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Tantawi didn’t respond to Netanyahu, Barak during crisis
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.09.11, 21:54
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1. I wonder if they really dressed them in women's clothing
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (09.10.11)
2. "Unable to locate Tantawi"
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.10.11)
Because he was among the rioters.
3. At Least Their A Few G-D Fearing people In eygpt
as mubarak was. To The eygption people as a mass you may be Formidable? As a singel entitity You are Worthless!!! Yea A Fanatical arab Mob All Wipped up by Your m.b.h. Scum ; you brag about hitting a Israeli at Their Embassy which in the Normal Civilized World Is Sovergn Israeli soil, Yes in eygpt. You arabs hold Nothing Sacred Nothing, laws, Diversity, and Especially NON-Mooslums. Two can Play at this Game game mooshnoonie arab Scum.Where Ever You Are In The World You Stick -Out besides we can usaully smell you first or Hear the Next Generation od Terrorist Disobeying their so-called parents. Yella Gachba Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom
Salma ,   Celestine   (09.10.11)
Tantaweeee' s an arab stallion who needs sexual-healing fm time to time. You, Zionists, will never understand this!
5. crisis with Egypt
Orly ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (09.10.11)
As much as Israel is trying to accommodate Egypt in every way and keep the peace, it seems the present administration is to afraid of the mobs and Tahrir square demonstrators, to ensure the lives of Israelis and their embassy. Thank you President Obama and your ambassadoir in Cairo for helping save the lives of the trapped Israelis. We owe you one. We all hope that you will use your influence on Egyptian and Turkish politicians to preserve the peace.
6. such a shame! what has Israel done to Egypt?
Daniela   (09.10.11)
I just don't understand, they have so many problems to solve, it's sad to see that the consider their main problem the "kill of the peace with Israel". it's like the first thing to do!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.10.11)
That's great, so while there is at least 4,000 people rioting in the street around the Israeli embassy. We are to believe, according to whoever answered the phone, that the military head was: "unable to locate him", yea right. How convenient. So really they were going to let the Israeli embassy get over run, and the staff murdered. Then they claim some silly plausible deny-ability. You have wonder what was really going on? What could Egypt possibly hope to gain by that? Were they just scared? So it took threats from the USA, to get these Egyptian police and army off their butts. I don't get it?
8.  And I think we owe him special thanks."
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.10.11)
Yes of course, for pushing out Mubarak and doing nothing substantive about Syrian Assad ,Iran's Amadinejad and helping Al Qaeda elements take over Libya. Israel owes Obama special thanks.
9. Obama - master of the Hegelian Dialectic.
Devorah   (09.10.11)
He created a castrophe in Egypt, prevented another castrophe in Egypt and comes out smelling like a rose.
10. # 4 Salma israel should move the embassy to Rafah
tea man ,   Marjayoun   (09.10.11)
Cairo is not good and safe place for embassy any more the IDF keep killing Egyptian Soldiers in Sina desert after years the same soldiers were protecting Israel from african migrants they were rewarded by killing them that what you get by doing good deed with Satan
11. There are a lot of lessons in this, 1st of which is...
Rafi ,   US   (09.10.11)
KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE AND WHO IS NOT.... Barack Obama is not the monster right-wing zealots like to make him out as... ... and the Egyptians? ... well, let's get more facts. Commandoes seemed to have done a good job... but the rest? worthless AT BEST. We've already seen that in their handling of the Sinai borders.
12. @7, a good scenario for a military coup
Beauchard   (09.11.11)
Look to the day after the ransacking of the embassy and the killing of embassy workers. Troops and police all over Cairo. Complete condemnation by the west. Suspension of aid to Egypt just after the G8 had raised the amount to a whopping $37 billion. Israel threatening military retaliation. Now that looks like a good scenario for a military coup to restore order.
13. to #7
rina50 ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.10.11)
It's not just Obama they feared. Mercel and Cameron also were discontented with Cairo. This is the countries, which sponsor Egypt and if they will stop their sposorsheep, the Egypt will go belly up.
14. I wander about "Salma"
H0wAb0ut ,   State of Israel   (09.10.11)
Is this a real person? It just has an opinion about everything, especially about stuff that is none of its business… trolling in the blogs, spewing hate. Nobody has so much free time on their hands to comment on every article unless it is his/her job
15. typical Arab mentality
ER ,   London UK   (09.10.11)
Arab mentality dictates that the goal is more important than the consequences, regardless if you are the one ultimately paying the price. there is no reason for this hatred towards Israel. with all their problems, they end up venting these frustrations towards something of no consequence to them, what's so ever. The Egyptian mentality is enslaves its own society. indeed this so called Arab Spring is in all honesty turning into an Arab winter of discontent.
16. #Salma : So What
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.10.11)
Are you a real person, or a rubber doll with a digital program ? you speak as if you share a few dark secrets about Tantawe , and you also seem to have answers for everything.
17. to #8 am sure we owe him special thanks
Criss ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
we owe Mr.Obama special thanks for tryin hard to clean up d mess of Bush, he deserve speciall thanks for locating tantawi, while no one was able to do so.. he deserve special thanks for still standing by d side of d promise land, regardless how u c it..
