Turkey on FM's plan: No one will extort us
Published: 11.09.11, 18:43
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1. "If you kill people in open seas...don't respect the law"
William ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
You mean the same law the UN admitted Israel didn't break? So it would seem that Turkey is so full of arrogance that they would re-write Intl Laws, the same they are signatories to, to meet their hateful racist agenda. If that isn't the ultimate disrespect of intl law and human rights, then what is?
2. "No one will extort us"
William ,   Israel   (09.11.11)
Or in other words... "we will not allow anyone to do to us that which we do to them" For not being Arabs, they sure do share the mentality.
3. Liberman says stupid things but Erdogan is a fool
zionist forever   (09.11.11)
Liberman has a bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time which can be a problem at times but at least he is not an idiot like Erdogan who has allowed the lack of an apology from Israel spiral into trade sanctions and even risks sparking a full scale war by his decision to send warships to defend the next convoys and to threaten Israel. If the Turks were smart they would do something about Erdogan who has become a radical himself and is trying to radicalize the whole country.
4. Turks
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (09.11.11)
Why do all these Turk jerks all have moustaches, reminiscent of another Jew Hater of 70-80 years ago? He also tried (and succeeded) in corralling his country's frustrations into hatred of Jews, just like this jerk is doing. Erdogan and his FM seem to have an anti-Israel fixation, which, if not ended soon, may have dire consequences. For him, and for us.
5. IF You Send Aid To People Who Kill Jews With Rockets
Yonatan Koss   (09.11.11)
Turkey has already shown it's support of Terrorism by sending terrorists to run a LEGAL BLOCKADE! What is the reasoning behind sending shipments without letting Israel check them for weapons? Turkey is becoming a violent islamic state like Iran, just ask the Kurds
6. Sauce for the goose
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.11.11)
Turkey can dish it out, but they can't take it. Tell Turkey that is only any good when it gets STUFFED.
7. Guns to Kurds
Bob ,   Tampa USA   (09.11.11)
Too late! Nothing can stop it. It is hard to send money for guns from the US but I'm sure that Israel can support the Kurds with very good weapons and plenty of cash.
8. Israel loosing support
Dennis ,   Hudson USA   (09.11.11)
Once upon a time a lot of us supported Israel. It now seems there is a dictatorship ruling Israel, arrogant at that, and now time has come for a government change in Israel. They need to set up a government who does not seek to ferment problems in that area as the current one is doing. Even the people of Israel are awakening to the new spring air developing in the world. Change the govt and let the people rule. Good luck O people of Israel.
9. erdogan is a blowhard
alexi   (09.11.11)
erdogan blows hard, dovtogolu follows behing and the turkish military hates his guts and would like nothing better than to put him in jail where he belongs. The main reason for erdogan's hysterics is his wife emin, an extremist of arabic gazan roots. Long ago the fbi said the lie detectors don't work on arab culture as lies = truth as they genuinely believe their lies. CNN guides the arab spring, may even pushed it unknowing what the arab mob screams-allah akbar straight from the mosque and their liberal educated views go right into the garbage. so syria is enlightened state while israel is that of barbarians. also, the history of israel is erased by moslems. It simply doesn't exist. What exists is what suits the arab today-allah akbar, tomorrow viagra and 5 hooker slaves in a harem. Thank you anderson cooper and nick robertson. Mubarak was totally enlightened compared to tantawi and his counci which is incompetent to the core. Israel has to adopt the porcupine strategy or take down the whole area if it is going down andnot wave the white flag of surrender of ehud barak who runs to panetta in a panic. Barak is a disgrace right up there with olmert.
10. defense of israel
mohson d   (09.11.11)
ahronovitch strongly defends the police service, vilnai does a good job on the home front, liberman may be wild but he scares the hell out of the turks and egyptians if he got the reins of th ePM ship, ayalon defends the state, yaalon and begin defend the state, gantz tries his best, sherman and glick advocate for israeli honor. Who runs begging the US for help with the embassy, who is afraid to hit terrorists in gaza because he is afraid of egypt, who bends down and offers apologies to turkey when barak should apologize to the israeli nation for signing off orcoming up with the paintball gun idea--ehud barak. Next to olmert who was the number 1 coward of all time, barak is now the number 2 military coward as he will not defend the israel. 10,000 israelis could be killed and all he would do is launch a few missile volleysusually hitting empty buildings. He cannot change and it is not even his fault as haaretz built him up falsely. He should simply be moved to a non security desk job.he's in a class with general gonen.
