Sweden receives Palestinian ambassador
Associated Press
Published: 09.09.11, 00:38
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1. Sweden a supporter of terrorism !
Ben Zion   (09.09.11)
The socalled PLO is nothing but a terror organisation - murderers and thieves. Everybody knows that. If now Sweden supports these terrorists its because of fear of muslim terror, because of fear of high oil prices and de-investment and probably also because of antisemitism (remember Swedens WW2 history). The nation of Sweden will pay a very heavy price for supporting those who want to destroy Israel for '' He who curses Israel will be cursed!'' The choice is yours , Sweden !
2. Sweden continues its program of deligitimiaztion
dwolf ,   san jose, ca   (09.09.11)
Sweden was filled with Nazi's before. They are Nazi's again along with a large Arab population. This is no surprise. Just additional hate.
3. Just saying...
Just saying   (09.09.11)
This egotistical putz, Swedish Sudani-Darfur war profiteer (look up in Swedish media, newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet) K.B. is the main proponent of the frienship with the Islamomad Turkish Erdogan system. No joke!
4. We'll see that progress when you open your airports to them
Tom Mix   (09.09.11)
It would be natural for me and many other people to be anxious to know, how many visas you are willing to grant them. You know, they would be so happy to live in your neighborhood. Because if you don’t upgrade this one too, we are going to think that you are an anti-Semite. Well, we all know that already…
5. Swedens Bourgoise has also become -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.09.11)
- Socialistic ti some extent. 30-40 years ago they where wery separate from the leftwingers, but today - probably they only think of Arabian Oil and Swedish Economy. They are as bad or worse than the Leftwingers. Sweden needs a Spiritual Revival more than ever. Arn.Sweden.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.09.11)
A man with his little son is walking in the street. Shops are everywhere : ALADDIN SHOES, AL RASHID GROCERY, EL SHARIYAH ADVOCATE.Pedestrian are in kefiyah, women in burkas. - I don't understand that. Where are the camels and the palm trees ? - But daddy, we are in Stockholm !
7. PLO Ambassador
Simon ,   Rehovot, Israel   (09.09.11)
"Good move" Sweden. Judging from history, PLO terror will likely arrive in Sweden on the heels of the PLO Ambassador. Hope you enjoy.
8. sweden dhimmi land
mehrdad ,   germany   (09.09.11)
sweden has to appease its muslim sector. after all this country will be islamic in 30 years and the whole sweden will be like malmö.
9. At time of Palme investigation of heroin pushing at schools
ab   (09.09.11)
in Stockholm by PLO representatives was supressed as not to "spoil" the vist by Yasser Arafat. Carl Bildt is photographed kissing Erich Honecker shorty before his overthrown,so receiving PA representive comes completely naturally to him.
10. Talkbackers -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.09.11)
Nr 1. As such Yes - but it is the Swedish Leftwingers doing. Nr 2. Not Nazis but Socialdemocrats. Nr 3. Yes. Nr 4. Hmmm- Nr 6. Sweden will have an Spiritual awekening and your prophesy will fail. On the other hand, Buda and Pesta was two Serbian Citys, and will so become so again. You better move to Mongolia. Nr 7. As terror is concerned It will be the Ustasjas foremost , as some Prophesies has told us. Nr 8. As to nr 6 above. Arn-Sweden.
11. so much hate
timer ,   germany   (09.09.11)
and everyone who is not in line with israelian politics is a nazi? i am from germany, so am i a nazi too? german politics today are pro-israel due to ww2. but people in germany hardly understand israelian aggressivness. so it is hard to back-up israel just by tradition. europe follows israel's conflicts very closely and we all wish that you might live in peace one day. strangely enough we never have the feeling as if you want peace at all. palestine wants to be a recognised state just as israel wanted to have one many decades earlier. politics of appeasement are the only way to change things. otherwise you will continue forever answering their rockets with your tanks with their rockets with your tanks with their rockets and your tanks............ only the people who want peace can achieve it, but if you dont want it then you wont get it as if you dont need it...
12. Burkas & Veil
Big demand for Burkas & veil, and Arab clothing for men in Sweden
13. To No 10 : Sweden is not the leftists only....
Ben Zion   (09.09.11)
...its you too - so stand up and act to stop and change your government!
14. Sweden
Saberen ,   Denmark   (09.09.11)
Israel really know how to loose friends, bashing Sweden and calling them is a very big mistake. During ww2 Sweden accepted and helped Jews escaping from Denmark. My old dad put his own life at risk trying to help jews to get to Sweden, and he had to spend the last two years in Sweden when the found out what he was up to. To me its strang to read the posters here bashing sweden, but to me it seems that everybody who doon´t support the zionist landgrabbers is named as either or jewshaters. Im neither a nazi nor a jjewhater but i know right from wrong and I fully support a pal state of their own - so just call me name as well, I really don`t care.
15. (11) Timer, Germany
tiki ,   belgium   (09.09.11)
Israeli aggresivness? You mean Irak, Syrian, Lybian, Hezbollah, Hamas, African, Turkish aggresivness against their own. What about the Russian aggresivness against the Chetsians, the Yugoslavian war, the Irish bombs, the US, Brits & the rest, and no, I'm not talking about your own countries aggressivness in not '''one but '''two World Wars. But Israeli aggressivness? You say that 'Germans don't understand. Which Germans? I have a surprise for you, many think that Israel is way to soft, way to polite. About this ""Palestinian deserve a State"" nonsens, Why? Jews 'always were a People with a State (since the old testament), Palestinians didnt exist 40 years ago, neither did their State. Learn some history. I love your lecture on Israeli politics, but if I were you, I would worry more about Muslims in Germany, claiming their state there in the not so far future, for they have a 'right to it. They occupy a big part already. About the HATE, you mention....Israeli's don't hate (and they have every reason to do so). They don't bomb or blow themselves up in foreign cities, airplanes, busses, boats or skyscrapers and they don't want 'anything that doesn't belong to them (even what does belong to them they can't have). They want to live peacefull & in peace with all their neighbours but Arabs, Muslims, Palies won't let them have that. You know why....the're Jews!