18. ajarit haiamim
cristian ,   buenos aires arg   (09.11.11)
when the prophets used the phrase ajarit halamim-last days- to refer to the days of mashiaj must be understood as a time which began with evils as moshe he prophesied because I know that after my death you certainly corrupted and you lose the way you have ordered and thus ensue you evil in the ajarit halamim when you have done what is evil in the eyes of the eternal provoking him to anger with the works of your hands,the ajarit halamim started when mashiaj conducted his first mission in expiation-protection known by some as mashiaj ben yosef reach the time at which that time become well in the second known as mashiaj ben david mission but will happen which prophesied hanavi and will happen to the ajarit halamim that the mountain of the house of the eternal as the summit of the mountains and exalted is on the hills and all nations runs toward it and will be many people who will say come and we go up to the mountain of the eternal to the house of the yaakov and he will teach us his ways and we walk in his paths because tzion will come the torah and the word of eternal Y-layim he will judge among the nations and shall decide by many peoples and they will turn their swords into plowshares and their spears in sickles,no nation will lift sword against another nation nor learn more war,shim does kefa taught that the time of the ajarit halamim already began to meet since the yeshua of natzrat was revealed as the mashiaj,yeshua has told them that they would receive ruaj haqodesh,thing that happen precisely in the ajarit halamim that is why shim does kefa taught that the prophecy that hanavi announced was serving it will happen in the ajarit halamim said elohim which I will pour out my ruaj over all flesh,you sons and your daughters shall prophesy your young men shall see visions and your elderly will dream dreams,shaul hashaliaj taught by saying elohim having soken for a long time on many occasions and in many ways to the avot by neviim in the ajarit halamim has told to us by his son-king israel-to whom was heir of all things through whom also made the universe
19. #7 - Mark from Georgia
Devorah   (09.11.11)
This is my second attempt at posting this observation. Obama is a Hegelian Dialectic master. He created a catastrophe in Egypt, he "prevented" another catastrope in Egypt, and now he comes out smelling like a rose. Oldest trick in the book. Once again, he had Israel strapped. Personally, I think Tantawi was just another actor in this charade.
20. Cairo population = 2X Israel's population
observer ,   Egypt   (09.11.11)
it was the fault of Egypt's Government that it accepted locating Israel's embassy in the 15th floor of multistory residential building. It is absolutely wrong from the security perspective. No single embassy in Cairo stations itself in a multistory building. Egypt fell prey to tricky Israel.
21. #7 - Mark from Georgia
Devorah   (09.11.11)
This is my second attempt at posting this observation. Obama is a Hegelian Dialectic master. He created a catastrophe in Egypt, he "prevented" another catastrope in Egypt, and now he comes out smelling like a rose. Oldest trick in the book. Once again, he had Israel strapped. I think Tantawi was just another actor in this charade. It's all theatre.
22. Bibi, clad in a delicate cerulean Lagerfeld designed
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (09.11.11)
smoking jacket and under intense pressure, skillfuly lobbed the ball into Obama's and Hillary's court and was then able to retire to his seaside patio and relax, delicately holding an expertly trimmed and glowing Partagas Lusitania in one hand and cupping a large snifter of Remy Martin Extra in the other.
23. I agree with #8 Marcel
Rick ,   USA   (09.11.11)
Obama and his administration brought the Middle east to this situation due to their incompetence and cowardice. All of Obama's apologies will bring a war in the M.E.
24. Who wouldnt want to avoid Netanyhoo?
Olky ,   UK   (09.11.11)
Obama answered his call just because its election year and AIPAC. Show me one world leader who would answer Netanyhoo call?
25.  We have our difference
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.11.11)
We have our disagreement with Israel but nobody in Egypt or Israel wants war. I think peaceful ways are the best options that ME has. The mob is mainly related to the Muslim brotherhood which is the mother group of Hamas. The attack on the embassy is not acceptable and the people who did it should be put on trial. Once the new president is elected I think everything will be stabilized again.
26. Peace is BS. Arab countries feed hatred as the main dish
Judah ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
and the people eat!
27. The reality of the Arab ME
leo ,   nyc   (09.11.11)
The masses have never accepted the existence of the State of Israel and would seemingly rather wallow in poverty amid total anarchy than move on with their lives. The peace treaties Israel has signed are worthless period. This is the sad reality of the ME.
28. Even the EU chided turkey for their threats but obama won'
jason ,   haifa israel   (09.11.11)
State department sides told both sides to cool it and obama still wants israel to apologize even though erdogan said he won't return ambassador until blockade is ended and israel can't defend itself.
29. what means of communication Bibi used
observer ,   Egypt   (09.11.11)
because we can see him following the hot events on al-Jazeera TV.
30. Lines of Communication
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (09.11.11)
So the lesson of the story is that the lines of communication between Israel and Egypt are not that strong. What is Israel's long term strategy towards its southern neighbour ? Dynamic peacemaking and leadership or knee jerk responsiveness and occasional opportunism ?
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