Cairo protestor: We hit embassy worker
Published: 10.09.11, 11:24
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1. We have his name, we see his face,arrest him
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.10.11)
Israel should not bee too soft on Muslims like this ....this guy should be taken to prison and charged for the act he committed....unpunished act are always repeated if they think the get away with it....
2. animals- and they want a democracy?
Rahel   (09.10.11)
This is atrocious- these people want a democracy and they behave like ANIMALS? Most probably didn't even KNOW what they for protesting for or against? Typical lowlife.
3. First PLO, thenTurkey, Now Egypt.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.10.11)
Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman should immediately resign, have They No Shame?!!
4. they really dont know to do in their useless lives wow
Ester   (09.10.11)
5. #3: Salma: shame of what? You are a real idiot
Vardina   (09.10.11)
6. good business to be in the Arab world - flags...
jonathan ,   london   (09.10.11)
7. this is the so called islamic democracy movement
tiger ,   Vienna, Austria   (09.10.11)
plundering and pillaging and disrespecting blindly all peaceful people in the name of religion
8. So brave - 20 to one. And he thinks he's a hero.
PaulZion ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
As for Salma, no.3, YOu have no shame - approving all this violence by people breaking the law and storming sovereign Israeli territory, as is accepted regarding embassies all over the world. G-d forbid a Palestinian should have a cut on his little finger - and you would be crying "Holocaust" and "War Crimes". WHY were they not arrested? Why was the embassy not secured by the Egyptian security forces? If Egypt takes no action against these barbarians, then THEY will be responsible for the Israeli reprisal, which I hope will not be long coming.
9. to salma
MOCHE ,   PARIS   (09.10.11)
who are you to criticize legitimate and democratic government ? you and all arabs will get nothing than poverty for centuries because you still don't accept our small jewish state ! your frustration will lead you to hell as long as you don't recognize us.
10. Cowards
Jay ,   UK   (09.10.11)
2 billion against 16 million = Salma's coward brigades...
11. I for one...
AJ - Raalte   (09.10.11) glad all Ambassy personel were rescued. I thank everyone who helped bring that about and I wish the guy that was beaten up a speedy recovery. ... am shocked, but not surprised at the demonic behavior of the Egyptian mob. Destruction is all they know.
12. to salma PLO, turkey and egypt are your bestample? Lol
ygalg ,   israel   (09.10.11)
13. to Salma; PLO, Turkey and Egypt are your best example? Lol
ygalg ,   israel   (09.10.11)
when we be treated as such by democratic countries then you may got a point. treated as such by Islamic barbaric fundamentalists, brainwashed with myths and fairy tales. deluded through years of propagandas such as yourself is no of surprise.
14. salami
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
and you bright spark need to take a one way walk to mecca. asap.
15. Another success
John ,   Washington US   (09.10.11)
Obama everything falls are a genius hahahahahaha.
16. to Salma the mad woman 3
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (09.10.11)
You are a disgrace to the human race and should be expelled from Israel Now. You are the type of arab that has not advanced from the middle ages-go and live in the desert with your camels and goats.You are not fit to live among educated humans.
17. Backwards society
Steve ,   USA   (09.10.11)
While Israelis are going about their lives within a prolific and modern society, developing innovations in aerospace, medicine, communications, and securing Israel as one of the most educated and advanced nations on the planet, the Egyptians are behaving like ill tempered baboons, destroying their own cities like primates flinging their own feces. Masses of uneducated, unsophisticated, ignorant, troglodytes, in all probability they do not even know what they are protesting!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.10.11)
I'm always careful when I pick my words. So I say these people are animals who really belong in a zoo. I remember as a kid the Zoo had an exhibit called Monkey Island. The Monkey's had more class than these cowards. As usual attacking unarmed people based in lies. The IDF did not kill your soldiers, the Palestinian terrorists did. Although I did hear one story, that at least two of the soldiers fought with the terrorists. Which, if true, means what? That the soldiers helped kill the 8 innocent Israeli civilians just driving down the road. Then they deserved to die, right? Where does the Egyptian people get their news from? State controlled media? You fools believe all the stories from a state controlled paper, radio, TV. How gullible are you morons?
ana maria ,   the netherlands   (09.10.11)
Is this a sign of democracy. Your brothers Egyptians also bombed Coptic Christian churches on a holiday, now they attacked the Israeli Embassy on Sabbath. You will never be civilized nations, because you don't acknowledges concepts like democracy, tolerance, diplomacy. As a Christian I only hope you will never get close to Jerusalem and you will all get out of Europe. Israel, we pray for you
20. So EU and Obama expect a peace treaty out of these hoodlums-stand fast Israel
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.11)
21. Is it Israel fault?
Elishay ,   Israel   (09.10.11)
22. the bare truth,
Miro ,   Italy,Israel   (09.10.11)
is that nobody is telling those arabs the truth.They accuse Israel of anything wrong in their own society.High unemplyoment,poverty,lack of progress etc. is caused by their high rate of birth. They multiply like ants and they pretend from the Western world to take care of them. It is time for European Govts. to wake up and tell them the truth in face,before another 50 million will invade Europe. Also Obama with his moslem roots has to tell them the truth,in the same way he did his historical speech to the Egyptian parlament.
23. To Salma
A_G ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (09.10.11)
Salma, what does it have to do with Bibi, Barak and Lieberman? This is a shame!!! Israel has nothing to do wit the government and policies in Egypt. Why these animals don't do something positive, like working, building something good? Probably they don't have this capability right? They are good at making riots, mess, destruction. Nothing more than that. What a shame!!!
24. It took 20 of them to beat up ONE Israeli?
Olah ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.10.11)
"According to Sayyid, he and his friends managed to beat up an Israeli worker" What brave little boys they are!
25. lol
mody ,   egypt   (09.10.11)
prepare yourself to get fucked ! egyptian people now rule not a bastard like mubarak prepare ur self well or just fly away to wherever u came from as u gathered and came to palastin u should nw prepare ur luggage again to go back to ur different countries u came from
26. Israeli people should think deeply
agyptian man ,   cairo   (09.10.11)
Intially , I'm an Egyptian mann , who condemned the aggression on the Israeli embassy , not because it's for Israel , but because Egypt is commeted to protect the diplomatic missions in Egypt . I say clearly to the Israeli people , you should rethink in your government stances , there is no forces all over the world can control on thousands of protesters , the aggression of Israel on egyptian police men in Sinai represents a tremendous provocation to the public opinion .
27. information
ahmed ,   cairo   (09.10.11)
you can't see 10 people in our country agreed on loving or just sympathy with israel however you can see hundreds but thousands against attacking of embassy
28. whyyyyyy ?
samr ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
they are a bunch of idiots really they don't know their benefits, they are thinking they are more powerful than any country, how a shame on you, and shame on me cos I'm living in this stupid country :( we have a peace treaty you jerks
29. egypt people
ahmed ,   egypt   (09.10.11)
egypt people will not stop protesting till israel apologize for killing the solders
30. The obvious cliche, but
Ron ,   oc, us   (09.10.11)
Egyptian security forces more or less saved the day. However, Egypt is moving rapidly from Spring to Winter. Their PM resigned and that most likely ain't good for anybody. I can only guess that the Brotherhood is a step closer to power.
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