'Price tag' operations continue in WB
Elior Levy
Published: 09.09.11, 23:46
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1. Wow It Looks Like The Hebrew
grafti was Written by arabs At Least You could have made it look like Jewish People Sick of You Squaters did this. Very Poor barely Legiable Hebrew Letters. Yella Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom
2. higher education
daze ,   US   (09.10.11)
arabs have got vandalism down pat, nothing new there. What impresses me is the arab's ability to spray paint in Hebrew. But then again, some leftist Jewish radical from Tel Aviv might have had that job
3. I condemn these barbaric actions. It must be stopped.
Bat Zion ,   Central Israel   (09.10.11)
4. Quite Obviously..
Yitzhak ,   israel   (09.10.11)
.. written by Arabs. But hey, even if it hadn't been, I reckon they got a good deal out of it. 'Jews' spray graffiti on Arab buildings... Arabs decapitate four-month-old baby girls. They got off lightly.
5. prosecute the people whoever did this
american ,   usa   (09.10.11)
for hate speech. it is most likely jews though. whats funny is MANY MANY anti semitic' graffiti has been discovered to be done by jews for attention or rewards. it is only too obvious that the jews here, accusing this graffiti to be fake is because so many jewish claims of anti-jewish grafitti HAS been faked.
6. Grafitti at Bir Zeit
Helen ,   London   (09.10.11)
How sad. I did a workcamp at BZU in 1994 (having been a kibbutz volunteer at two kibbutzim in 1992/3) during my degree in Hebrew at a British university. I am always torn, having both Israeli and Palestinian friends. I deplore any needless provocation, from whichever side. I decry Gaza strikes on southern towns and IDF bombing of Gaza. Step back from the religious nonsense (there's no such thing as any god) and talk as people who want safety, jobs, food, decent housing, uninterrupted power and the quiet life I don't question to have in London,
7. Probably the government again - vilifying the settlers again
Ben Zion   (09.10.11)
The secret war of the Israeli government against the settleres - pretty obvious........By the way : government would better use its ressources to free Shalit - but looks like he is of better use for the government when he stays with the terrorists.....and anyway : as long as the children of Bibi, Barak & Co are safe : who cares for Shalit ????
8. Old Mossad trick
EB & ,   Tiberia   (09.10.11)
So they can beat up Jewish people
9. Still nothing but allegations.
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (09.10.11)
I still find it astounding that alleged "Jewish kids" have succeeded in carrying out all this vandelism, including in Ramalla of all places, without a single cellphone snapshot being taken by an enterprising arab. You media people are guilty of the crime of antisemitism, by condemning and demonising Jews of Judea and Samaria on unfounded/unproven accusations from arabs. And an aside to the author, Mr Levy. The land is Judea and Samaria, not the "west bank". Britain and Jordan renamed it the west bank after making it Judenrein. You are supporting this atrocity by using the same term.
10. Pu U.N. guards near these kinds of building
Ken ,   Burma   (09.10.11)
with orders to shoot these people, when we will know who they are.
11. sorry but it looks phoney to me!!! they took arab student
Sherlock ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
who writes hebrew (there are alot of them) and made him spray this. it looks like someone was very tentative with the "ת" and the "ג". and isn't it suprprising that on the same place these people chose to spray their slogan, is the same place the arab students spray their slogans in arabic ?????
12. settelers do "tag price" after arabs do something to
Daniel   (09.10.11)
settlements. i goes this time it's a phoney one caus there was no clash between settelers and palestinians before the slogan appeared!
13. #3 Bat Zion , thank you.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.10.11)
where were the The Bir Zeit security guards ? why did not the Palestinian police shoot them ?! didn't they know the Oslo accords have already been killed.
14. compare this to Israeli embassy in Cairo?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (09.10.11)
did they caught any "Jews" red-handed in the act? any buildings destroyed? arabs documents tore? what about the fruits of the 'Arab Spring" now targeting the Israeli Embassy, Cairo? Embassy was destroyed, window broken, building burnt, documents tore, ambassadors rushed to airport escaped for dear life for fear of mob lynching. a few graffitis to distract the world from arab crimes elsewhere? pathetic!
15. #5 arab usa Your Not Fooling Anybody
Just like the Grafiti, the letters sprayed on the wall resemble this لرسمه instead of looking like this שלםמ. There is a Big difference you lying, cheat imposter. We can sence your arabness. Your hate proceeds You, nice try arab usaistan. Baruch Hashem/שלםמ
16. best thing to do: evacuate the settlers from the west bank a
eporue ,   europe   (09.10.11)
nd put them into the beersheva half-finished refugee camp... sorry, i dont like to say that, but before they run the country into a war, and whatever mess, please take the consequences to protect the peaceful agreeable part of israel...
17. "state of emergency" in the west bank, immediate effect...
eporue ,   europe   (09.10.11)
nobody must leave their home anymore... who does, will be shot... end of...
18. John Cleese in Roman NCO uniform
GideonReader ,   USA   (09.10.11)
...with paintbrush in have lecturing a quivering Brian Cohen on correct graffitti grammar. Anyone else see the "authorities" as miscasts in a Python skit? somewhere a snickering spear carrier is awating a "Welease Woger" statement.
19. #16 mr Eurotrash Yea The Israeli Government
Will do You One Better they will be Relocated to Poland or somewhere in Europe because helen thomas said so, I hate to say this But Kiss Israel Jewish Ass and prepare for Your mooslum Invasion on europe. Taste the peaceful Cult islam. Baruch Hashem/Shabat שלםמ
20. So juvenile graffitti is equal to terrorism?
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
Even if the graffitti was sprayed by Jewish children; which is highly doubtful to say the least, it is hardly terrorism. It is a juvenile prank. As other posters have asked: where are the pictures of the supposedly Jewish culprits doing their dirty deeds with spray paint? Nowhere to be found. It can be safely said that most of us are far more upset by deadly terrorist attacks on our civilians than by mischievious teenagers. In the unlikely event the culprits were Jewish kids.
21. Forensic findings
GideonReader ,   USA   (09.10.11)
Forensic evidence bagged and tagged, and in custody of the "appropriate authorities" include the cork of a bottle of cheap bubbly and a card with the name of Avishai Raviv, giving his business as Chief Sales Representative, Provocative Champagne, Company. Tel Aviv, Israel
22. Wowsers Eppy #17
GideonReader ,   USA   (09.10.11)
You have the German Commandant thingy down perfectly. Now do the "Papers. Show me your papers" bit. By the way. Where do you guys but the black leather trenchcoats, at a decent price?
23. in short...
eporue ,   europe   (09.10.11)
your government is bullying so much, that your neighbours have trouble to keep the places under control... and then those settlers come on top of it all... also liebermans comments... stop that... your actions are questionable at least anyway, but to heat up the tensions further with "sources", lieberman and settler actions is criminal...
24. Dont worry soon the settlers will have Palestinian passports
Haim ,   TA   (09.10.11)
No need to deal with these settler thugs, soon they will be given a Palestinan passport, i suggest they learn arabic fast that way the transition will be easier for them. Still makes good TV viewing.
25. # 9 - Adam
Chock ,   NY, USA   (09.11.11)
And your living in Syria... So move out
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