11. Self promotion at Israel's expense
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.11.11)
Davutoglu, you and Erdogan are total opportunists. You trade with Israel, acknowledge needing their products, gladly accepted Israeli tourists until seized by quest for power. You demand respect but don't deserve it. Because Israel is such a technologically advanced country, she has her pick of better trade partners like India, China, US, EU and many of your alienated neighbors. A strong leader does not need to backstab their way to power.
12. Time to take Turkey to the ICJ already!
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.11.11)
Turkey clearly broke international law by allowing IHH to sail armed vessels to attack israel. Why is Israel not pursuing this in international courts, in order to cause Turkey to take responsibility for its violations of international law? It is all fine and good to talk about Turkey's well-known thuggery, genocide, and ongoing apartheid system against ethnic and religious minorities. But none of those are aimed specifically at Israel. This was.
13. what's the matter davutuglu
didn't turkey ally itself the past year with iran and syria??? while at the same time still illegally occupying part of cyprus and causeing population transfer of sypriots and bringing in turkish muslims from turkey to settle there? while killing kurdish citizens in the thousands bombarding them relentlessly? while becoming buddy buddy with ahmadinejad and bashar assad? while supporting innitially lybia's terrorist khadafi? while sending terrirsts to breach a legal israeli maritime blocade according to the un report? while threatening cyprus and israel with war ships if they explore gas/oil in their respective maritime borders? while siding with hamas, a terrorist organization according to the un? while threatening its democratic neighbor with war ships at sea? you are the one to talk????? it is about time the un and world put a legal hang up on turkey regarding cyprus illegal occupation, regarding its armenian genocide and regarding that a nato nation doesn't threaten another nation with war ships. ENOUGH!
14. The Kurds of turkey and iraq should go to the UN for a state
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.11.11)
of their own. They would have oil for iraq to make it financially viable and wouldn't be forced to speak turkish any longer. Wouldn't that piss off the turks who like to kill them and keep them in "occupation."
15. Paradocs...
Fact.. ,   World   (09.11.11)
"'PKK has become a tool for anyone wishing to harm Turkey" Hahahaha... Exactly... Exactly as Turkey use "the palestinian problem" to harm Israel... Hahaha... They are so stupid... They are not able to see or understand how stupid they are...
16. Statesman Yvet
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (09.11.11)
Here's how to win friends and influence others, by the man who has notched up more lost freinds and alliances than any other Foreign Minister. All he did was to take the art of being a bouncer and practise it as a valued cabinet partner - bullying and bludgeoning and leaving us more isolated than at any time in our history since 1948. Makes you proud to be an Israeli with men - thugs- like this about.
17. #7
Israel can support PKK. he did it before so no problem but I hope Turkey also give weapon and money to hamas. So Liberman can find another threat against Turkey? Poor israel has no weapon against Turkey. I am sorry for this country.
18. Many in turkey belives
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (09.11.11)
that israel already supports pkk so i think this will only be publicly admitting it, i'd say do it by all means it wont make any difference at the end of the day
19. We'll raise taxes and call up the reserves to aid terrorists
Bat Guano ,   Carmiel, Israel   (09.11.11)
20. Israel vs Turkey
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif. USA   (09.11.11)
Turkey has repeatedly attacked Kurds in Iraq and Turkey, and has even invaded Iraq to war on the Kurds. The UN and Obama, and the US mainstream media ignore these attacks, on entire villages, on civilians as well as militants. Israel should respond to the Turkish threats to its security and criticisms with publicity of the plight of the Kurds, and should introduce proposals in the UN to take appropriate measures to protect the Kurds. Turkey should be exposed for what it does, rather than for what it says, especially, given its historic genocide of the Armenians.
21. to no.3
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (09.11.11)
I don't think, that anyone else in the current Israeli cabiinet, including Natanyahu would have the nerve and felt the need to get Israel's message accross to Turkey, as Lieberman did...Give him some time and let him get his point accross anyway he wants...Stupid is, as stupid does. And Avigdor has done very well ! Our minister of defense does exactly what needs to be done at this time and the way it needs to...The diplomacy manouvers and its vocabulary? He got it already ! His actions, heavy defense manouvers, that most of us can see only Lieberman is capable to do, speek for themselves. What ever angers erdogan, sounds swell to me...For Israelis, this is the time to think about Israel's interest and the interests of the few allies we have in our corner and not about Turks and what they think about us...Go Lieberman !
