Ghana renews diplomatic ties with Israel
Ronen Medzini
Published: 15.09.11, 07:51
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1. I don't get it - why did Ghana sever ties...
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
when it was the Arabs who attacked Israel, at their weakest? They're not Muslim so why punish Israel for winning an illegal war of genocide against its population?
2. Israel Has two major brands in Ghana...
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
Golda Meir and Jesus. Whoa. Better not say that so loud. The "Palestinians" swear Jesus is "Palestinian" and definitely not a Jew.
3. im sure Liberman will screw that up to
Haim ,   TA   (09.15.11)
Just a matter of time before the former night club bouncer from Moldavia screws that up to.
4. #3 Haim, 09.15.11
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (09.15.11)
I agree with you. If something can be screwed up, Lieberman will do it, with the blessing of one or two others in the government. The problems Israel has now, are entirely because of our current government. Its a homemade catastroph of incompetent politicians.
5. you ain't seen nothing yet
HaifaGuy   (09.15.11)
these are just the buds. The flowers will bloom on the other side of the upcoming WW3. I hope i'll live to see that.
6. To #3
M.J. Eizen ,   Petah Tikvah, Israel   (09.15.11)
Your ignorance is showing. As foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman has made the pursuit of positive relationships with African countries a priority of Israeli diplomacy. Only an uniformed fool would make such a comment, which apparently, you are.
7. Very emotional
Ricardo Macher ,   Karne Shomron   (09.15.11)
I get very moved when I read things like this. It would be so good if our country could be respected like that. We have so much to offer to the world and above all friendship. It's really good to listen that they have Israeli flags in their cars when they are burning our flag everywhere. Why, why, why, cannot we be a normal, decent, respected country? Israelis, lets bring down this government, elect a new one and make peace with the Palestinians. Just let them have their state and let's be welcomed in Africa, Asia, the Middle East... Thank you Ghana. I love you.
8. tzipi livni can eat her words now
she's been ranting and raving about how bad Lierberman and Bibi are on the diplomatic front, but in reality, Israel has even the strongest ties it EVER had in Africa, Eastern Europe, the CIS, and South Asia. What did Kadima do? ruin 2 opportunities to bring peace to Lebanese and Gazan borders!
9. All very nice but........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (09.15.11)
....not really worth investing Foreign Ministry funds on maintaining yet another embassy in another West African backwater. Plenty of Ghanaians come to Israel for all sorts of training programs, so they should just leave it at that.
10. Liberman discovers a new source of cheap labor
Haim ,   TA   (09.15.11)
11. #7 and others ignorant
ruff ,   uk   (09.15.11)
First of all I wanna say I love Israel to bits, I'm an african Zimbabwean, I'm shocked by the ignorance of some of u Israelis concerning the Muslims vs Jews conflict, the Koran,Islam is your enemy they want to take the whole land of Israel, tell me, how are u going to negotiate with someone who wants ALL. thank God for Bibi he knows that this is a religious issue, u guys have given the Pals land but they keep ask for more want have they given nothing but rockets. Bibi is the right tough guy if Livni gets in power u need to migrate to US otherwise holocaust. The agenda of Islam is to turn the world into a Islamic world, but for Israel they want the whole land. As well the majority of Israelis have got a wrong mindset towards Christians u think we hate u, why do u think US supports Israel its becoz of the Christians, in US if u hate Israel no true Christian is going to vote for u. So stop complaining about Bibi fight Islam
12. #Left extremism ranting
Menachem ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
It is the Arabs and not Israel who have consistently opposed a peaceful 2-state solution since 1937. The problem with Israel is that it is far too decent in dealing with its mortal and evil enemies. Israelis rejected your left-wing propaganda in the 2009 elections and will continue to do so in the future.
13. Good Job Lieberman, doing something no one has done since 73
Observer ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
14. Great News
Samuel Owusu-Yeboah ,   Johannesburg, RSA   (09.15.11)
I am very much impressed that finally, Ghana has established diplomatic relations with Israel. Yes, Ghana might have some challenges in the past, but the truth is that Ghana is one of the emerging countries. As ironic as it might sound, Ghana (and other African nations like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria) is at the forefront of producing the next generation of world class professionals, academics and business persons. This diplomatic link is a sign of this shift in the balance of power. I also believe that this end was achieved by the combined effort of all Israelis. Let us put aside our political maklokas and look at a more optimistic future.
15. May the rest of Africa soon follow...
A ,   Belgium   (09.15.11)
...and enjoy the advantage of being allied with their new friends in Israel.
16. #4 - then you haven't been paying attention
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
Most social problems today existed and were ignored during Leftist governments in Israel. Israel didn't perform as well in 2006 against Hizbullah because mister "On strike" Peretz was leading the Defense Ministry of which he had zero experience. Barak continues to be an embarrassment to Israel as he purposely curtails the military, and even hurts its pride, because it meets the Leftist position he holds. A very valid social protest has been continually hijacked by Leftists trying to find a way back into power, hurting the apolitical movement. Rabin - also Leftist - invited the PLO back into our land, armed the "Palestinians", and signed a peace accord that is worth slightly less than toilet paper made from fiberglass. and you have the gall to say our problems today are because of Bibi?? Show me the paradise we lived in before Bibi.
17. #6 - he's not uninformed, he's just a Leftist extremist
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
Haim despises anyone who doesn't adhere to his own narrow, self-righteous narrative, straight from (surprise surprise) Tel Aviv. Even if Bibi brought lasting peace, Haim would despise him. They call those people "haters".
18. #10 - as do the Leftist elitists in Ramat Aviv
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
unless you still believe Leftists collectively wear burlap bags for clothes and eat turnips in order to maintain a "fair and equitable social community", comrade.
19. To # 3
Oleg ,   USA   (09.15.11)
Haim, you have won daily prize - you are an IDIOT of the day.
20. Happy to read this good news.
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (09.24.11)
toast to a healthy and successful relations.Go Israel.
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