Report: Turkey to defuse Israeli Navy weapons
Published: 12.09.11, 18:32
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1. where is Obama ?.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.12.11)
Turkey would not have dared do that during Bush,even Clinton,this shows the new status of the USA under Obama.
2. the solution
fad egypt   (09.12.11)
israel must launch two wars 1-a military war : israel must launch a military operation in gaza to bring down the hamas regime , and to return to the pheladelphi route and to control gaza coast to prevent the smuggling of weapons whether through the sea or from sinai if there is an organization wants to bring aid to gaza as it claims so it will be inspected by the IDF in gaza 2-a diplomatic war : israel must pressure the US and the EU to stop cooperation with turkey whether economic or military cooperation to isolate turkey turkey will find no other state to cooperate with iran and syria are in collision with turkey due to turkey position regarding the assad regime the US and the EU must understand that turkey is no longer considered a western ally and that it must be isolated so turkey will be forced to reverse its policies towards the west in general and towards israel in particular shalom
3. Naval War?
dobre max ,   israel   (09.12.11)
no Naval War maybe total war
4. Turkish officials, International clowns.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (09.12.11)
5. Turkey.....
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (09.12.11)
It seems Erdogan is now in a frenzy, and is leeting his emotions run free. I hope cooler heads prevail, and he realizes that he is doing more harm to his country by this reckless obsession with making statements and desperately trying to make center stage.
6. Today i am proud of erdogan and Turk people in general
borzog ,   alanya   (09.12.11)
it is about time. Turk power (*(*(* !!!
7. Turkey will do what?
Joe ,   Helena USA   (09.12.11)
Turkey says it will diffuse Isreali weapons systems at sea? It's time for Israel to tell Mr. Ergodan that any such approach will be considered an act of war that will entitle Israel to use everything in its arsenal to win, including WMD. This will shut up Mr. Erdogan.
8. Is Turkey *begging* to be taught a lesson?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.12.11)
Here's my unsolicited advice to them. Don't mess with the IDF. They're not looking for trouble, but if Turkey raises a hand to strike, she best be prepared to lose it.
9. #1 JK
David ,   America   (09.12.11)
Check the golf course. If you don't find him, look in the dining room.
10. #3 dobre max
David ,   America   (09.12.11)
It would only take Israel a couple of hours to destroy Turkey's navy and air farce. Then what would they do? Board their camels and march through Syria?
11. Turkey to "diffuse"???..weapons
aarolev ,   jerusalem israel   (09.12.11)
Sounds like a good pun. If theres a naval showdown israel will embarass Turkey's whimpering sorry little ass. with the technology alone. See how even moderately civilised arabs such as the attaturks cannot ever resist their megalomaniacal- intoxicated genetic destiny to fight.
12. Yes, they would have....
Laurie ,   Canada   (09.12.11)
Yes, I'm afraid they would have done the same thing, as Bush stretched the American Military too thin, by becoming involved in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan. Also, let's not forget that Turkey allowed the Bush Administration to launch airstrikes in Iraq, from bases in Turkey. So, Bush would have had to tread lightly, against Turkey. So, Obama is handicapped by the Bush legacy. As well, we must remember that Turkey a member of NATO, and, so, other NATO States cannot easily go against them. In fact, they may have to side with Turkey, and defend them against Israel.
13. Nut Cases
Joel ,   Miami   (09.12.11)
How come all these nut cases Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Erdogan have bid mouths and no brains there playing with fire and when you do you get burned.
14. How many Egyptian Air Force planes got off the ground in 67?
mb   (09.12.11)
Answer: none. Threaten Israel with war, and war is what you get. And it's hard to fight at sea when your navy is sunk at port. That's how Israel rolls. Read your history.
15. Bring it on?
Jan ,   Amsterdam   (09.12.11)
I sure would hesitate to carry out any orders to intercept Israeli vessels and neutralize their weapons systems whatever that is supposed to mean.
16. NATO
Laurie ,   Canada   (09.12.11)
Not so easily done. Turkey is a member of NATO, and its air bases are of great importance to NATO and the West.
17. Better think again
Daniel ,   Columbia, Missouri   (09.12.11)
Turk Power? You better think again. This is how wars are started - and lost by the antagonists.
18. Where's Obama?
timothius ,   usa   (09.12.11)
You are absolutely right. We are falling to pieces! Obama is probably on vacation somewhere!
