Erdogan: Turkey ready for all scenarios
Roee Nahmias
Published: 12.09.11, 22:30
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1. Then Turkey should leave NATO
Lou ,   Bucharest, Romania   (09.12.11)
and stick with lawless countries like Somalia.
2. struma
zichron   (09.12.11)
The struma episode less than seventy years ago exposes the bturks true opportunistic violently antisemitic position with jews drowning within earshot of rich Turkish resorts .Israel cannot be true friends of turkey ,
3. Why has Israeli attache refused to leave?
Rachel ,   US   (09.12.11)
4. Why doesn't your military attache leave Turkey???
The Turk ,   Konya/Turkey   (09.12.11)
Which part of get the hell of doesn't he understand? Don't you Israelis have any honor left? "Asked whether it was true that Israel's military attaché has refused to leave Ankara, Erdogan said, "It is true, but we will make him leave by diplomatic means, because downgrading the diplomatic mission also includes the military attaché," he said. "
5. aid to Gaza
israeli ,   israel   (09.12.11)
can be delivered via Israel and Egypt and it is being delivered as we speak. Gaza does not even have a sea port where ships can dock and unload. Perhaps Turkey should consider using its airforce for parachuting food over Gaza, as the Americans did at the end of WWII over Europe, e.g.
6. Curiouser and curiouser
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.11)
For someone who purports to not want a military confrontation with Israel, Erdogan sure has been doing a considerable amount of sabre-rattling. That aside, I am increasingly of the suspicion that Erdogan has serious mental issues, makes grandiose and very foolish statements, his generals and doctors come, soothe him, medicate him .... and then the anti-psychotics wear off, and he's off and running again.
7. this guy has gone nuts, he simply wants an excuse to attack
Joe black ,   NYC   (09.12.11)
What a shmuck, "Not seeking a Militart confrontation" !?!? We're sending three warships in your backyard, but we're not seeking any confrontation. We will dismantle your oil rigs, but we're not seeking any military confrontations. We will declare war on you but not seeking any military confrontations. Pretty much, we will put a loaded gun to your head peacefully to protect the Turkish honor and you must bow down and apologize before we pull the trigger. Barak and friends is more then happy to help facilitate this craziness? WAKE UP ISRAEL, your being pushed around and bullied into a corner. This is about oil and gas $$$ from Cyprus. Send a clear message, you cross this line and you can kiss your frigates goodbye.
8. To #1
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.12.11)
Agree, turkey is not a civilized country anymore and does not belong in NATO with the other civilized countries. Erdogan thinks he is a war lord. He is playing a high game and sure this will backfire into his face. Erdogan, get up in the tree to amahdinejad, he is missing you!
9. Mr Erdogan
Ivan ,   South Africa   (09.12.11)
Why dont you narrow your moustache,and dye it dark black,then you will look more like Hitler....because you are now acting like him.
10. Poor western liberal leadership
Oleg ,   USA   (09.12.11)
they still think, that those islamists are their friends. they will allow to build radar for NATO use and then, when time will come and it will be in desperate need, they will destroy it. They still think, that they are Ottoman empire, but they are not. All Israel has to do is to support Kurds in their rightful struggle for freedom.
11. Erdogan is a spoiled child.
Vlad   (09.12.11)
He threw a tantrum demanding an independent investigation, and then threw another one when it didn't satisfy him.
12. advanced stages of syphillis produce megalomania and
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (09.12.11)
paranoiac delusions of grandeur
13. The world is long overdue a leader like Erdogan...
Lena   (09.12.11)
...who says it as it is and can back up his words with concrete actions. Bravo PM Erdogan, you are an inspiration.
14. Turkey ready for all scenarios
ORLY ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (09.12.11)
This morning, Turkey was saying it would send its warships to protect flotillas to Gaza and also protect its interests and Lebanon's on the Issue of Israeli gas and co-operation with Cyprus. Later he said that he would use diplomatic routes. This guy cannot just shut up for more than half a day and requires constant attention. He wants to be on the news 24 hours a day in Turkish papers, challenge Europe and America, to show great a leader he is. Will NATO put up with his nonsense? Please stop him before it is too late.
15. The bells just went off
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.12.11)
'a spoiled child that accuses anyone who dares criticize it of antisemitism'. If anyone had any doubt we are dealing with a mouth-foaming anti-Semite, here is the proof. This statement is clear out of the books of anti-Semites trying to deflect criticism from their miserable rotten souls.
16. Using more and more Ahmadinedmad's rhetorics
Dan ,   CH   (09.12.11)
17. Hurdy gurdy
zznhl   (09.12.11)
He couldn't face up to Syria so he's on our case to try to save face
18. Worthless!
Professor Miao   (09.12.11)
""The report is worthless; it was released by a non-objective source," Erdogan stressed." LOL!!! Then why did Erdogan INSIST that this inquiry be undertaken? He's partly right. The UN is clearly biased. And that's what makes most of its findings so astonishing - which indicates that international maritime law is on Israel's side.
19. Frothing at the mouth and ratcheting up confrontation
PETER SM ,   Australia   (09.12.11)
Hope he stops frothing at the mouth long enough to look at consequences, if not him then his non Islamist opposition who publicly disagree with him
20. Cut ties with Turkey, period
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.12.11)
When the Turkish people elect a normal government that does not wish ties with terrorists, we can revisit the issue. Assuming Turkey will still be around ....
