Embassy under siege: Israeli guards fired in the air
Ynet reporters
Published: 11.09.11, 12:59
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1. True
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.11)
The Brotherhood and Hamas were not interested in these attacks. They need Egyptian stability until they can consolidate their power. The riots were most likely the work of Fatah / PLO. Abbas has been under pressure from Arab countries and US to stop his UN bid. He needs to instigate anarchy and anger in the Arab street to stop the pressure. And of course, Abbas wants nothing more than an Egyptian-Israeli war with thousands of dead Egyptians.
2. The Hand of Iran?
Brian ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.11.11)
I smell Iran's influence in this incident. They are keen to drive a wedge between Israel and Egypt at this sensitive time.
3. It doesn't matter how many times they
David ,   On this planet   (09.11.11)
apologize or put the blame on foreign elements, the truth is after watching the real time videos , the Egyptian military and police force stood by and did absolutely nothing to prevent the destruction. The Egyptian powers in control are guilty as sin that's all
4. #1: False
emanon ,   USA   (09.11.11)
Have you not learned that Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Fatah, PLO, PLA and lots of other alphabet soup are all one and the same organization? They ALL want an Israel / Jew free Middle East..
5. They love to hate israel
peter42y ,   lisbon,portugal   (09.11.11)
A few years ago one of the most popular songs in egypt was " I love to hate Israel". Muslims hate Israel. Events like the Gaza war ( cast lead ) did nothing to enhance Israel image abroad. Israel should be more sensitive to muslim perceptions and do not embark in adventures like it did in Gaza or Lebanon in 2006 where more than 1000 died in each war
6. To n° 5, Peter
Marcela Araújo ,   With you, Brazil   (09.11.11)
This is a very wise thought. :)
7. To the Egyptian administration
R ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
Are you 12 years old? Don't go blaming it on everyone else but yourself. Take responsibility for your failure and fix it or you won't be taken seriously by anyone.
8. TO #5
B ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
So what should they do? Allow the Gazans to keep throwing rockets on kindergartens and school buses? Of course they don't like war- but they do need to protect their citizens.
9. The flag removers stop at nothing
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.11.11)
The destroyer of Jewish homes in Migron stops at nothing to please his evil masters. Cairo was a warning that destruction of settler homes will be met with a much greater price tag than could be imagined on the Hellenist Jews who serve the evil agenda of their false god of no peace.
10. True.
Deero ,   Egypt   (09.11.11)
I have to agree with what you said, if they wanted to prevent it they would, but they didn't, they didn't even try to, the question is why and believe me the simple answer as: Hate of Israel is, in that case, not true.
11. #2
ahmed ,   cairo   (09.11.11)
we don't need iran to urge us on that
12. Time to attack Egypte and teach them a lesson
Stern ,   Kibbutz   (09.11.11)
Lieberman when are you going to do something about it? You have been very passive, next time i vote for somebody else
13. is there any criticism heard in Ynets article
innuendo ,   WORLD   (09.11.11)
??? it seems you are trying to blame the guards for the wild, savage behaviour of the people trying to lynch the Israeli guards Its VERY CLEAR
14. did nothing to enhance Israel image abroad
peter? ,   ISRAEL   (09.11.11)
anything that Israel makes or doesn't will always be : nothing to enhance image abroad- what's new? we know we will never have their approval- and NO - thank you- savges' approval
15. Number 5
Susan ,   NY USA   (09.11.11)
Sitting in Portugal and Brazil doesn't exactly give you the best perspective to view Israeli protection of her citizens. Sit in Sderot or Ashkelon or Beer Sheva or anywhere in Israel for that matter. Have rockets falling on the kindergarten where your child goes to school. Then tell Israel not to retaliate. Be real - rockets in Lisbon and the Portuguese government not retaliate? Please.
16. ehud barak talks gibberish
marcel   (09.11.11)
triangle of turkey egypt and palestinains, loss of initimacy wit the US and talk to the quartet and all this make nice will prevent egyptians from storming the israeli embassy??!!He is delusional and acts like a coward for the last 12 years since he was PM> He is paralysed and incompetent. Bibi-fire him.
17. #5
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.11.11)
Israel should be sensitive to Muslims? When have Muslims ever been sensitive to others? Cartoons, teddy bears, other religions, Muslims have no sensitivity at all. It's time for the world to quit sucking up to Muslims and to tell them that we don't give a damn what they think.
18. Cairo Arrested protesters in Egypt Photo: Reuters Arrested
horo virg ,   israel   (09.11.11)
Bad move return Sinai to Egypt
19. Only BIG ISRAEL can bring balance and freedom to ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.11.11)
20. #5;peter42, WRONG ALL POINTS.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.11.11)
So in your opinion Israel has no right to self defense, because it might upset the Arabs/Muslims? Israel needs to "be more sensitive to muslim [sic] perceptions", and that would solve all the problems in the Middle East? Let me tell you another old saying like the popular Muslim song "I ;love to hate Israel". It states: "If the Arabs were to put down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel were to put down their weapons, there would be No Israel". That's where the problem lies, with the Arabs, not Israel. Most of us who follow this conflict know one thing for certain. If Israel were to disappear tomorrow, nothing would change. There would still be massive terrorism, emboldened by the fact they destroyed Israel. Your idea, would reward a violent evil philosophy, and they would turn to the next target, the Christians. Once you realize the Palestinians are just the latest excuse to kill people who disagree with them. All you need to do, is look around at any Muslim country, how many live in the freedom that we here in the USA, and Israel, take for granted. NONE. What does that tell you?
21. tantawi set it up evidenced by his refusal to speak to bibi
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (09.11.11)
22. they are all the same by any name.
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (09.11.11)
you can bet the muslim brotherhood had a great part in this. Their aim is, to destroy Israel.
23. #2. What you are smelling is your own...
Persian CAT   (09.11.11)
brain farts. Iran is very happy with the change of direction in Egypt. Iran and Egypt are well on their way to re-establish relations. On the other hand the US and the Saudis have every incentive to out Egypt in a bad light. And that's exactly what the Egyptian officials are talking about.
24. 5
Rosie   (09.11.11)
"Muslims love to hate Israel". So what does it matter what Israel does? It just must do what is good for its people, Muslims will hate it, anyway.
25. 23
Rosie   (09.11.11)
26. to Rosie no 25
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (09.12.11)
Well said.
27. #23 Iran is happy to see chaos
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.12.11)
Misery loves company. It's Turkey, not Iran that's re-establishing relations with Egypt. Iran is celebrating the destruction of the Israeli embassy and hoping the chaos in Egypt will allow Islamists to take power. But I do understand your pain. On the one hand you feel protective of Iran. On the other hand, you despise the leadership.
28. #27
mando ,   egypt   (09.12.11)
and america needs someone to help her these days
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