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Was Iran behind 9/11?
Ronen Bergman
Published: 11.09.11, 15:25
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1. Was Iran behind 9/11?
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (09.11.11)
Oops, we invaded the wrong 2 countries!
2. "Anyone who ever tried to get a US visa knows
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (09.11.11)
this is no simple matter."... it's true... ask any drug dealer/mule, money launderer, diamond smuggler, foreign agent, economic migrant, etc.
3. I always believed ...
US Analyst ,   Langley, USA   (09.11.11)
that Iran has something to do with that terror attack. It was too big to come out from Ben Laden alone. Bush should have been pushed to tehran when we had 500 000 troops in Iraq . After defeating Saddam, , the Taliban and the Atatollah, he would have change dthe face of the middle east. If...
4. Iraq or Iran
Sousou ,   Baghdad   (09.11.11)
I thought Iraq was after 9 / 11 - that is why the USA occupied it ... Maybe the USA now wants to occupy Iran !!
5. Bin Laden
Yehuda ,   NYC   (09.11.11)
Was Bin Laden a Jew ? I think he was...
6. You are joking?
Really? You re Jokin ,   Australia   (09.11.11)
Right ? Hezbollah behind 9/11 ?? Lol And I guess Hezbollah was the first on the moon too, and not Neil Armstrong !
7. limit to zionist propoganda...unreal...
Dan   (09.11.11)
8. So The WORLDS Largest Sponser Of Terror
And it's proxies are Uncovered As Perpertrators, catalysts and by their own hand of Trechery And Muder Moves Front and Center!!! With this New Information Being Brought into the Light. Is The World Still going to sit on their Hands Until This Principals of Satan and Pure Evil will Launch Rockets,missiles and IED's on More and More Noncombatants and civilians. This should be Totally Unacceptable. The World Should Now Team up And Do What should have been Years Ago? To Put iran in it's Place Once And For All. To address this issue in a civilized Manner Has Only made Fools of the World Over and Over again. The Time Has Finally Come To The Reality Of Action, iran will only understand When they Have To Rebuild Their Land from the ground up!!! May the world leaders Start This New Coarse ACTION Now. All in the world have seen how iran has Responded to the Rational Civilized world. Baruch Hashem
SABU TAGE ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (09.11.11)
10. If Iran is behind 9-11
Chromo22   (09.11.11)
If Iran is behind 9-11 and can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt, then War Declared! Use the easy solution, spare coalition lives; JUST NIKE TEHERAN and all their nuclear facilities!
11. The cover up to protect Israel...
Edithann ,   USA   (09.11.11)
Israel now preemptively laying blame on Iran and Hezbollah.... Too, too funny and so obvious... TATA
12. When terrorism is concerned, all roads lead to Teheran.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.11.11)
This report should surprise no one. Iran is the head of the snake. Eliminate the Iranian regime, that's the key to fighting terrorism. Unfortunately, the West is led by feckless, cowardly, irresponsible politicians or Iran would have been dealt with years ago.
13. Wow
Omar ,   Canada   (09.11.11)
Is there anything US and "Israel" won't blame Iran for? First, Afghanistan (wanted to go to war with). Then Iraq (also wanted to go to war with). Now Iran (who, you guessed it, they want to go to war with). This is getting stupid.....
14. Was Iran secretly behind 9-11?
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.11)
15. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.11.11)
Shut your foul mouth. Today is September 11th. No one is interested in your nonsense. If Iran played a role in the events of September 11, 2001, we will get them, and they will rue the day they ever heard of the United States. In the meantime, we are commemmorating 3,000 dead individuals who did nothing wrong other than come to work on September 11, 2001. Shut up; show a little respect. I have a great deal of respect for the millions upon millions of Australian aborigines murdered by British convicts, criminals and thieves. Please reciprocate.
16. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.11.11)
We already know that you are a complete imbecile. You do not have to keep proving it to us.
17. Wrong country
Sceptique ,   France   (09.11.11)
Why invading Afghanistan would be "wrong"? Wasn't Ben Laden supposed to be there in 2001? Weren't he and his lieutenants responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Weren't they protected by the Taliban regime? Wasn't war in Afghanistan supporter by UN? Why invading Iraq would be "wrong"? Nobody pretended that was because of 9/11 to justify that. Right, there were no WMD. But removing Saddam Hussein from power was sufficient reason to invade Iraq. Now Ben Laden is dead and Iraq is not experiencing the agony of Arab dictatures.
