Clinton: Road to Palestine does not run through UN
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Published: 13.09.11, 23:23
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (09.13.11)
2. Dennis Ross is the architect of...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.14.11)
...the Oslo Debacle. That did not work out too well did it? Unless you are a fan of wounded and dead Jews. Incompetent President. Incompetent Sec/State. Stupid ideas. What could go wrong?
3. news agencies- "road to palestine.."
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation/land..   (09.14.11)
unfortunately, according to that certain article in of the 13th. of september 2011, mrs. hillary rodham clinton forgot to mention: the united nations organization, the international/global community/society, the people/family of humanity and mankind.
4. Correct ! Who knows the fate of the USA....
Ben Zion   (09.14.11)
Those who curse Israel will be cursed - so who knows and who wants to rely on something which fate is uncertain.....
5. Tent of Meeting
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (09.14.11)
A modern tent of meeting, i.e. "a sustainable platform for negotiations" is required. I can do the job. Give me the tools. Invite me and my assistants. I am not motivated by money, power or fame. Purely service. Give me one month. If I can't do the job or I make things worse you can take me to the Western Wall and put a bullet through my head. Seriously. I don't care. To say I am slightly frustrated now is an understatement. Like a racehorse being restrained for no particular reason I am champing at the bit. I know the timeline and what moves need to be made. I am who G-d says I am ! I didn’t choose this path. It is just the way it is.
6. Hillary u never learn Arab League run show
Martin ,   SA   (09.14.11)
The state proposed is none other than a vassal of the A League. If you are reluctant to engage with them why trouble everyone?. It looks good in the media but politically the state is figment of the Leagues imagination and abbas in fact is a powerless pawn even the population have no "democratic" say. Its a joke and a facade. Two states Jordan enlarged by an arab province and the Jewish Land of Israel. Hillary quickly go back and rebrand your package or go back to school while the charade plays out without your meaningful involvement.
7. funny israelis
balfour ,   uk   (09.14.11)
and how israel was founded in 1948stern, hagana and irgun gangs then went to the un wearing nice suits.
8. But the road to Israel started through the UN?
lydia ,   Brisbane   (09.14.11)
9. Hillary HIT THE ROAD
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.14.11)
Anything you've touched has wound up in a catastrophe Stay home, better keep your eye on Bill
10. After the un vote, annex the parts Israel wants, give the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.14.11)
unwanted pieces to the terrorists for their "state." That will be the END of the negotiations.
11. Just cut off money to the U.N.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.14.11)
The Obama administration is being it's usual incompetent disingenuous self. All Hillary has to say to the U.N. is ''no more money'' and there will be no vote on ''Palestine.'' But, Obama is in love with the U.N. - in his bizarre Leftist Muslim Brotherhood stooge mind, the U.N is more important than Congress & the American people. He wouldn't think of taking action against that den of corruption & Third-World sh*thole dicators. Obama made this mess along with his amateur-hour team of left-wing dummies (dhimmwits actually). The whole Middle-East is on fire because of Obama & his total lack of leadership. And, don't think for a nanosecond that he is supporting Israel in any way. He's only against the Palestinian bid at the U.N. because he's afraid of Muslim reactions to his veto.
12. #2 Gideon Reader.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.14.11)
Ross is in it for the money - as are most of these other peace-creeps. They've built lucrative careers out of this BS peace process. I saw your comment the other day, I don't know if you saw my response, but, sincere thanks.
13. Really?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.14.11)
As if we care what Clinton says. first Hillary go learn how the road to your husband's heart. I can't blame Bill & Monica anymore.
14. US guarantees
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.11)
The collapse of Mubarak and Fatah decision to go to the UN proves one thing: US guarantees are worthless, what and Israeli leaders were stupid to accept these guarantees.
15. #13 You'll care about the US veto
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.14.11)
And the Palestinian welfare state cares a lot about US financial aid. The PA will crumble without Israeli tax revenues. Just a little reality testing Salma.
