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NYT: Netanyahu isolating Israel
Published: 15.09.11, 09:57
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1. NYT
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.15.11)
If the US Americans wants to give half a country to the Arabs, they should take theirs (or just shut up).
2. Talk about panic
grod ,   usa   (09.15.11)
The NY Times just lost it. Do us all a favor & just fold.
3. New York Times: Sour Grapes
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.11)
Natanyahu is no more intractible than Begin Z"L. Leftists everywhere still mourning the demise of communism have adopted the palestinian cause to substitute in alliance with the right wing elements in Europe FUEV who support the Palestinian as they want to destroy the Jews & Jewish State NYT sees the ground slipping under Obama and looks for a scapegoat in Natanyahu, easy meat after the local protestors here tried to ease him out. If Obama really cared for Peace , the founding Fathers Principles, and the USA , he would not have worshiped under Jeremiah Wright 20 years when he was not chained to the pew Obama would not have destabilised the middle east by encouraging revolts that have put Islamists into the vanguards to rule, Obama would not have bowed worshipfully to Saudi's Abdullah , who funded his election campaign with money laundered through the internet. Obama would not have made a deliberate mess of the USA, covered up by attacking some al quaida men now the NYT is trying to set up excuses and scapegoats for him through BiBi for whom I have even less time and for that matter zippi Livni . Both the latter want power even at Israel's best interest.
4. Remind me
Perplexed   (09.15.11)
Remind me why the opinion of the NYT, who never have a good word to say about Israel, should interest us. If the editorial had supported Israel THAT would be newsworthy
5. Netanyahu dosen't want Palestinian state
Sue ,   USA   (09.15.11)
6. NYT and its anti-Israel propaganda
bob kirk ,   las vegas nv   (09.15.11)
The NYT has been an anti-Israel propaganda paper for a very long time, especially when the government is Likud -Thomas Friedman did a great deal of dmage to Israel. It is also obsessively anti-Republican. What can we say about a peper that blames Israel when the Palestinian Authority has refused for 3 years now to even re-start and continue negotiations with Israel. The PA talked to Olmert for 2 years and then refused to respond to Israel's peace proposals. It seems clear now that abandoning the peace process was always Abbas' goal. His predecessor blew up the 'peace process' with suicide bombers and ambushes - killing hundreds of Israelis. Now we witness the PA simply abandon peace in favor of an imposed UN made state. Not a word of criticism from Obama about the PA's refusal to resume peace talks and continue in them. Instead Obama blamed Israel for lack of progress. Obama first tried to bully Israel then he just walked away from the whole situation.
7. Great Start-Up:toilet paper with NYT logo on it..!?
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.15.11)
8. I prefer the Daily News and the Post over the Times.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.15.11)
But, sports section not too bad.
9. ..."an agreement to EASE TENSIONS with turkey" ???
eporue ,   europe   (09.15.11)
why did israel pull out of such an agreement...!!!???
10. Netanyahu's major political interests
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.15.11)
His coalition and his wife
11. With such friends, who on earth needs enemies.
sasha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (09.15.11)
Presumably the editor of NY times considers him/herself a friend of Israel and all the rant is to educate Netanyahu. here in Spain, El Pais took simmilar stances towards Zapatero, a great friend to O'bama. Now, with Zapatero politically dead, they are singing rather different a song. Wake up, NY Times, the republicans are coming! And everybody knows, Netanyahu is more republican than the republicans themselves.
12. building settlements
Joe ,   uk   (09.15.11)
Send the article Ayalon launches 'truth about peace process' clip to NYT ask them to look at it with open mind then let you know what they have to say about it dont hold your breath
13. obama
sas ,   israel   (09.15.11)
hates israel. he is carter # 2 and let's hope for only one term. i am not a fan of netanyahu but he certainly is not ruining obama's name and character.
14. NYT and the Like is the Reason for Isolation
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.15.11)
Apologist lackeys is too polite a term for the disgusting behavior of the so-called "journalists" of the seditionsist New York Times. NYT - YOU are the problem!
