Report: Turkey obtains names of flotilla raid soldiers
Published: 09.09.11, 17:16
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1. Erdogan is attention whore
jensen99 ,   Hollandia, Indonesia   (09.09.11)
2. the list of names
Fabio ,   Rome, Italy   (09.09.11)
here's the (partial) list of names provided by idf soldiers: -Rambo, John -Kent, Clark -Parker, Peter -Wayne, Bruce -Mouse, Mickey -Woodpecker, Woody
Mark ,   t.a. Israel   (09.09.11)
4. It's time to target
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (09.09.11)
pirates. Chase beginning.
5. The defense department
David ,   On this planet   (09.09.11)
should immediately find and publish the names of the soldiers who turn their comrades over to the Turkish security and prosecute them to the max.They are cowards and traitors of the state
zionist forever   (09.09.11)
The government should protect the identities of these soldiers so where the hell has IHH got their names from? If any individuals in the Israeli government have given IHH or anybody else names of Israeli soldiers the people must be punished.
7. Turkey obtains names of flotilla raid soldiers
Ron ,   USA   (09.09.11)
You know, if Turkey tries to take legal action they set a precident. So the next time some peace loving neighbor from Gaza shoots off a rocket, Israel can take them to court too.
8. Erdogan is pushing the wrong buttons
Naor ,   USA   (09.09.11)
His Islamist rhetoric is heating up and he is quickly leading the region to conflict. Lets only pray that Israel's leadership hasn't lost all its spine and preparing an adequate response.
9. i am israeli...i was on the raid
JL   (09.09.11)
10. This is like Al-quaeda prosecuting Obama for killn Bin Laden
Cynic ,   USA   (09.09.11)
What a joke, now the terrorist IHH is waiting for arrest warrants
11. I have one of the names. It is "middle finger"
Cynic ,   USA   (09.09.11)
12. Turkey
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (09.09.11)
someone had better tell these assholes to watch their backs very closely no Turk official will be safe anywhere in the world if Israeli citizens and officals arent safe. It's a two way freaking street.
13. israel has to defend itself
alexi   (09.09.11)
bibi, pacify tensions yes but turkey also has to feel pressure or it willnot back up as it senses weakness. Your biggest mistake inyour comeback is to have hitched yourself to barak, who is one of themost despised soldiers in idf history, right there witheli zeira. Yaalon and ashkenazi are 10 x the soldier that barak is. If turkey wants israeli blood for hanging,s end them peres, barak and olmert with my best wishes.
14. idf soldiers
iraj   (09.09.11)
turkish sources say that some idf soldiers who did not take part inthe marmora gave the names of those who did to the lawyer representing the iHH. This is serious, to give up your fellow soldiers to potentially serious consequences. What is this, the school of submission and cowering. Idf soldiers are bound not to give up such information.
15. actions against erdgoan and turkey
alexi   (09.09.11)
israel should go to the hague and sue erdogan,gul and dovetogolu for war crimes involving assisting the ihh with materiel and support to break the legal blockade and to harm israeli soldiers.Merridor will not protect israelis as he is a weakling cut from the same cloth as olmert, livni and weisglas.
16. IDF soldiers the source?
Stephen in New York   (09.09.11)
More likely IHH militants.
17. Ant soldier who gave names to an enemy
Observer ,   World   (09.09.11)
should be given a swift boot to the pants in all aspects and metaphors.
18. turkey
bambi ,   jnb,south africa   (09.09.11)
can you imagine what they are doing to the kurds.!!!??? this is why they are making such a noise about this
19. Non- Jewish blood will no longer be cheap.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.09.11)
20. Jarda
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.09.11)
It's a good thing nobody is targeting idiots. You would be in real trouble.
21. The insanity continues...My G_d these people are stupid.
Barking - what can these idiots do but bark like dogs? No possible case for ICJ So, what - a trial in ...Turkey? ... ....what hope of fair trial there?....ZERO Just shut up. You're making fools of yourselves.
23. Names of the soliers
Alice ,   Montreal   (09.09.11)
Maybe it's a bluff, but if it's not, your have plenty of people from la Gauche, the Lefties who will sale their own mother and father never mind their comrades. A good exemple is the destruction of Migron the middle of the night on the instances of Peace Now.
24. The Flotilla
Wendy ,   Los Angeles USA   (09.09.11)
The Flotilla was an instrument of terrorism for which Israel has a right to defend herself.
25. Israel, Turkey is waging "Lawfare"
GZLives   (09.09.11)
When will you respond in kind? Israelis can take the Turk leadership to court for conspiring with internationally recognized terror organizations and to violate Israel's blockade. I suggest a group of Israeli lawyers do exactly that. Also, someone should examine if there's a way to bring NATO into this. After all, Turkey is a member and NATO must have some responsibility if a member goes off the deep end as Turkey is doing.
26. turning in the perpetrators
daze ,   US   (09.09.11)
Pablo Lipschitz, Mervin Tooze, Mordechai Nussbaum, Larry, Moe, Curly, Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Kramerica, these guys should all be handed over to the turks immediately
American ,   Los Angeles   (09.09.11)
US should recognize the Armenian Genocide and take Turkey to the ICC for genocide denial.
28. If this is true...
Vlad   (09.09.11)
Then those IDF personnel who passed on the names are guilty of TREASON!
29. Mr. Piggly Wiggly wants a WAR. Either obumma will pin his
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.09.11)
ears back or he will get one. He can't run his country without the US and the US can't let him start a war with Israel.
30. Turkey is not entitled to those names.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.09.11)
Any Israeli who provided the names of IDF personnel to Turkey should be prosecuted.
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