Embassy riots: Israeli envoy leaves Egypt
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.09.11, 08:13
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1. Yep, now is the time to slash the defence budget..
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.10.11)
2. Finally!
Diego ,   São Paulo, Paulo   (09.10.11)
Long live to the great egypt and to all egyptian brothers!
3. i am speechless
fad egypt   (09.10.11)
first of all i want to say that i am deeply sorry for what happened at the israeli embassy in cairo i dont know whether to say that i am egyptian or not because what happened is a shame to my country and to me as an egyptian i am trying to type to express my feeling but the words fail to express it shalom
4. The tim has come
richard ,   USA   (09.10.11)
I never thought i would say this, our Prime Minister Bibie is a coward he is afraid of his own shadow. His brother is turning over in his grave. The time has come to show the arabs they have gone to far. Now is the time to take the Sinie back, what the hell it's full of the musilum brotherhood anyway. Lets show every body who we really are. never again..Iam 68 years and was in israel for 10 years and help build the sniping school you have today. I can't believe you are letting everybody walk over us. SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL. Hell they are going to drive you into the sea if you don't wake up. there are over 400,000 israel here in the USA and i am sure they feel like i do what is sence in coming back to a dead country. So wake up if we are going down lets go down with a big bang.
5. Thank you Obama.
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.10.11)
For helping to destabilize Middle East by helping to get rid of Mubarak.
6. Israel (and US) deep, up to the neck in camel dung
Robert Soran-Schwarz ,   EU + IL   (09.10.11)
Unacceptable situation in the field, difficult for police and now army to restore law and order. I had over the last 12 months many conversations with Egyptian intellectuals, journalists and with foreign media in Cairo. There is an anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist sentiment in the population, most of it being directly related to the Israeli governments worsening treatment of Palestinians since Sharon was replaced as Prime Minister in Israel. It may seem strange that just Sharon was the Israeli PM Egyptians would have liked to see stay in power, because many were convinced he's the only one able and willing to make peace and let a Palestinian state exist side-by-side with Israel. The anger with the criminal Gaza war 2008-09 (so my Egyptian interlocutors) fired up by Olmert, Livni and Barak, and then the acute hate for Netanyahu, Lieberman and - once again - Barak for their oppressive and PA statehood peace rejectionist stance, combined with the fall of Mubarak, who is considered an American and Israeli puppet, ignited after the killing of 5 Egyptian policemen. And we all see the results NOW in Cairo. Both Israel and US should be very, very concerned. This is not an incident, this reflects the will of a large portion in society to pay back US and Israel at face value for their more than questionable pro-Mubarak positions during the Cairo spring and their rejection of the Palestinian statehood bid. Last but not least, Egyptians ask for retroactive compensation for the ridiculously low gas prize Israel imposed on the corrupted Mubarak system. Well, and now Israel and US are left with the results of their dumb politics and actions. And don't be wrong: after September 22 all my contacts in Cairo expect the start of a much more extended and intensified popular "Intifada" against Israel and US. In the given general situation in the region, a potentially irreversible weakening of Israel and its US "vassal" ...
7. It must be the Arab Spring!!
shmulke ,   W Coast USA   (09.10.11)
8. Egyptian REVOLUTION
aline silverman ,   israel   (09.10.11)
So this is their revolution? all their problems solved once they attack us, our embassies etc....More work for everyone? a high standard of living? ...... The world was fooled by their so called desire for democracy?
9. Leon #5
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (09.10.11)
I thought that Americans love democracy. Why do you regret the overthrow of despot?
10. This is the true face of the "Arab Spring". P.S. Thank you,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.10.11)
Mr. Obama, for ushering his season into the region....!!
11. Are you sure it isn't a repeat of Irans embassy invasion?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.10.11)
12. Turkey with Egypt are Major Problems‎ for US
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.10.11)
13. Power to the people
Adam   (09.10.11)
The Egyptian people wanted the Israeli ambassador expelled after the Sinai incident. The military dictatorship didn't expel him. At the end the people's power prevailed. Can you say Chutzpah with an Egyptian accent # 3
14. God Bless Egypt
Sam   (09.10.11)
Just about time that egyptians wake up and scrubb off the dirt and get rid off the israeli embassy in cairo.
15. Nothing new
Alexandre Chinovich   (09.10.11)
162 years ago, in Tehran, the crowd stormed the Russian embassy and killed all the staff including great Russian poet Griboyedov. Nothing has changed, they are the same, everywhere and always. What else presents do you want to give them, dear Shalom Now?
