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Netanyahu: Israel committed to peace with Egypt
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.09.11, 21:45
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1. get the hint
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.11)
Israel is committed to peace. The Egyptian rulers are committed to peace because they know it is the only way that Egypt will advance. Get the hint: the problem is that the Egyptian masses do not want peace with Israel, they do not want Israel. They want war.
2. Bibi We In The Civilzed World Know This?
but is eygpt Have The Same Feelings? Good Faith Like Delivering Gilad Back To His IMMA and ABBA, should to be taken as a Sincere Gesture Which Probably Be Accepted BY: The Shalits, the IDF and the people Of Kov Ysrael . I and Many Other's Have Faith In You Boychick May Hashem Bless Youand Give You Wisdom, Strenth and Knowledge. Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.10.11)
But that status that the Ambassador enjoyed during the puppet regime of Moubarak is now a history.He will be like any other diplomat with very little to do and very much unlike the past.
4. bibi you don' t have ones !
5. Action Time
Jamal ,   palestine/Ramallah   (09.10.11)
Israel should read the cufrrent and future status very well. Today is the last chance to act in a way that will prevent blood shet. USA left the area which is the sole peace mediateor ! Turkey is a way for no return ! Egypt and its under the table forced Cabm David agreement is no longer valid! Syria regim that kept isreali borders stable is leaving soon! Jordanian state will not defentd isreali's behaviour and has to listen to its people! All This Must trigger Isreal to admit palestinian state on 1967 borders immediately is Isreal want to stay...
6. A special thanks to Obama
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.10.11)
Yes of course. For pushing out Mubarak and doing nothing substantive about Syria's Assad ,Iran's Amadinejad and helping Al Qaeda elements take over Libya. Israel owes Obama special thanks.
7. The rioters committed an affront on Egyptian sovereignty
Daniel Baruch   (09.10.11)
8. Return ambassador? Return Sinai!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.10.11)
9. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.10.11)
10. to Jamal 5
Ishmail ,   Ramallah   (09.11.11)
You speak no sense Jamal.We live good here an better than Arab cuntries.WE have pease in Israel,job skools too.I an all my frends are ok too.
11. Send Liberman to Cairo
Haim ,   TA   (09.11.11)
And keep him there !
12. Egypt : A good place for Netanyahu
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.11.11)
13. "Israel committed to peace with Egypt" BB
Daniel ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
Yes BB; we are with you. However be alert all 24.16 hours of the day.
14. Democracy for Islam means, majority rules
Jewel   (09.11.11)
we all know what that means..and the west thought majority Islam is not militant LOL.
15. Egypt should express the gratitude
Robert ,   NY USA   (09.11.11)
Because if Israel really wanted to rescue the people from the embassy like they used to, Egypt could have more to whine about like Turkey. Israel chose the way with the least lose of life for the enemy. The Israelis were in danger either way.
16. send the ambassodor back?
yaacovic ,   Melbourne, Australia   (09.11.11)
Peace with Israel should be considered for Egypt a prize and an assett, not a liability or a favour they are bestowing on it. Israel should not rush to send back the embassy staff until their security can be absolutely guaranteed by the host government.
17. DONT HURRY !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.11.11)
Why stod the EgyptianSecurity Forces idle for so long ? If the US would not have Pressuried Egypt, would the Egytian Security Forces have acted to rescue the Israelis at all ? What would have happened between Israel and Egypt if the Israelis had ben Murdered `? War - ? Dont Hurry with sending the Diplomats back before Egypt is stabilised, a War is not to prefer. Arn.Sweden
18. Nutanyahu is starting to sound more and more like
Al   (09.11.11)
Rabin when he was mouthing the infamous "Korban Shalom." It is plainly evedent that Israel suffers from very poor political leadership both on the side of the left as well as on the right. Pity
19. 'quickly return ambasador to Cairo'
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.11.11)
This will be very foolish,an Israeli embassy in Egypt will serve as rallying point for the Antisemitic-anti Israel elements in Egypt,the present situation of no peace ,no war (as a Egyptian put it,the peace with Israel is a mummified peace) can be maintained even without a Embassy,there are no trade or cultural relations between the 2 countries, Egypt has good reasons to preserve the no war status,besides,if Israel is not welcome in Egypt,than to hell with them,we are dealing with a 7th century society where revenge for real or imagined wrongs rule the day.
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