18. Not Iranians
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.11)
It is doubtful Iran was behind the attack, they would gain nothing and it was too risky for them before they had nukes. The simplest answer is closest to the truth: former CIA agent Bin Laden comes back from Afghanistan and realizes he's been used by the US to fight the enemies of Islam when US and House of Saud are those enemies. He uses skills he learned to mount an attack using Sunni Shahedeen from Saudi Arabia. In response, Bush attacks Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden. At the same time, he uses the attack as an excuse to get rid of Saddam. Bush was right: Saddam was threatening critical US and world interests. The 9/11 attack gave him an excuse.
19. Of course Iran was NOT behind 9/11
zionist forever   (09.11.11)
The Iranians have never tried to attack the US before so why start now.? They are also not stupid and know if their involvement was ever discovered the US would bomb Iran back to the stone age. We do know that in 1993 Bin Laden was behind a car bomb in the World Trade Center. In 2000 Al Quaida attacked the USS Cole. So even before 9/11 Al Quaida had a reputation for attacking American targets at home and abroad. Iran had no such record. The terrorists got into the country and took their flying lessons for the simple fact America had this attitude of nobody can touch us and they got negligent. How did Israel end up being taken by surprise on the Yom Kippur War. Military intelligence believed Egypt was on a build up to war but we were still caught off guard. These things happen and with everything in life with hindsight you can look back and say how was it possible such a thing could have happened.
20. If Iran is behind 9-11, I guess the world owes Iraq...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.11.11)
... a BIG APOLOGY to say the least. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia sits back and laughs.
21. Look At The Countries Of Birth
emanon ,   USA   (09.11.11)
How many of the terrorists were born in Egypt or had Egyptian passports? That's where I'd be looking for the source.
22. Yeah omar
Danny   (09.11.11)
Israel wanted afghanistan taken out, not iran, not hizbollah and not syria but afghanistan
23. Plausible: Most conspiracy theories dont even have this much
....evidence....especially those touted by jew-haters since forever. If Iran is complicent - give them an ultimatum to stop their atom work or face military action.
24. #1 - you are a fool, proven with each comment.
Scott ,   Sunshine Coast, Aust   (09.11.11)
25. Amazed that the the majority of the 1st TB's are anti semite
Judah ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
semites, which holes do you guys crawl out of . Have you heard the word stalker? Do you have girlfriends, or wives? Are you normal?
26. # 11 the cover
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.11.11)
TATA Eichmann ! One thing is more obvious, that you are evil and not funny at all.
27. It was the only way Iran could build a bomb
Matt   (09.11.11)
They need the US as human shields to stop an Israel strike like Opera or Orchard on Qum. The false intel for Iraq came from Iranian sleepers.
28. now Iran's turn to be behind 9/11. Who's next? Syria..Turkey
Rayan ,   USA   (09.11.11)
Looks like any country that opposes [or will oppose in the future] Jewish occupation in Palestine will have chance to be behind 9/11?
29. with a long memory and a single purpose...
rob ,   Orangevale Ca. USA   (09.11.11)
We will eventually find out the whole truth about the events that unfolded ten years ago. It doesn't matter how long it takes, or whether the world believes it, or thinks it's just an excuse to destroy another country. If WE believe it. As an American who wants justice, I can honestly say we have killed alot of innocents. This should be addressed and compensated for. We were not after you, but being in the wrong place in the wrong time kills folks all over the world. If the folks you run with are terrorists fighting a war with us, perhaps you shouldn't hang out with them. For this, I offer my condolences. Having said that, I am also sure we have killed alot of human vermin as well. The point of invading and destroying your enemy's, after they attack you, is deterrence, combined with sweet revenge served as coldly as war can get. We definitely want those that killed three thousand innocent people at their workplace, doing nothing to those that perpetrated this vile act, to pay the ultimate price, and those that backed them, trained them, facilitated their travel and so forth to also pay the ultimate price in blood and treasure. When our country is attacked, we will exact a cost so high that only the truly deranged would think it worthwhile. The Iranians will be very concerned that fresh evidence has arisen concerning their governmental involvement, as I surly am, and millions and millions of Americans will be as well. We have a seriously battle-hardened fighting force that will volunteer en-masse to destroy that nation, as the wars of old did. Total destruction. I submit to all that want to fight us, do it very carefully, or you stand to be utterly destroyed, if it takes us 100 years. We have only so much patience for an enemy that has taken so much from us. As surly as Bin Ladin is fish food, the fools in Tehran will end up as glowing cinders, as will a huge portion of it's population. America hates Iran more than Iran hates us, and if they persists, it will be total war. Thank you Israel, for the intelligence, as well as your friendship. We both need each other to stay alive in these end times. Shalom, Rob
30. Iran surrounded Masada too
Robert ,   NY USA   (09.11.11)
Ahmadinejad also used Iran's oil money to fund Jefferson Davis and the the Confederacy. Funded Japan to bomb Pearle Harbor. The CIA has areal photos of the Ayatollahs secret time machine.
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