Ayalon launches 'truth about peace process' clip
Published: 14.09.11, 14:20
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1. About f-n TIME!
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.11)
Why it took so long to create a simple and correct video of the conflict with use of historical facts?!
2. It's time for ISRAEL to say NO
Stop TRYING ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
No more negotiations. No more land. No more money to the Arabs. No more NOTHING. We don't need to negotiate or give them anything. They don't want peace. Why should we even try.
3. Good stuff, but no match for the Arab propaganda machine.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.14.11)
4. Excellent!
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (09.14.11)
Now, watch it being ignored ... sigh.
5. Last minute action better than no action. But please organi
Will ,   US   (09.14.11)
organize yourselves better!
6. Mr. Ayalon ,Come down from your ivory tower.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.14.11)
"Israel's" unilateral withdrawal from Gaza nullified Oslo , there is no need to threat us.
7. Yaer koha'ha
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.14.11)
Ose Shalom mimroam....
8. This is awesome
Yossef   (09.14.11)
Congratulation to our Foreign Ministry. Finally!!
9. Minus the fowl language, #1 is right on!
Michele ,   Minneapolis, MN   (09.14.11)
THIS is the video to send to all Jews and non-Jews (anyone who votes) to summarize the so-called 'Middle East Conflict'. Kol HaKavod to the gov't of Israel for getting the FACTS out there -- finally!
10. Good job guys!
Palestinian   (09.14.11)
But unfortunately you Israeli only can enjoy watching this nice video. If you still think the problem that people dislike Israel because lake of education then you're absolutely wrong.... Anyway, keep it up, don't give up...
11. #6 Your ivory tower is waiting for you in Rabat-Amon.
12. Agreed
Nissim ,   NYC   (09.14.11)
#1 - right on #9 - really - foul language? come on! too little too late - what's the strategy to get this to go viral? also...this SHOULD be the UN speech. point to their rejection of our self-determination, and smoke them out already!
13. waste of money
Isaac ,   Modiin   (09.14.11)
the money wasted on producing this video should have been given to tzedakah. The jokers running this country think a silly youtube video can justify their hardline positions that has not provided this country with any more security - just misery
14. Pretty good presentation but it's preaching to the choir!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.14.11)
You won't see this on CNN, SKYNews or the BBC. Whether, faced with the huge financial clout of the Arab World, the rise of Antisemitism fueled by left wing Israelis an Jews hating Israel in the USA, Europe, the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and the right wing fanaticism of the Israeli Government, this will achieve anything is very doubtful. Best thing to do is to put it in Facebook so, at least some of our friends will see it.
15. Deputy FM
holy warrior ,   UK   (09.14.11)
LOL, the 'Truth About Peace Process' as told by the FM of the ocupation. What do you think he would say? defend the palestinian position?? I dont think so.. no one buys this rubbish anymore...
16. Very exellent and precise, please send the video to
josi ,   norway   (09.14.11)
The Norwegian Gov, URGENT maybe they can understand the truth of the peace process,BEFORE the vote in the UN on the 20 sep.
17. That's the problem......
tiki ,   belgium   (09.14.11)
Israel ALWAYS said(s) YES! Maybe starting to say NO will be better understood. If you are right, but you give in, you lose! That's how it works in relationships, business and politics. It's about time Israel learned that lesson. Being 'good means being a 'sucker!
18. #6 salma - you have it backwards
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.14.11)
Israel's withdrawal from Gaza resulted in innumerable attacks on Israel; terrorist bombings, rockets, mortars. This after much was made of the industrial hot houses left by Israel which was to be the beginning of industry for the "Pals". Yet they tore it apart. Typical.
19. #15. Please assist me by identifying the parts that are not
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.14.11)
true. Thanks.
20. Now for the video about Palestinian war crimes
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.14.11)
We need somebody to take the following and turn it into a video: "Whether or not attacks actually result in civilian casualties, they are in violation of international law, which also prohibits attacks aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. The patterns of attacks and statements by members and leaders of Palestinian groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Such attacks constitute war crimes." Amnesty International, 2009 And they can throw in the Palestinian scum, convicted of murder, who butchered the Fogel family under the lie that it was Palestinian "legitimate right to resist the occupation by any means." It's time to put the Palestinian leadership behind bars, and see if there are any new leaders who believe in law, order and peace.
21. Pathetic, One-Sided, Hasbara...
Nour ,   One-State   (09.14.11)
Nothing more, nothing less....
22. Good BS , I mean good PR !
23. will someone PLEASE explain 2 me
oferdesade ,   israel   (09.14.11)
what the use of a video that preaches to the converted is? those who agree will agree and those who dont wont. anybody who "doesnt know" isnt interested and wont watch (especially considering they have to actively search for it). bekitzur: who is the close producer friend who ayalon paid taxpayer money to make this clip? and will he invite ayalon to his next new-year's party?
24. Blind Jews hang themselves, again
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.14.11)
Imagine a Nazi cartoon justifying their treatment of the Jews.
25. No. 20 Brian Cohen
NYC Girl   (09.14.11)
I couldn't agree more. And then the next step should be to discuss the role played by Mahmoud Abbas in the slaughter of the Israeli Olympic athletes.
26. #23. Most of Western World is open to Israel's position.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
It is wrong to condemn Ayalon's excellent work as "preaching to the choir". Countless well meaning people have accepted the false "Palestinian" narrative simply because it was the only one readily available. However, most are open to hearing Israel's position. Opinion poll show the vast majority of Americans are friendly to Israel and there is no reason pro-Israel sentiment shouldn't be as high throughout the Western World as it is in the U.S. We need merely tell the truth loud and proud.
27. What is repulsive
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.14.11)
after knowing and hearing these facts presented, the Jews have nothing to pat themselves on the back for. Actually, considering the genocidal religious beliefs of Muslims, and how they act it out every single day, is why the hell is Israel so proud to say 'Yes'. They sound like morons. Perhaps if Jews were clever enough to say absolutely NO, perhaps the Muslims will begin to believe that we really are Jews, and the true owners of the Holy Land.
28. What a slick way of getting people....
Simantov ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
to be brain washed into agreeing to the surrender of land. No agreements with terrorists. And the only Palistinian state acceptable is in Saudi Arabia not here or in Jordan. Jordan to is promised land...
29. Gee a Israel vidio in English I wonder
ben   (09.14.11)
who it's intended for. could it be the King of the earth mentioned in Hope Kindergarten... Almost as amusing as Alan Dershowitz revisionist history opinion in the Wal street Jounal the other day
30. This 2 nd video has good as the 1st!!!well done
Anna MSedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.14.11)
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