21. Eventually Erdogan will have to put up or shut up.
Stephen in New York   (09.12.11)
Which will it be? I’m holding my breath.
22. Erdogan is more dangerous then Kim Jung Il
Dan Kelso   (09.12.11)
This jihadist who slaughters Kurds on a regular basis, thinks massacring 1.5 million Armenians isn't terrorism. Oh wait, he thinks no Armenians were murdered. What did Hitler say, who remembers the Armenians? Thats what the Nazis and Erdogan want you to think. On Israel, what would any country do if terrorists were firing thousands of missles at them and blowing buses, shopping centers, disco's, pizzerias etc.
23. I want to see
Tom ,   Israel   (09.13.11)
him or anyone else try to send a fleet to the shores of the US with warships, they will be sunk well into the international waters.. Gaza is blockaded why would you attempt to pass through, it was known they are going to die, they went on suicide mission just to make some noise. Like the once glorified Germans were defeated in WWI and were desperate to regain their power, so is the "Ottoman Empire"
24. 6 - you speaking from expreince, right?
doc in the house.   (09.12.11)
dont forget the blue ones soon.
25. To: Vlad at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.13.11)
Unfortunately, he's a spoiled adult. But you are very right about the temper tantrums. He didn't get the expected favorable reports and he is enormously embarrassed, hence the recurring psychotic episodes.
26. Funny how the UN is now worthless to Turkey
Carl ,   USA   (09.13.11)
with the one report out of a few thousand that actually is objective and honest. Turkey seems to have a hard time accepting the fact that Israel has been vindicated and "Turkish demands" recognized as just plain wrong.
27. Erdogan,
Helene ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.11)
Armenia, wake up and demand an apology from the turcs. TURKEY if you have some honor recognize the holocaust you inflicted on the Armenian people. You bastards !!
28. Does anyone get the feeling
Miriam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.13.11)
that this guy is pulling a one-man fight in a ring with non-existent demons. I don't see Israel confronting him (apart from Lieberman's justified comment), yet he keeps escalating and escalating. A true anti-Semite, irrational, illogical, and insatiable, trying to disguise greed, hatred, aggressive confrontation and a thirst for self-importance, the time-proven Islamic methods of war.
29. My response to Erdogan - yes you are an anti-Semite
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.12.11)
Erdogan's statement: "What I can say is that we are committed to four things: Protecting the rights and honor of the Turkish people, stopping Israel from disregarding international treaties and customs, implementation of Turkish demands through international tribunals and ending the blockade on Gaza." The rights and honor of the Turkish people do not include violating Israel's independence and sovereignty, nor do they include supporting Israel's arch enemies nor do they include supporting terrorism, boycotts, isolation, demographic warfare, wars, hatred, hate propaganda, rewriting 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel nor do they include killing or attacking or beating up Jews/Israelis - civilians or soldiers. Turkey has absolutely nothing to do with our conflict with the Arabs and the Gazans. Its a matter of fact, Arabs like Jews were victims of Ottoman imperialism. In what way are Turkish rights and honor violated by Israel's right of self defense? That indicates that Erdogan and many Turks hold anti-Semitic, Fascist, Nazi, Islamist and imperialist views. It is not Turkey's job to make sure that Israel does not "disregard" international treaties. Israel does not disregard international treaties - Israel is being ACCUSED of disregarding international treaties. Speaking of disregarding international treaties: did and does Turkey respect international treaties when it massacred Armenians, Kurds and Greeks and imposed Ottoman imperialism on the Middle East, Israel, Greece and the Balkans and violaton of Iraqi territory and borders and violation of Kurds' human rights in Turkey? Implemenation of Turkish demands? What you demand or do not demand is of no concern nor of any interest. Turkish demands are not sacred and do not stand above international law. Only because you demand something doesn't mean it is right. Ending the blockade of Gaza? The blockade is legal according to international law and the UN. By forcing Israel to end the blockade, you are in effect, dear Erdogan, VIOLATING international law. We will maintain the blockade of Gaza until the Arabs put down their weapons and stop shooting thousands of missiles against our civilian population - or if the Arabs pack their bags and leave Gaza and move to Sinai. On the contrary: Turkey is a spoiled child, since it creates conflicts and tensions with all its neighbors and expects to get away with it without being held responsible for it. All your accusations of Israel are simply your personal and national Turkish traits projected onto us Jews. On the contrary: you Turks want to do anything and everything without ever being called anti-Semites. The very proof that you are an anti-Semite is that you suppose that the only natural relationship one can have to Jews and Israel is "criticism" and hostility - you never assume that one can have another relationship to Israel and the Jews nor do you assume that Israel and Jews should be treated equally among the nations. You single out the Jews among all nations and simply because we are Jews you "need" to "criticize" us.
30. let Turkey stop occupying, and let them stop killing cvilian
Bernie ,   Montreal Canada   (09.13.11)
Turkey occupies half of Cyprus, and doesn't stop killing civilians as it just did recently in Iraq and continues doing while terrorizing its Kurdish citizens, and they still have the guts to say a quarter of a boo about Israel. face it Mr. Erdogan, the Ottoman empire is for writers, you get yourself into politics.
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