19. Now THAT ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.11)
... would effectively be an act of war, since Turkey has not declared an international blockade of any country and has no valid reason -- or credible pretense -- to stop an Israeli vessel in international waters. Should that happen, Israel will land on Turkey so hard, Turkey may just disappear. (Good-bye Turkey; hello Kurdistan.) I keep telling you and telling you. Jews aren't filing passively into gas chambers -- or present-day equivalents -- ever again. We WILL pull down the temple walls. Many of them located in Ankara, Istanbul, Mersin, Iskenderun. Turkey needs to be afraid. Very, very afraid. We will do what we have to, and what we can bring to bear is far more impressive than anything Turkey can do. And NATO will be nowhere in sight -- a simple fact the Turks do not appear to quite comprehend. Or Israel may opt to take the peanut stuff, and kick the Turks out of Cyprus. Think we can't? Think we wouldn't? Guess again.
20. Aircraft vs navy
Joe ,   California   (09.12.11)
I don't have military experience but it seems to me that straight up navy on navy, Israel would lose. But such a conflict, if it were to occur, would be very close to Israel, and easily handled by aircraft, and in that case, Israel would stomp the Turkish ships. No?
21. Take Erdogan at his word
Israeli 2   (09.12.11)
If he could he would have. He is playing out his wettest dreams.
22. erdo is obsessed, irrational, infantile
dante ,   uk   (09.12.11)
23. Gaza's a pretext. He wants to steal gas from Israel & Cyprus
Ian T ,   Raanana Israel   (09.12.11)
With their deplorable record of violating the humanitarian needs of the Kurds, Turkey doesn't really give a damn about the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza. Turkey may behave like a bully in this neighborhood. But Europe will soon wake up to the threat against Cyprus and the consequences of disrupting future gas supplies via Greece. Turkey's weakness in the bigger arena is that its economy depends heavily on exports to Europe.
24. Turkish friends, please make a note
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (09.12.11)
Till now this joker were making all of us laugh and we had some fun with his imagination. We all thought that the majority of Turkish people wants peace and do not want unjustified provocations. We love Turkey the way we did before. But if this fool does such a unforgivable mistake, then we(you and me) will be standing opposite each other even if we know that this man achieved tricking us and managed to start a war that neither of us wanted. Please take care of him before he does more damage.
25. @12
turkiye never allowed bush to launch attacks against iraq from turkiye soil. this was an issue that erdogan told bush that therev is not going to be any attacks using turkiye soil. look it up. you are wrong. marat antalya
26. international waters?
art keyes ,   United States   (09.12.11)
territorial waters? I'll just bet these waters are on a map that does not include Israel, ps. 83 and is 17
27. To: Erdogan
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.11)
1. Your little pleasure craft and ferries do not carry "humanitarian aid" to Gaza. That has been amply proven, and besides -- unlike you, we are not stupid. Pleasure craft and ferries have no holds. 2. If a Turkish warship comes within ten nautical miles of an Israeli vessel, it will be blasted out of the water. 3. Why do you keep embarrassing yourself? You are supposed to be a head of state. ACT LIKE ONE, and not like a schoolyard bully. We all know what happens to schoolyard bullies. You do not want to engage with Israel; you will be destroyed. Do you understand that? P.S. NOTHING you can do or say or threaten has diverted anyone's attention from the fact that the Palmer Report has found the government of Turkey to be highly complicit in its aid, comfort and assistance to the IHH terrorist group which attempted to breach Israel's fully legal and internationally recognized blockade of the Gaza Strip. NOTHING. To the extent you are capable of it, stop being stupid. Israel will crush Turkey.
28. The trojan horse inside NATO
BH ,   Iowa   (09.12.11)
Pit ally against ally while the turks and arabs capitalize. The world needs leadership now.
29. Anybody have a link or other source for this report?
looking for answers ,   seattle, wa   (09.12.11)
There is no citation for this report mentioned? Anyone have a link or other source that can clarify where the information is coming from? The intent to disarm an israeli warship in international waters strikes me as crazy, on any number of fronts, and without an independent source for this, I have to assume this is an innacurate "report". It's one set of things to demand an appology, to expell diplomats and reduce the status of diplomatic relations, and another thing entirely to essentially provoke an actice military conflict, which this would no doubt ensure. Anybody?
30. Where is Obama?
Alfred Klose ,   Germany   (09.12.11)
Obama help us! Please help us! We need help! Obama do you hear us? Where are you? Help, help!!
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