22. to no.8
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (09.11.11)
Would you mind to elaborate a little on who do you mean "us", who supprted Israel "once upon a time"? And what is it you call Dictatorship? Why do you think israel is a dictatorship ? Last time checked the Government of Israel was always elected of the People for the People...
23. PKK And Democratic Rights
interesting ,   USA   (09.11.11)
PKK knows very well that Erodagan is a prototypical psychopath. Murder their children indescriminately on one hand and send olive branches with the other. Ask the Cypriots and notice that Erdogan says nothing of Greece in his twisted retoric to the Israelies as he knows that the Slamming he recieved from the EU made him CRAP HIS PANTS. Erdogan and the rest of the robot controllers guided by the distorted manual koran are EXTREMELY lucky the little Russian Jew isnt runing the show as the ME would of been INCINERATED BY NOW. Go Lieberman Go
24. Israel on the wrong path
Steve Smith ,   San Diego USA   (09.11.11)
Even hardcore supporters of Israel like myself are getting dismayed at the path the Jewish state has recently decided to take for itself. I cannot understand how it benefits Israel by breaking off healthy relations with one of the most powerful and important Muslim nation on earth, Turkey and then doing the same with the biggest Arab nation Egypt for seconds. Are there children running the state of Israel? What would have been the downside of an apology to Turkey, not for defending itself, but for overblowing and overreacting to an unarmed peace flotilla, I mean come on, what century are you gorillas living in? This has to change and cannot go on....
25. Turkey should not have encouraged
Michael   (09.11.11)
its citizens to put their lives at risk. that is irresponsible og any enlightened and civilized government. Furthermore, Killing a million armenians on land is okay?
26. #14,20 Israel killed six Kurds on the Mavi Marmara
No one denies Kurdish issue, but the thing is it is not old Turkey anymore! More than 60% of Kurdish rooted people in Turkey voted for the ruling party and there is not any other organisation in the world who killed more Kurds than PKK! Whenever Turkey tries some amendments for Kurdish people, PKK starts his terrorist attack because they know it may result in a decrease Kurdish support for PKK. They have lost almost all support anyway! Turkey had a Kurdish President 20 years ago! Almost traditionally Turkish governments gives Internal Affairs Ministry to Kurdish guy, besides right now Justice Minister also a Kurdish guy in Turkey. Ruling party has more than 70 Kurdish representatives and Kurdish people representation in the parliament is above the population ratio. Turkish government right now has 7/24 broadcasting Kurdish TV channel. They got all kinds of rights they asked for. PKK?? They are extremist terrorist organization who even bombs kindergarten in Southeastern cities of Turkey and killing Kurdish children, they are killing doctors in hospitals, teachers in classes. Just a week ago they killed people playing football at night. One of them died with his wife (the wife was there to watch her husband playing football). PKK kills innocent people. Turkish army bombs PKK barracks on the top of Iraqi mountains.
27. So Dennis, waddaya'll do in Hudson? String up the guvernor?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.11.11)
Dennis, do you know how strange your talkback is? It's obvious that you've never been here, but what you're saying is that we should change our government wit a coup and not the ballot box. Is that what you want for America too? Funny how what you claim is Israel "fermenting (sic) problems" is in reality our Muslim neighbors making trouble: 1) Turkish ships tried to run the legal blockade. The Turks on the ships attacked our soldiers and were killed for trying to beat and stab our soldiers to death. 2) Egypt failed to police the Sinai, and allowed terrorists to break across the border and kill Israeli civilians. In the ensuing gunfight some Egyptian soldiers were killed. You call this Israel fermenting problems. Fortunately, most people know how to read both the newspaper and the Palmer Report. We will change our government when the elections are held, and not before then...just like you Americans who by your account, are the experts in "fermenting" problems.
YORGOS ,   ATHENS GREECE   (09.11.11)
29. Many will continue to swing with the Israelis, #8
Cameron ,   USA   (09.11.11)
We look the many jagoffs running about in the ME, and see no realistically healthy alternative.
30. Lieberman is god gift (or maybe kgb)
Eli   (09.11.11)
to Israel thing that have happand to them since 73..
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