Cheney: Israel to attack Iranian nuclear facilities
Published: 12.09.11, 17:20
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1. Israel will not attack Iranian nuclear facilities
zionist forever   (09.12.11)
We left the US to play pointless diplomatic games with Iran for to long. During that time Iran not only continued to enrich uranium but it improved both its air defenses and offensive missile capability and so now with the hardware Israel has its no longer capable of going after Iran. Today only the US with their Tomohawk missiles, stealth bombers and hundreds of fighter jets in the Gulf have the capability to stop Iran. The F15 & F16 are planes for another era when anti aircraft capabilities are not what they are today so they just won't do the job. Whats needed is a US air campaign to not only destroy the Iranian nuclear program but also their missiles, navy & air force to stop them making trouble in the Gulf. Smash the Iranian military machine from the air ( no ground war ) and Iran won't be a threat to anybody for the next 30 years.
2. Cheney is an IDIOT!
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.12.11)
There is no way Israel will attack Iran now. Cheney is an idiot that led the US into a war with Iraq for nothing. Israel has to much on it's plate now to even consider such an operation now especially with Egypt and Syria in turmoil and the strategic mistake of not apologizing to Turkey and an attack against Iran now would be a disaster that would inflame the Muslim world like no other time in history. Israel had it's opportunity a few years ago but now it is unthinkable.
3. Israel should allow an Iranian nuclear first strike
Stephen in New York   (09.12.11)
to show the world how patient and understanding Israel is. Then Israel will enjoy the world's affection and approval. For sure.
4. Without Obama We Can....
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.12.11)
..with Obama we can 't.... It is the worse USA Preident and Iran has Nuclear weapons only because Obama failed to tackle Iranian crazy Islamist government ... Obama,with is policy of talking,has let Iran get more and more weapons,and USA less and less defense !!!! This f...ken president is a shame for humankind and will lead USA to be a target of terror.... He wants to disarm when Iran is getting nuclear weapons....he is f... up!!!!!
5. Don't worry about spreading radioactivity. "Just Do It".
Warhawk   (09.12.11)
6. It's obvious
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (09.12.11)
that Iran needs A-bomb for its deffence.
7. Good or bad intelligence Sadam had to GO and it happened....
ASHER ,   NY,USA   (09.12.11)
8. ZF#1: I cannot accept you gloomy assessment
Israel can attack Iranian nuclear facilities if she has the will and they can be obliterated. It will not be easy and it will probably take repeated attacks over a period of time. Better to face war with a non-nuclear Iran than war with a nuclear Iran. I don't like your doom and gloom (Israel cannot and will not do it) pessimism. It is NOT likely the US will do anything about an impending nuclear Iran. Most Americans foolishly believe Iran is Israel's problem, rather than the global problem it is. The folly of the international community never ceases to amaze.
9. Sorry, response to Z.F. #1 was mine.
Steve   (09.12.11)
10. Hashem will never allow Israel to be destroyed. Israel will
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.12.11)
do whatever is required whenever it is required to keep it's people safe.
11. That's Quite a Leap
JH   (09.12.11)
"When we got hit on 9/11 there were 19 guys armed with airline tickets and box cutters. The next time around I worry they may have a nuclear device or biological agent of some kind and would be in a position to inflict far greater damage and loss of lives than anything we experienced on 9/11." So the terrorists are going from using box cutters and, to nuclear weapons? That's quite a leap Cheney. Why wouldn't they just wait a few years so they could just use the nukes?
12. Israel should allow an Iranian nuclear first strike
Joe ,   Helena USA   (09.12.11)
Stephen, You must think a nuclear first strike is like swatting a fly. Get with the program, fellow. Israel may NOT be able to recover from a first strike therefore it's up to Israel to strike FIRST.
13. #2: Why do worry about "inflaming" the Muslim world?
Steve   (09.12.11)
The Muslim world is in a perpetual state of inflammation over the Jews. Haven't you noticed?
14. Is this guy a member in Israeli cabinet ????
15. 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
LOL, if Israel allows an Iranian first stike, there will be no more Israel to retaliate. Best to think before you post here.
16. Israel isn't Saddam and Iraq
Robert ,   NY USA   (09.12.11)
Like when the US had Iraq attack Iran. Look how that turned out. And the west was giving saddam nuclear capabilities. The smoking gun and mushroom clouds was gone long before the US took credit. And morons like Erdogan, Ahmadinejad, Arab League would be in Saddams torture prisons.
17. #12 Joe-thanx for clarifying things
Stephen in New York   (09.12.11)
for me. I had no idea a 5 megaton airburst would be so nasty.
18. Sheik # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.12.11)
What is unthinkable is apologizing to Turkey. Think how much Israel had on their plate during the 6 day war. Think how much they had on their plate in 1948. It is a huge mistake to underestimate Israel. The Jews are God's chosen people and with the God of Israel behind them they can do anything. The Jews are a wonderful strong people and they need to remember that their success has been because of the God of Israel. As long as they give credit to God the world will continue to be amazed at what Israel can and will do in the future.
