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Actor refuses to perform in Kiryat Arba
Akiva Novick
Published: 12.09.11, 14:27
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1. Just check his name on every poster, then: don't go!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.12.11)
2. Rami Baruch you are a hero !
Haim ,   TA   (09.12.11)
Hopefully others will follow suit and refuse to perform in that vipers nest of rascism Kiryat Arba .
3. who are this so called artist
ester ,   australia   (09.12.11)
a good to boob artist that nobody in the world knows that exist...spare ... go and entertain Gazans .. that's where you belong
4. perform
colin   (09.12.11)
Baruch Goldstein must realise nobodyy wants to hear him act The Ynet which is leftest writes a lot of lies untruths and falsehoods to try and advance the traiters of Israel Kiryat Arba is much more entertainiing than any peace now swine.
5. He's right not to go there.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.12.11)
Kiryat Arba is a symbol of racist intolerance. Even when I lived in Israel, I would never go to Kiryat Arba. It's total waste of taxpayers money.
6. LIKE!
7. Demand Baruch be replaced. He's unfit to play Pollard.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
All of Patriotic Israel, the vast majority of Israel, should boycott Baruch and demand he be replaced. Baruch is unfit to play Pollard. Pollard is a great heroe and his strong Pro-Israel views totally oppose the leftist pap of Baruch. Pollard has made his views well known and he totally supports Judea and Samaria, as do the vast majority of Israeli Jews. Almost 80% of Israeli Jews oppose ceding Judea and Samaria, according to recent polls.
8. to #2 Hebron isn't a setelment, it wasn't created
ghostq   (09.12.11)
in 73, some jews got 8th generation there. there goes your theory.
9. Everyone go to this cultural center. DAVKA!
Susi Goldstein ,   IS RA EL   (09.12.11)
10. Oppenheimer is an enemy of the people of Israel and...
Gedaliah   (09.12.11)
an employee of Europe. He should find his place in this world where he can help build instead of destory..
11. Who Wants Him?
Rochel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.12.11)
Kiryat Arba doesn't need him.
12. Rich, this is because you are not a Jew
m   (09.12.11)
Only Jews are connected to Hevron, it's our inheritance from Avraham to King DAvid and G-d. Of course the non-Jews (even if you were born one) see it as a money problem because this is their world, everything rises and falls with money and materialism. About the 2 grush actor, how can he make a name for himself otherwise?
13. To the intelligent who said Kahane comes from K.A.
m   (09.12.11)
All along I thought Kahane came from U.S.
14. no fool like a complacent, sanctimonious fool.
dante ,   uk   (09.12.11)
this fool would perform in moscow, petersberg, paris, berlin, rome, vienna, right? just think of the gallery of the mass murderers who "came from" these places. and, this actor would be only be too happy to perform there? of course he would. disgusting, obtuse, hypocritical pig.
15. Rami Baruch is right
7azon yesha3ya   (09.12.11)
shame on those in government that allowed and allow this aberration.
16. #2&5 no hero of mine and he not right
17. discrimination against other Jews. Shame on this clown
18. another performer
i ,   jerusalem   (09.12.11)
Why do artists think they are the oracle on IOlympos? And Kahana, dear idiot was from Brooklyn. We would do well to pay some attention to Kahana's ideas and less to those of the glitteratti
19. Good for you, Rami
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.12.11)
The only culture these people know is a product of their own self-righteousness and their hatred for others
20. He isn't fit to perform the role of someone like Pollard.
Vlad   (09.12.11)
21. He is a FOOL
Eliezer ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.11)
22. Oneness: BIG ISRAEL only practical option left.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.12.11)
23. Pollards
Proud Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.13.11)
Both Jonathan and Esther Pollard have close friends in Kiryat Arba!!!!
24. rami, the truth will set you free! and rich, and michael!
jerry ,   nyc   (09.13.11)
look at chayey sorah! it says clearly, "qiryat arba hee chevron...." so what does this have to do with any contemporary incidents and/or personalities? rami is going out of his way to make an uninformed statement. join the ignoramus club haim in ta, rich in toronto, michael in haifa!
25. REAL fools are anyone seeing this play
gerry ,   USA   (09.13.11)
26. no, they came from New York
Golan ,   modiin   (09.13.11)
Would Cairo be better for you? Its where Arafat came from.
27. Publicity! See neighboring article:70% actors holding 2 jobs
Quick, do something controversial and then phone it in to the papers on a slow news day -- instant publicity (just add water)! Who IS this "actor"? Anyone ever heard of him until now?
28. honestly actors are a dime a dozen
bari ,   nyc usa   (09.13.11)
so get someone to replace him - he won't be missed and some other actor will be happy to take his place.
29. Question
Mitchell Cohen ,   Gush-Etzion, Israel   (09.13.11)
The million dollar question: is this play funded with PUBLIC taxpayer money (which Kiryat Arba residents pay as well) or with private money? If the former, then Baruch has NO right to boycott and should be terminated from being an actor in this play; if the latter, then he has a right as offensive as it might be to many (including ME)....
30. That's easy...
Mea   (09.13.11)
"..and I asked myself what is my place in this whole story." That's easy. Go to work and do your job and stop with the publicity seeking.
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