16. Blah blah blah spin spin spin
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.14.11)
17. to13
salma u r silly palastine has been in hearts of palastinians but this clinton bill and monica is nothing to compair to the country and hearts
18. #15 "Israeli tax revenues" LOL
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.14.11)
Cynthia , Your ignorance is amazing. It's Palestinian money , from time to time "Israel" steals it and this is another form of occupation.
19. Picking up the thread
Ehai ,   London, England   (09.14.11)
Clearly, if some of the Talkbackers on here were officiating members of negotiations between the PA and the Israel Government there would be a lot of blood on the floor and walls of the room. The truth is Palestinians need a State. How can they get it? They first need to know where its territorial frontiers are. This is an issue subject to a decision from Hamas (and its allies) to recognize the right of Israel to exist, as well as this, Hamas must commit to the International Bill of Human Rights. Salma: go do your homework on this please and don’t take up space on here until you have something human to say. Terry: you are wrong about the UN. I agree it is not exactly a community of philosopher kings, but it is not public toilet. They have done more good for the world since 1945 than Israel has. Moreover, the Palestinians have enjoyed more concern and attention in the UN than any other people but in return for that the Palestinians have done nothing for the UN. The UN is not institutionally biased against Israel. It is a gentile organization with questionable respect for Jews. But it is, nonetheless, the life support mechanism of global society. While you pontificate from Eilat the UNO is working for humankind. Israel needs to involve world opinion more pragmatically in what is possible between Palestinian society and the State of Israel. Israel needs to mobilize world opinion to pressure Hamas into recognizing Israel. If this task is left to diplomats it will fail and terrorism will continue. It is because of a failing of world opinion pressure on Hamas that we had Operation Cast Lead. What is happening today is a consequence of that. Over seven hundred people were killed in Gaza. Including hundreds of women and children. We can cite all the reasons for why but we must also ask why! If it was seven hundred Israelis who were killed there would be a massive UN military presence on the Gaza frontier today. So people on here talking back.......... be positive and constructive.......... not hostile and militantly bloodyminded.
20. To Ehai,London
Leo ,   UK   (09.14.11)
You'll be better off preserving your own ass in London.People like you insist on asking "why do We bomb Gaza and kill by that hundreds of civilians" but somehow forget to to mention thousands of kasams which were kindly sent by those civilians to us as a present.People like you organise exhibitions in that bloody Oxford where they scream about hundreds of gaza children who were killed, but when I approach them and say: well if it's all about children let's be objective and speak about those israeli children who have been suffering from rockets for years in Sderot.NO!!!they shout.It's not about children!!!It's about politics!!!And as usual there're quite a few jews among them.Jews like you,whos narcissism is going through the roof and they keep telling the usual mantra:"We're not bloodyminded,we're human,we're not like those middleaged jews who trie to defend their country.." and so it goes over and over agin.
21. to LEO
Ehai ,   London, England   (09.14.11)
Shalom Leo. 1st. You don't know anything about me or why I amin London. 2nd. I know all about the rockets from Gaza and from Lebanon. 3rd. I ahve two sons in the IDF. 4th. Do you have anything construtive to offer to the discussion? I mean, we want peace,harmony and prosperity right! You know why we have not got it? Because people are not constructive of the idea of Human Rights. I ama Jew.... that's my way of life. But I am a human being first and foremost. Being Jewish endows with a particular reason and conscience which I like to express in Tikun Olam...... repairing the world. GOD gave the Earth to all human beings. We have to construct our WORLD. Good luck with your search for peace Leo.
22. Dont rely on anybody except
my name is nobody ,   usa   (09.14.11)
If the fate of the Jews were in the hands of mn then we would no longer be around. If a Jew is not loyal to g-d and his torah then he can not be loyal to anything else. We Jews can rely on no one except on our father in heaven. see
23. #18 "Salma"
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.15.11)
Abu Mazen isn't laughing. When Israel doesn't pay tax revenues, PA salaries don't get paid. Perhaps even your propaganda fees are indirectly funded by Israel.
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