Egypt to try Israel embassy rioters
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.09.11, 18:16
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1. the beginning of the end of egypt!! horrible anarchie
bye bye egypt ,   welcome anarchie   (09.10.11)
may all these arab protestors be cursed in the name of allah !!! they will miss mubarak regime......
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.10.11)
The Arab always violate International Law, which means there is no law. The Embassy is a sacred form of foreign relations, and has been for hundred years. The land that it stands on is considered foreign soil. If that goes out the window, then we here in the USA, can take over any embassy we feel like. So can any country and their people. The Egyptian police stood by and did nothing and let the whole thing get wildly out of control. Even some intelligent Arabs, realize this fact. You saw what happened in Israel, when just one drunk was caught throwing stones at the Egyptian flag at the Egyptian Embassy, he was arrested on the spot. Yet the Egyptian police acted as an impotent, useless group who in fact assisted the thugs by their inaction. By the time they stepped in, the police had to kill and wound over 1,000 protesters. Why? They let it go to far, had the police stepped in immediately as the crowd exceeded 200 people the whole thing could have been avoided. Watch these morons now blame Israel for those killed and wounded by the Egyptian police. Like with all actions that involve Israel, the terrorists start the fight and whine like crybabies when somebody gets killed.
3. #1
ahmed ,   cairo   (09.10.11)
you should read carefully our history before saying that
4. Ignorant America supports this "democracy" aka Muslim Brothd
Cynic ,   USA   (09.10.11)
5. #3 It is you who should read your history book.
ps ,   USA   (09.10.11)
Egypt should learn from its history or repeat itself. Are you feeling brave for beating up one jew?
6. 40 years ago...
oferdesade ,   israel   (09.10.11)
... israeli culture was replete with demonized versions of arabs. alongside the "peace process", this has largely disappeared. today it is considered politically incorrect, and all that remains is right-wing slogans that say arabs cant be trusted (and truth is they have done precious little to disprove the allegation). the result - israeli public opinion is torn between the few who believe in war and the majority that still believes in peace (bizarre). in egypt, poison is still poured forth in the media and from the imams. the protocols of zion is a best seller. and one can count on one finger the deeds done to undemonize jews. the result - mob violence (less bizarre).
7. no 1 - unbelievably inane
oferdesade ,   israel   (09.10.11)
their end is our end. the only possible derivative here is war to justify the reestablishment of military rule. r your kids on the front line? the egyptian uprising is an honorable one; their suffering is real; the forces they face - diabolical. if the best you can do is gloat, please desist.
8. Flaming Gapers in serious NEED of
GideonReader ,   USA   (09.10.11)
..some more plagues. Some folks just do not give their undivided attention to locusts, frogs, and the first born male thing. Maybe something that generates a nice soft greenish glow is in order?
Mao ,   Beijing   (09.10.11)
10. To: oferdesade
Aiman ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
Thank you for being a voice of reason. I as an Egyptian do not hate Israelis or anyone else but do not like the israeli policies of late.
11. #7 Explain why you say the Egyptian Protest is Honorable
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (09.10.11)
There is nothing honorable about violence! NOTHING! It is alarming and frightening that 3 people were killed and one thousand were injured in the desperate attempt to RESTRAIN the hate-filled violent protestors! Be thankful that YOU were not anywhere near the violent protestors!
12. israeli embassy
duart maclean ,   montreal, canada   (09.10.11)
What courage does it take for a mob to attack an embassy?
13. Bahrain's foreign minister,
Abu Zak ,   Cardiff   (09.10.11)
To bahrain foreign minister when the sionists killed the egyptian soldiers did you say anything or is self defense as your masters usually say
steve ,   usa   (09.10.11)
Many governments weigh in on the destruction of the Embassy, violation of intl law by Egypt, the violence etc, AND NOT ONE of them could find a way to urge Israel to show restraint! Imagine Hilary Clinton's mantra or the Ban Moon puppet: , "we urge the Embassy security guards locked in the safe room to show restraint"...
15. @13
steve ,   usa   (09.10.11)
Abu, before you get on your high horse, 1. It's Zionists, and 2, wait for the investigation to finish. Those 5 might have been copletely innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps they wre bribed to let the terrorists in, or perhaps some terrorists had on Egyptian uniforms like some had IDF uniforms. The Bahrain FM was courageous enough to tell the truth. Too bad you dont like it.
16. statement to egypt
alexi   (09.10.11)
bibi put out a correct direct statement to egypt warning yet thanking them for the rescue of 6 guards. On the other hand, barak ran to panetta begging him for help instead of appealing directly to his counterpart and tantawi to resuce and calm the situation and explaining the gravity of what happened. He continues his apologies and weak responses which only invite attacks on israel. Bibi, for god sake, retire barak and replace him with yaalon. Barak will not act even if 100,000 israelis are killed in terror rocket attacks, he will hit empty buildings and brag about it. Retire him as he is paralysed.
17. Afraid
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.10.11)
... If I were in that embassy, I would be afraid too.
