Iran tests new smart bombs
Published: 14.09.11, 14:46
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1. 40 km
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.14.11)
Iranian "smart bombs" do not seem to be such smart. As the Iranians. Their fighter jets will be toast before they even come remotely so close to Israeli soil.
2. Smart bomb or not, it's still a senseless.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.14.11)
we need smart People.
3. Iran has also figured out how to turn coal into gold
Ron ,   Boston, USA   (09.14.11)
This is too funny. Of all the silly claims to have come out of Iran, this one is the best yet. The only "smart bomb" to have come out of Iran is one that's strapped to a human.
4. You forgot about...
Joe ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
You forgot to mention the Iranian plane crash of one of their new fighters :)
5. looks very impressive !!
6. INDEED SURPRISED...........................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.14.11)
When you could not tackle them on ground in Lebanon?Anyway, wish you all the best.
7. Smart bombs?
Nour ,   One-State   (09.14.11)
Are these people the same people who said there are no gays in Iran? I guess not.
8. iranian made?
joker ,   sydney arabia   (09.14.11)
so if you take an old us made F-5 fighter and move the wing up by 30 cm its now a new iranian designed stealth fighter that can kill F-22's? :)))
9. Iran develops new bombs & missiles
noel ,   usa   (09.14.11)
All obsolete F-4 & F-5 set for scrap heep. 25 mile range for a one ton bomb? First need deliver it to target. F-5 hasn't the range. Would love to see the self protection missile system -- maybe have first contest real soon when they trying to protect Iranian nuke sites from Israelis. Best not during Ramadan, need energy from full stomach. May well be the joke of 2012.
10. #6 good question
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.11)
That is an excellent question. How could the once mighty IDF be defeated by 5000 Hezbollah fighters? Much credit goes to Ariel Sharon who reprogrammed the IDF to attack Jewish civilians for the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif. You must also give credit to the intellectually challenged DM Amir Peretz, Chief of Staff "Stock Market" Halutz and PM "Honest" Olmert. You saw what happened two years later in Cast Lead: the IDF defeated Hamas without any difficulty, with almost no civilian casualties.
11. Iran threatens with F-4's? Oh, we're scaaaaared.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.14.11)
Most of those craft go back to the 1960s and 1970s. Israel has dealt with and defeated them all. And Israeli radar (including the US-operated X-Band station) will detect Iranian craft far beyond 40 km. The C-130 of course is a transport plane. Interestingly, US and Israeli pilots ran one of their regular competitions a year or two ago, that one involving the C-130. Israel's pilots won.
12. iran progress ???
roni ,   toronto, canada   (09.14.11)
usa x-band radar sees all. no attack so far means there is something going in iran's favor, so no attack ever. iran keeps making progress, slowly but steadily in many fields
13. F4 + F5 are jet trainers...LOL
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.14.11)
14. Let me guess ...
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (09.14.11)
... they ahve managed to incorporate Photoshop in their smart bombs?
15. ***
Guest ,   Asia   (09.14.11)
bomb is probably designed to target air palane carriers or military base in middle east. In this case 50km makes sense. Of couse Iran made big progress in many fields, that is why all in the west is worriyng.
16. #1. Where did you hear that?
Persian CAT   (09.14.11)
Iran has neither the intention nor the capability to attack Israel? Why would it do that? I have not heard ANY Iranian official uttering a word about attacking Israel. There's abundant chatter the other way around, which I don't take seriously either. The stale cheap beer has clouded you non-existing logic, boy.
17. Very funny!
Steve ,   USA   (09.14.11)
In every confrontation with the Israeli Air Force, Arab / Muslim pilots have turned tail and tried to run (not very successful at it either -LOL) It would be very hard to attack incoming Israeli Jets (successfully) when your either running away or hiding your aircraft on the ground from Israeli 'smart bombs' (real ones). Or if your moving your entire Iranian Air force to safer airfields in the far eastern deserts of the country. Following the battle (lol), the Iranians will of course declare a great victory in the name of Allah. The rest of the Arab world and Europe ( Obama also if he's still in office) will then cry for an end to 'hostilities' and condemn Israel for ....whatever comes to mind at the time. The Arab League (of fools) will call an emergency session of the 'Supreme Council (of something)' and will vote unanimously on something or other. The more Iran brags about their capabilities, the less I am concerned. As far as Hezbollah is concerned. The only reason they are still around (in Lebanon) is because of a faulty strategy by the IDF Command. Won't happen again.
18. #15 Guest, Asia
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.14.11)
Does the word AWACS mean anything to you? They can see any Iranian aircraft within a radius of 500km.
19. The Truth Out Of Iran, Finally
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.14.11)
So aptly named, this areal exercise. "those sacrificing themselves for the homeland 3." If these hapless pilots ever get within 500 miles of Israel, they will indeed have participated in a sacrifice for their homeland! Bring it on!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.14.11)
But below par answer.IDF 'deafeted' Hamas without difficulty?Are you sure they defeated Hamas? Something is wrong somewhere.
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (09.14.11)
22. mawmoog don't take kindness and virtue as weakness
these next round ,   will be brutal   (09.14.11)
23. So Iran says :)
shlomo ,   USA   (09.14.11)
So now they are claiming they have systems to intercept and defeat any missile? Something neither the US nor Russia have? I want some of what they are smoking! LOL! Iranian scientists are not that clever but their PhotoShop experts are!
24. Israeli medicine
Mike van Hariss ,   Antwerp Belgium   (09.14.11)
This is a good medicine for Israel.
25. Wow, excellent turnaround Iran
William ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
Just a few weeks after Israel successfully deploys anti-missile units against Hamas, Iran unveils its new anti-rocket smart bombs. Amazing those Iranians.
26. #6 - indeed difficult...when they hide behind civilians
William ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
but we still killed over 1000, grabbed a few that gave great intelligence, depleted their weapons, smashed up their infrastructure and tunnel network (also in a civilian area), and left 15000 foreign troops on their soil. Seems to be like a net-win in Israel's favor. And with Israel's new anti-RPG weapons mounted on the tanks, life for Hizbullah just got more difficult.
27. #16 - The Commander of IRG often uttered those words
William ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
He also mentioned the need and the justification to hit EU cities, and the right to nuclear weapons. Don't they aire that on State-run PressTV?
28. #20 - Pretty sure IDF defeated Hamas
William ,   Israel   (09.14.11)
The IDF proved their intelligence was very good, which Hamas was embarassed by. The tunnels and weapons depots were blown to crap. Most of the infrastructure was torn up except that which remained civilian. And civilian casualty rates remained well-below the average for urban fighting. Hamas' ratings at home plummeted, and Iran was fuming. Sure, we didn't kill every last Hamas person but it was a win anyway. Not too shabby.
29. YNet is GREAT Entertainment!!
Israeli 2   (09.14.11)
30. number 16
aviv ,   brooklyn ny   (09.15.11)
hahahahhahahahahahhahaha that has to be the dumbest thing i ever heard iran threatens to fight us every day but dont got the balls to back up there words learn before you speak hahaha
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