16. Israel out- Hamas in-this is "the Arab spring"for you....
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.10.11)
...and the desire of Arabs for democracy...this is their democratic proposal and in few days Hamas HQ will replace Israel.Arabs are Arabs...they will never change!!!!! Obama was concern?he is an idiot ,he is the Antichrist that caused the "Arab spring" agains Israel...was not Egypt the very first country he visited??and what for?for this......
17. this proves:
analyst ,   USA   (09.10.11)
1 that peace treaties with arab nations are written on the sand 2 that as I expected that democracy will bring in even more anti Israel/western elements beacause democracy is not only to have the rigth to vote, it is before being educated. I believe that in a few years Egypt will become anew sunni Iran. with the muslim brotherhood at its head. Israel will be surronded by ennemies and will be ready for a major war.
18. #3 fad, egypt...
valentina ,   israel   (09.10.11)
thankyou, G-d bless you. It's not my place to speak for all, but generally Israelis never would've wanted trouble with egypt, some of us even been to egypt and loved it. If only more of the egyptian population valued peace the way that you do. Salam
19. i bet they are Mubarak thugs
ali ,   alexandria, eg   (09.10.11)
i bet they are Mubarak thugs, who want to make problems for the military council. attacking an embassy, even Israeli, is not an act of honor.
20. Israeli Embassy in Egypt
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.10.11)
"After listening to the weekly Muslim prayer at which they were told it is shameful for Egyptians to "forget their revolution," about 1,000 of them broke off and marched to the Israeli embassy." Okay, this is your answer for why. Muslim fanaticism is dictating and swaying the weak economic parched Egyptians to not only revolt but be animals.
21. #9 Mob rule is not democracy
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.10.11)
22. #15
observer ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
possibly because of the Russian government refusal to allow the travel of Jewish Iranian citizens to Russia.
23. thugs that don't represent us
Good Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
these few hundred thugs don't represent 90 million Egyptians or the spirit/goals of this noble revolution, there are the same thugs that looted our museum, shops, police stations. Rest to sure everyone, the military's patience is running our fast, and these thugs will be back "behind in the sun" we we say in Egypt
24. among their midst....
richard ,   the hague holland   (09.10.11)
its better not to be. They are dangerous people, have no self control and are full with hatred.
25. Blowback of failed US/Israel politics
Atomino   (09.10.11)
Israel and US were big friends of dictator Mubarak. And the current Israeli government did everything to heat up tensions with its surrounding countries and undermines a 2 state soultion. Arabs feel treated by the west and Israel like 2. class camels. This is now changing and everything maybe goes in the wrong direction. Israel is not innocent regarding that situation, given the agressive foreign policy and actions since Netanjahu is PM. Another example is that Israel and USA provided Ghadafi military intelligence data about the rebels. What do you think the lybian people will think about Israel regarding that issue?
26. We in Israel are angry.
noa ,   israel   (09.10.11)
We have paid the price over the centuries by trusting immoral mobs and populations. We have paid the price by losing over a third of our total population during the Holocaust. We cannot afford to be light about anything. It was the Palestinians duty to show more serious efforts towards peace and not to expect everything to be handed to them. If Islam is not about righteousness and morality, what good is it?
27. To those celebrating, think about it like this...
NewMan   (09.10.11)
If I were a businessman and I see that any changes in an Egyptian gov't leads to an immediate reneging of international agreements. And furthermore a complete abrogation of int'l obligations, why would I continue to do business there? The economy is already teetering, do you think this will actually help you? The fact is that this situation is reminiscent of the American embassy takeover during the revolution in Iran. And look how great things are there... unless I guess people prefer to live in backwards country... Also I guess before all these people start dancing about throwing out the Embassy and peace treaty. Do realize that there will be consequences for such actions. The Sinai will return to Israel as a buffer zone to stop a future invasion if Egypt breaks the treaty. It's a two-way street. The problem is that today the Egyptians are acting like they were in the 1967... They broadcasted propaganda of invincibility and how they will throw out Israel. They believe it with no connection to reality, and then they act on it... I only hope Niall Ferguson was wrong.... But yet another Egyptian initiated war on Israel seems inevitable...
28. You reap what you sow, well said #6
Ken ,   Burma   (09.10.11)
Time now for a Israeli Spring and perhaps a U. S. Spring.
29. Sarah B, USA # 15
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (09.10.11)
Where do you get it? From the same source of information like your splendid comments about the Norwegian attack?
30. Arab spring? A bunch of savages, I'd say.
Joe F.   (09.10.11)
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