Their last rebbe went mad after the death of his wife without leaving an heir, so he reckoned he had to be the Moshiah, I stormed out of 770 in the 1980's as they were worshiping a man with wine offering. Another false messiah, and with his followers worshiping him dead, I reckon they are more akin to christianity than judaism.
26. This is your real face, Israel.
split ,   US   (09.08.11)
27. for those seeking invisibilty
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (09.09.11)
you know what to do
28. Religion
Sagi   (09.09.11)
is the bane of Mankind. It is disgusting and inhumane.
29. Its not about race
Ma Rabbi ,   USA   (09.09.11)
According to many great Poskim, Ethiopians are not Jewish until they undergoe a proper conversion. A Chabad school cannot be expected to accept children who very well may not be Jewish.
30. Cut any and all public funding they receive!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.09.11)
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