16. Saberen,Sweden accepted Jews after Stalingrad,when the fate
ab   (09.09.11)
of the 3rd Reich could not be in doubt. As to your Dad,how come everyone bashing Israel starts with "My Father was helping Jews.." The fact remains that Frode Jacobsen,the late Grand Old Man of the Danish Resistance is on the record staing on Danish TV " We had to drop plans to issue a book on the Danish WW2 Resistance as we couldn't compile even 2000 (two thousand) names of Danes who had been actively acting against Germans.Everybody became anti-German when Montgomery entered Copenhagen ,not before" Judging by the number of Danes bashing Israel while claiming "My Father was helping Jews" the number 2000 must have been exceeded many times over..
17. No. 11 timer
NYC Girl   (09.09.11)
Your accusation that Israel doesn't want peace is so astoundingly ignorant that it can only be a testament to the power of the European media to brainwash entire populations into believing that somehow Palestinian terrorists are actually innocent victims. Not only that, but Ariel Sharon removed every last Israeli from Gaza, leaving an entire infrastructure to enable the Palestinians to create an economically viable entity...and what Israel received in return years of rocket barrages and the injuries and deaths of innocent Israeli civilians. But perhaps you were living in some alternate universe during the time when Palestinian suicide bombers were turning Israel into a slaughterhouse. Because, frankly, nothing else could possibly account for the way you just the turned the truth on its head.
18. Dear #6
Bengt ,   Sweden   (09.09.11)
Don´t forget the present; There are polarbears roaming the streets of Stockholm! ;) Maybe that´s why the camels are in hiding? Seriously, you are one big bullshiter! :)
19. timer / 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.09.11)
You preach the politics of appeaasement but Israel is dealing with people whose only aim is to finish what Hitler started. The ersatz Palestinians goal is the complete elimination of Israel and nothing less will make them happy. You can not make peace with people like that. Peace is not what the ersatz Palestinians want. You might have an attitude like Israel does if you were surrounded by people that all want to kill you. It tends to change ones perspective a bit when they are in that position.
20. #11 re Agressiveness
marty ,   Toronto Canada   (09.09.11)
Someone in Germany should be the last person to talk about any country being agressive. If I remember my history correctly, it was Germany that dragged the Western World into two conflicts called WW1 and WW2.
21. #11: So much ignorance.
Israeli 2   (09.09.11)
Israelis are the most compassionate peace loving people, I know. ..but the so called palis want no peace. They want the destruction of Israel. Don't you follow the news? They refuse to recognize Israel.
22. To be on record...
G. Fränkl   (09.09.11)
Comment # 3 "Just saying" is mine. But I couldn't risk censoring bec. of Ynet's picking on me. The Swedish enemy in all senses is, therefore, me.
23. ambassador
sas ,   israel   (09.09.11)
from what country????????????????????
24. Nr 13.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.09.11)
That is already to late. Sweden must receive Deadly Punishment, before the Politicians would change their minds. That holds true bouth Regarding the Left as well as Right - wingers. But that will still not be enuff, Prophests must rise in the Nation to Interpreet why the Punishment comes, and declare it to the Rulers. They have already, bouth The seculars as well as the so called Christians, heard about the doom comming, but they dont care, and therefore the deadly Punishment, in the form of Terrorism against Swedeish Politicians. That wouöld be the last Chanse HASHEM gives to Sweden. Arn.
25. Sweden
Ezra ,   Florida   (09.09.11)
Ikea (whose founder is a nazi), Volvo Subaru, Eriksson etc. should be boycott by Israel. So is the land of the Swedes.
26. Sweden
Saberen ,   Denmark   (09.09.11)
To AB. Who do you think you are to doubt the brave Danish resistance who helped the jews to escape to Sweden?. For you`r education more than 99% of the jews in Denmark survived ww2. More than 8000 jews in Denmark escape to Sweden. You are not only disgrating the memory Danish people who helped the jews to escape but you are disgrating jew survivors as well - shame on you.
27. Bengt, Sweden: a question
Gábor Fränkl   (09.09.11)
How do you explain the fact that in the last general election campaign held before the vote in September 2010 the Green party put up posters in Arabic (!!!) as a simultaneous version of the Swedish one in downtown S. and elsewhere and was even criticized for it. What on earth for if there is no demand as you try to imply, to no avail? Btw, dissent is usually something which is strongly discouraged and frown upon in "consensual" (I would rather say: authoritarian and undemocratic) Sweden.
28. Poor Ezra
CC   (09.09.11)
Subaru never was and never will beSwedish. God forbid! Then it would be crap all around and rusty withinn 6 years. It's Japanese thankfully. Your ignorance is painful. I agree with the rest, though.
29. You swedes Deserve The arabs, Whats In
sweden for an arab? Land and the Spread of MOOSLUMS, when they become the Majoity Be Prepared To Covert to a Cult or Die by the sword. So Fitting for You Nothern EUROTRASH. Good luck SUCKERS Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom
30. to no 11
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (09.10.11)
By now you must have read the replies to your post-don't you feel like fool now?
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