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Netanyahu on Turkey crisis: Common sense will prevail
Elior Levy
Published: 13.09.11, 15:26
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1. I love to throw cold water in Bibi's face whenever possible,
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.13.11)
to help him wake up to reality.
2. Bibi shows that he is...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.13.11)
..a statesman and not a a childish idiot like Erdogan. He is not lowering himself to Erdogan's level.
3. If common sense was actually common .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.13.11)
Then the history of Mankind would be very different. Sadly, common sense is actually not so common. Even more sadly, common sense is less common among the political & intellectual elites than anywhere else.
4. Thank you Bibi. Exactly as it should be handled.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.13.11)
5. #1 Salma, funny!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.13.11)
Because to most educated people who actually have common sense, it is Turkey, the Palestinians, Syria, Iran, etc that are the problem in this world. Muslims, not jews are the cuase for most of humanities problems. Please throw some cold water into your own face, wake up and start realizing that you are wrong!
6. It didn't prevail so far in your looney goverement Mr. PM
Just curious   (09.13.11)
what changed?
7. good speech
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.13.11)
Hopefully Netanyahu realizes that "common sense" and our enemies do not go together, just read Talkback #1. Hopefully behind the scenes Netanyahu is stockpiling sufficient supplies to defend against the coming Arab attack.
8. cold calculation = Turkey vs IDF = Fried Turkey 4 dinner
Colonel Sanders ,   Kentucky, USA   (09.13.11)
9. Turkey
Pinchas ,   Haifa   (09.13.11)
Erdogon you are a very big idiot. Your time will also come and you will drop out from your sit
10. Right But is it possible Turkey is a real military threat?
sHALOM fREEDMAN ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.13.11)
Prime Minister Netanyahu is obviously wise not to engage in a duel of hysterical threats with the increasingly hostile Erdogan. But what happens if Erdogan orders military action against Israel? I hope the Prime Minister is right but there is also the possibiity that Erdogan's presumption and arrogance will lead to something far worse.
11. the right reaction.
tiki ,   belgium   (09.13.11)
What infuriates a madman the most.........? NO (contra) reaction. Natanyahu is doing good. That's how you handle hysterics like Erdogan.
12. 'cold water'?
lee ,   uk   (09.13.11)
what is the reality?
13. The right reaction to typical Turkish aggression
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.13.11)
Turkish genocide did not work against Armenians. Turkish apartheid is not working against Kurds. Turkish aggression will not work against Israel.
14. 10 - it is not only possible, it is most probable.
Mike   (09.13.11)
And your looney PM is start realizing he climbed a tall tree and he is looking for Obama to help him climb down now with bones intact...
15. Netanyahu on Turkey Crisis
Gabriel 18 ,   Baton Rouge - USA   (09.13.11)
Netanyahu's cool head is prevailing. Israel is fortunate to have a strong leader who is grounded in the reality of the neighborhood in which the country lives.
16. Turkish Navy.
AndrĂ©s Markovits ,   QuilpuĂ©-Chile   (09.13.11)
"Turkish Navy is prepared for every scenario-even the worts one" Finally some coherent words from the bully.
17. Erdogan, You Are a Big Dummy
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (09.13.11)
There is an old TV show, Sanford and Son. In it, the father, played by Redd Foxx, is always calling his son "dummy", or "stupid dummy", or "big dummy".Well, this plies to Erdogan, a big dummy. Israel can defeat China and most nations in a short, quick war (per consensus of generals) if it uses just conventional weapons. Its airforce and tank corp are that good.And Im leaving out the obvious weaponry.
18. I wish TERRY from Eilat
Israeli 2   (09.13.11)
to continue providing us with his superior commentaries. Our government should take heed to what he says.. He seems to be the only talkbacker who got his hands on the handle. Everywhere he comments, he is correct.
American ,   Los Angeles   (09.13.11)
Let's push the turks around and make their life difficult by recognizing the Armenian Genocide,this will keep them busy for decades and probably will take erDOGan's gov down.
20. If Turkey attacks the US will defend
Brandon ,   Alexandria, VA USA   (09.13.11)
The Turkish smack-talking is getting out of hand. Surely they know U.S. warships and Israeli warships carry U.S. material, and an attack on one would constitute an attack on the other. Seems to me the Turkish PM is scapegoating the Jews. Tell them "no problem, we'll fight" and see what happens.
21. How I wish....
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Swden   (09.13.11)
...PM Netanyahu could've shown some common sense... ...when appointing a Foreign Minister, when it comes to settlements, when dealing with its friends and allies, when choosing between ideology and pragmatism, when dealiing with the Arab spring, when trying to solve the conflict with the Palestinians, when........... This desire of "common sense" comes from the wrong person.
22. #12 "cold water" is not familiar with reality.
23. A Full hit this time - but only regarding Israel !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.13.11)
Netanyahu on Turkey crisis: Common sense will prevail PM suggests 'cold calculations' will ultimately overpower Turkish PM's hostile attitude Comment - The only time i have seen the Israeli PMs Chamberlaining Policy score a Full Hit. Arn.Sweden.
24. Common sense not to send back repaired drones so turds or
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.13.11)
turks can kill more kurds. If Bibi won't send them back and obumma won't send Predators, maybe they will have to buy Israeli copies from Russia.
25. 20 - i wish he got a hat, the Eilat sun is too much for him
Yosi   (09.13.11)
and clearly some damage already been done.
26. It is not given that common sense will prevail
Joe ,   Canada   (09.13.11)
It is entirely dependant on the deep motivations of the current Turkish administration under Erdogan & Gul. If purely geopolitical gains in terms of regional influence were the main underpinnings of the regime's behaviour, one could assign its crude agressiveness to akward leaders who will eventually become aware it is not always a beneficial method to practice "la politique du pire" & to be friendly with the worst oppressors such as in Iran & Syria. However given the Turkish regime evident deviation from its secular past towards Islamism, one can fear that rationality & common sense may not prevail at all times in the future.
27. Coomon sense? Why should the Turks have more tan we have?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.13.11)
Where was Israeli common sense when we elected Bibi Netanyahu for the second time. No doubt if Israel is attacked he will call for a committee to decide what we must do! One this is certain though. Minister Yishai will ensure that there is enough fire retardant to deal with fires from Turkish bombing on Haredi areas!
28. Bibi, don't be stupid
Oleg ,   USA   (09.13.11)
Commpon sense for religious person and common sense for secular - are two complete different things. Don't be an idiot. Israel is surrounded by idiots and they will do enything possible to destroy it. Do not fall into liberal trap. West is digging its own grave helping so called 'Spring' to appear. They do not get anything and used to trust everything they like, not what they see, but what they like to see and to hear.
29. We've been waiting for common sense to prevail for a long ti
noa ,   israel   (09.13.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (09.13.11)
Israel supplying weapons to Turkey for some years.
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