18. #13 please explain
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.11)
Two groups of Egyptian police were killed during the Hamas raid. The first group were killed when they joined Hamas and attacked Israeli civilians. The second group (including an officer) were killed by Hamas. Now explain, why are you attacking the Israel embassy but kissing Hamas?
19. Government
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.10.11)
The egyptians should organize a new government soon, to end this mess... :) One of the scariest things in the world is thinking about having something and then think about losing it. This can make someone afraid... :)
20. To All
M.Ashraf ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
I've never read in any history book or article that Egypt ever went outside its lands to conquer and make its own empire. Although in many different years and eras, Egypt had the power to do so
21. Time to attack Egypte and teach a lesson
Bergstein ,   Jaffa   (09.10.11)
Israel should act and teach them a lesson, nobody messes with Israel. Or are we afraid?
22. Don't resign like cowards
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.10.11)
Face the problems in Egypt or bring Mubarak back.
23. We are sorry
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.10.11)
from what i have seen when a single israelian thrown a stone on Egyptian embssy and he got arrested for that,and here the Israelian Embassy get attacked..thats so wrong and I was one of the people who rise up in january 25 revolution/./we did not burn a car or a building..we even protected police men who were escaping from angry people ..we wanted this Egypt not Egypt of firday that I have seen..We dont want all of that we made revolution to make sstronger country who can live in peace with its neighbours..we never wanted all this barbrian action agianst israelians..yes you killed some of our soldiers and this is in investigation right now and who made the mistake would pay the price..but that does not mean to attack your civilians here and there should be more protection..actually they attacked the saudi arabia embassy as well,and our defense minister and in alexandria we protected police stations as they inteded to attack..i wish the time will come that we'd defend the Israelian embassy as well as its not legal to attack civilians who nevcer hurted us!
24. to no13 dont use the argument of the Egiptian soldiers.
Ari   (09.10.11)
Nobody killed them un purpose. The terrorists that killed 9 civilians in Israel came from Gaza and Sinai. The whole thing is confussion, some even say that the egyptian soldiers were aiding the terrorists-Is that correct?. Israel launched an investigation with Egypt to analize what happened There is no excuse that people make justice on their on hands when there should be a state of law. And according to the Geneva convention foreign embassies must be protected. At the end Egypt did what it had to do from the beguining. At the beguining when the rioters started destroying the wall of th emabassy, the police only watched and did not do anything.
25. no 1 is unbelievably inane & the protest is honorable
Rhea ,   New York, NY   (09.10.11)
I was just in Egypt, and I can tell you from firsthand encounters that this is a very predictable product of the current circumstances in Egypt. Intellectual Egyptians are anxiously waiting and hoping for real change in their political systems, and bored, frustrated and unemployed youth who gave up on real change found an excuse to channel their anger into protests against the Israeli embassy. This is after an incredibly PEACEFUL, straightforward and yes, honorable, revolution to remove a corrupt, money-hungry inhumane president from power. Mubarak's probably not going to get executed, and Israel just killed Egyptian soldiers on Egyptian soil. You do the math. An Egyptian very much climbed the Israeli embassy and removed the flag from the top of it weeks ago, so Israel was not unaware of the possibilities. No Israeli lives were lost, only Egyptians died in this "violent" protest. I find it most disturbing that the people who feel the most strongly and have no problem throwing awful insults at complete strangers are also the most clearly misinformed or uninformed. Or maybe you just watch too much Fox News. Reuters and Associated Press are favorable alternatives.
26. The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (09.10.11)
The latest fiasco in Cairo only demonstrates who is really in charge there. In addition, these ignorant fools have just killed off what little Egyptian tourism was left, as proved by my friends, a young couple who just cancelled their Egypt trip.
27. Peaceful protests versus mob-rule
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (09.10.11)
The mainly peaceful protests against Mubarak appeared to be a righteous reaction from a civilized Egyptian point of view (although as an Israeli I appreciated Mubarak in power). Mob rule is something entirely different, inspired by flames of hatred, which only leads to destruction. I therefore hope the Egyptian authorities can maintain a healthy balance between social justice for the needs of their people and a security that serves the interests of all who live in our region. Accordingly, one hopes that our diplomatic mission in Cairo can be restored and properly safeguarded as befits any diplomatic presence. As for politically inspired comments on the forum, sure vent your views here, I'm a Jewish settler and would gladly entertain a meaningful dialogue. However, for anyone that supports mob-rule and physically attacking innocent people, including those who's job is to maintain a non-violent diplomatic role, remember one reaps what one sows. That's regardless of one's political or religious perspective.
28. I will believe it when I see it
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.10.11)
The Arabs are notorious for changing the facts. Are they going to prosecute Al Queda or the 4000+ who rioted? who is kidding who?
29. Could anyone believe that Obama wud take 2.7 years to make crazy M.E.
Alan ,   SA   (09.10.11)
30. 40 years ago ...
uk comment ,   London UK   (09.10.11)
Israelis got it about right - and nothing's changed. there was no peace, there is no peace, there will never be peace. Stop apologising.
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