19. Chenney
tom dee ,   savannah GA USA   (09.12.11)
5 fake hardship draft deferments and the a career stealing from the defense budget that is not the record of someone I would take as a source of good information. Cheney is good enough shape to grab a rifle and march to iran if he feels so strongly on the matter.
20. Joe 12: You could not see Stephens biting sarcasm?
Steve   (09.12.11)
21. If Iran uses chemical or other WMD on Israel ?
John Pozner ,   Selma USA   (09.12.11)
A single United States submarine waits quietly in the ocean. Range 6,000 miles . - 198 nuclear warheads.
22. Cheney is a dangerous man, with a very big mouth!
David ,   Jerusalem   (09.12.11)
23. NO ONE WANTS WAR..........................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.12.11)
But, if the talk-back coloumn were to be read,it appears that ordinary people take it for granted that it would be an easy ride for Israel.No more!!!Take into account the repercussion that would follow and the full wrath of IRGC would aim at nothing except Israel and subsequently the lives of foreign forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan,not to mention the puppet regimes in the areas surrounding the Persian Gulf.
24. Like him or not; it is foolish to ignore Cheney.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
Cheney is not the easiest person to like. However, he is unquestionably a highly intelligent man and it is foolish to ignore him. Cheney has been right on target many times in recent years. Cheney was the first major politician to stingingly criticize Obama for Obama's proposal to close Guantanimo and try murderous terrorists in civilian court. There is no question that Cheney is correct about Iran's genocidal intentions and Israel must quickly destroy Iran's ability to make nuclear bombs.
25. #3. Israeli left may adopt your satire as serious policy.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
#3. Any rational person knows your post is satire. However, it would not be the least surprising if it was adopted by Israel's left as serious policy. The lunatic policy of letting Iran make the first nuclear strike, against Israel, would fit in well with many other insane leftist policies such as arming genocidal terrorists, trimming Israel's waist to 9 miles (15 minute tank ride) etc.
26. 21- US will not defend Israel
k ,   US   (09.12.11)
US has NEVER come to Israels defense, they have given them military aid, which Israel would not survive without, but the US would never come to Israels defense or "retaliate" if Israel was attacked, Israel is the #1 US ally in the region, but if something "bad" happened to Israel, I assure you the US would look for another ally The Jews in the USA care about Israel, I assure you everyone else in the USA just cares about oil and would not defend Israel if it meant American Lives would be on the line, most Americans would settle for the destruction of Israel if it meant gas would go down 50 cents a gallon
27. allowing !st strike to
yzwisey62 ,   cola.u.s.a.   (09.12.11)
Stephen, Do you honestly believe allow- ing Iran !st strike is going to ingratiate Israel to anyone?! When you have fight every day for your very exsistance. That way of thinking only allows your certain demise.
28. VP Cheney
marcia ,   appomattox va USA   (09.12.11)
I think Mr. Cheney is highly intelligent and probably has a good handle of world situations. Israel has every right to defend themselves as well as America.
29. 8
zionist forever   (09.12.11)
Whilst I agree better to have a conventional war now with Iran rather than a nuclear one later as Iran is not exactly next door there is very little Israel can do. You might not like my doom and gloom but at the end of the day it takes more than a will it takes hardware. The Iranian air defenses are not rubbish and their nuclear sites are spread out and some are underground. The F15 & F16 are fine for Israel's traditional needs but they won't give Israel the element of surprise needed to hit Iran. The Muslim loving pacifist Obama would never allow it but if I had been running Israel when Bush was president I would requested the US lease Israel its recently retired F117 stealth jet which had been used very effectively in Iraq during Desert Storm. If we are relying on the F15 & F16 we would need to use over 100 planes and they would be spotted and intercepted long before they got anywhere near Iran. They would also need to be carrying bombs which would mean they would not be able to carry many air-air missiles for self defense and with the distance they need to travel if those pilots want to get home alive they don't have the fuel to get into a dogfight. This is why I say only the US can do it. They have their stealthy B2 bombers which can carry more bombs than Israel's entire F15 fleet. They also have two carrier fleets in the Gulf armed with Tomohawk missiles and fighter jets so they have the capability of dealing with Iran through air power alone but Israel does not.
30. 26
zionist forever   (09.12.11)
Israel has always wanted the US kept out of things. it didn't want the X Band radar in the Negev manned by Americans because that would mean putting US troops in harms way if there is a war and the information Israel gets from that radar is limited to what the US is willing to share. One of Israel's main objections to the idea of NATO troops in a palestinian state is Israel cannot hit back if its attacked by terrorists all it can do is moan to NATO and the UN and just hope they will do something about it How much force would NATO be willing to use to protect Israel from terrorism if the palestinian government talks but doesn't act? Would they risk making their own troop targets of terrorists so they can protect Israel? I do agree that unless it was in America's best interests the US would not come to israel's rescue at the expense of the arabs. For the US cheap oil means alot more than Israel's continued existence. Whilst that is bad news for Israel in some ways I think its fair because Americans elected their leaders to put American interests first not Israeli ones.
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