15. Ohhh how bad...a wimp of the Dems
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.11)
got kicked out and the POOOOR leftists of the NYT got saaaad !!!! Of course these MORONS want Israel to go down...and therefore they just HATE Bibi...
16. #8, Noodles...are You back from holiday ?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.11)
17. All the s**t fit to print. Notice what NYT didn't report?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.15.11)
Well, it's hard to publish such an editorial if you also just reported that the Palestinian ambassador to the UN stated that Palestine will be an apartheid state. Yes, the Pal ambassador Maen Rashid Areikat said that his new state must be free of Jews "at first". Anybody else see anything but Arab apartheid here? Just how long does Palestine have to keep Jews out of their new, secular state? That's ethnic cleansing, but the NYT isn't reporting it. Why? And, of course, not a word about this in the NYT, since it would simply help deflate their anti-Bibi editorial.
18. The NYT is right but it doesn't mention
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.15.11)
that BIBI is constrained by Lieberman the idiot. Lieberman was the one that torpedoed the Turkey deal that will cause more security problems for Israel and restrain Israeli action if the need may arise in regards to the terrorist in Gaza and the maniacs in Iran. I know the majority of you YNET generals and political science bloggers will disagree with me. but trust me you will look back in a few years and say what a mess BIBI has caused and don't think about blaming Obama he tried to get BIBI to be a little more open minded but he is arrogant and ungrateful and is only thinking about his political future vs Lieberman.
19. Welcome back Noodles - we love you man
20. netanyahu
gadot ,   herzlia   (09.15.11)
Bibi your doing the right thing. the hell with the new york times and the jews who are work for them who are afraid of being a jew.
21. what do they mean?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.11)
Hamas wants "peace". It's just that when they say "peace" they mean "all Jews are dead". NYT supports "peace". When they say "peace" they mean the Saudi peace plan: ethnically pure Arab state with unlimited Arab Muslim immigration to the Jewish state, in other words no Israel. If Netanyahu is isolating Israel by fighting against Hamas and NYT, he is doing the right thing.
22. @16 Yes Chris, beaches of Barcelona were great. Thanks.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.15.11)
23. the NYT?
JL   (09.15.11)
dont make me laugh...the NYTs is a rag and so far left it makes Haaretz look right wing
24. opposite is true
Yossi ,   Ashkelon   (09.15.11)
Doesn't Egypt embarrasing Obama? Doesn't Turkey embarrasing Obama? Doesn't Palestine jokking on Obama? I think that it is rather Obama that is embarrassing Israel and isolate it !
25. compromise
larry Butler ,   kibutz Israel   (09.15.11)
refuse to make any compromises with the Palestinians. The Palestinians refuse to sit and talk " but who cares nothing will change on the ground without the arabs willing to sit and talk.
26. Its the other way round, the world is
Eric......... ,   Israel...   (09.15.11)
isolating Israel,they always have and they always will.Our PRO sucks,if we would use the media like the Arabs do we would be better off.
27. The N.Y.T needed a loan to continue publishing
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (09.15.11)
The N.Y.T. has a very low circulation it has lost many advertisers and has become a joke.It took a loan from the richest man in the world a Mexican Arab.The only people who read it are people like Woody Allan,JStreet members ,ultra leftist,Muslim Firsters and leftists in Washington ,New York and Hollywood who want to hear their Leftist Ideology confirmed.
28. NYT talking nonsense as usual
Menachem ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
The Arabs rejected Netanyahu's 2-state solution just like they have rejected all 2-state solutions in the past. Genuine peace will only come when the Arabs reconcile themselves with the permanent existence of the Jewish state and abandon their genocidal anti-Semitic policies.
29. The worst man in the worst palce
Dan Alter ,   France   (09.15.11)
I think Mr Netanyahu loves more his place as PM, than his country's fate
30. @19 Thanks a lot to you, also. Appreciated.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.15.11)
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