PA to file UN membership bid with Security Council
Elior Levy and AP
Published: 15.09.11, 12:31
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1.  1 NO vetoes 126 YES at the UNSC (End)
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.15.11)
2. I hope they get it and are CUT OFF from Israel.
Time to cut loose the freeloading enemy. The UN and other pinky dickheads can pay for their power and water...and continue to pay for their guns and bullets
3. Palestinian UN bid
Michael ,   Australia   (09.15.11)
They are lodging the bid in the Security Council which is likely to fail given the US veto. If they lodged it in the UNGA they would succeed in attaining observer state status. However, they need to negotiate with Israel. Failure to do so effectively means they withdraw from peace negotiations and yet intend to form a state with their present charter being overtly hostile to Israel. The result will be potentially catastrophic for the world.
4. Its up to our friend, President of the United States
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.11)
5. Means to avoid statehood- and save face
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (09.15.11)
The PA know fully well that the UNGA would pass it, but that the UNCS would not. They also know that they need to save face, and dont realy want statehood at this stage, and are using it to pressure Israel. There own administration members have said as much. So why waste time, just go straight to the UNSA who will throw it out.
6. If they get recognition at the UN,
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (09.15.11)
all future negotiations and previous agreement should end. The beginning of a new 2 state solution will start with Israel on one side of the Jordan River and Palestine is on the other side of the Jordan River.
7. Why not?
Sue ,   USA   (09.15.11)
Israelis did just that in 1948, Why not the Palestinians? then talks to the Israelis about real peace not gimmicks of bibi
8. Cool - Pals paint an emergency exit in their corner!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.15.11)
And here I was thinking that the Pals had painted themselves into a corner with no way out other than intifada#3 (a losing concept, of course) and almost certain economic chaos for their people. Now they can let the Yanks veto it, and blame the Americans for "blocking their national aspirations". Obama will veto, then invite Abbas and Bibi to the White House where he'll pay off both sides with bribes to get them to sit down together again with a timetable that stretches into 2013 so that the next president can inherit the headache. With a little money (ok, maybe a lot of mony), Obama can make it look like he got the two sides together to negotiate and save some face (despite the fact that it's the Pals own connivance and refusal to negotiate that is the source of the problem). Of course nothing will come of it, because Abbas still won't be able to sign anything because of Hamas (which refuses peace with Israel, remember?). The Pals will have wasted a few more years, but then, they really don't care how long it takes. They're still hoping that Israel might collapse along the way.
9. " to # 2
Yankelev, PhD, Msc' ,   Coral Springs USA   (09.15.11)
Well said ! Bravo for good work. Amen
10. This enables the PA to climb down the tree!
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (09.15.11)
The PA doesn't even have the right to submit the proposal. Only the PLO does. They know that they could win in the General Assembly but not at the Security Council. So they go to the Security Council. What does that tell you?
11. no 7 you talk
gdfathermax ,   tel aviv israel   (09.15.11)
absolute rubbish. The palis have no intention of negoitiating with Israel. The minute they get their paper state from the UN Oslo is finished. Israel will provide no water, no power, no phone lines no tax money, Israel will annex the west bank areas it needs and prepare for war. Let's see how the fake palis survive after that.
12. Nightmare scenario
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.11)
Obama knows he won't be re-elected because of his miserable failure in saving the US economy and creating US jobs. Whether or not he vetoes the Arab motion, he will be remembered as the worst US president in history. If he doesn't veto the motion, he will fulfill Reverend Wright's command, he will be a hero of the Arab world and he will get the Jews who he probably blames for his troubles.
13. #7 many reasons
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.11)
In 1948, the Jews were under the threat of genocide by the Arabs. Now, it is the Arabs who are threatening the Jews with genocide. In 1948, the Jews wanted to negotiate a settlement, and the UN recognition of Israel was only after the Arabs refused any negotiations. Now, the Arabs are refusing to negotiate against all agreements that they previously signed.
14. opposed?
Israeli   (09.15.11)
Four prime ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu among them, have said that they're in favor of Palestinian state, that it must be accomplished through negotiations, so why haven't we done it yet? Is our argument that we object to it's being a unilateral measure? What's more unilateral than the settlements that we insist on continuing to build? The State of Israel itself was created, in part, in the United Nations. Next week will be Israel's moment of truth, or more precisely the moment in which its deception will be revealed. Be it the president, the prime minister or the ambassador to the UN, even the greatest of public speakers will be incapable of standing before the representatives of the nations of the world and explaining Israeli logic.
15. Balfour 1917 - Obama 2011
Lisa ,   LA. Ca   (09.15.11)
16. Stupid is as stupid does.
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.15.11)
I trust that since these guys are really after the destruction of the Jewish state, we stop p*ssing about revoke all agreements they will have dishonoured or revoked by their action , and drive them to their homes in Jordan
17. No, Sarah, It Is Not Up To POTUS
emanon ,   USA   (09.15.11)
There are other nations that have veto power in the Security Council besides the US. The reality is, however, it is up to ISRAEL and ISRAEL ALONE to garner enough support to block what is a looming disaster for Jews the world over.
18. Can Somebody Please Tell Me
Lioness ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
What is the capital of Palestine. What is their currency? Are they a law-abiding nation that wants to live in peace with its neighbors or do they seek to destroy their neighbors and believe me not only Israel do they want to destroy but also Jordan.
19. September 23 First Day of Autumn
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.15.11)
will be a very special day, fall of leaves off the trees & fall of Obama's fig leaf.
21. Will PM's speech change anyone's mind?
Israeli 2   (09.15.11)
Why is he really going there? Unless the U.S. and Europe apply direct, personal pressure upon other nations, nothing would change.
gabby ,   israel   (09.15.11)
peace is a blessin the abrahamic religions dont have but the lord wants us to be different,and its true the lord of universe laughs at man drawing lines on the land. lol
23. maybe he knows what we don't know?
tiki ,   belgium   (09.15.11)
Obama loves 'surprises, so don't count on him 100% yet. Maybe it's 'revenge time against Bibi, who dared to disobey him (Palies & rest of Arabs disobeying is OK), maybe it's 'payback time for helping the diplomats from being lynched in Egypt.
IamJoseph ,   Sydney   (09.15.11)
25. It's okay Israel!
shawna ,   Florida, USA   (09.15.11)
You have the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob backing you!! People need to wake up (especially Americans) and pray for Israel. And see the evilness working through the UN.
26. its bold... and imo the best thing they can do...
eporue ,   europe   (09.15.11)
...the bid will be vetoed, but this will set a milestone, imo even in worlds history... things wont be the same afterwards... im afraid too, but the parties let it come to the crash, i mean europe and usa... i cant think, their idiot behaviour in this matter was incidentially... they could have initiated negotations anytime, long ago... israel is 100% on life support of everyone... there was nothing, zero zilch done to press netanyahu... not over negotiations nor the settlements... good, now we are were we are... not abbas fault... btw, im wondering, if they fail at the unsecurity council, why they shouldnt go then for the general assembly in a couple of months to get this observer status or whatever... any objections ? no, huh ?
27. No friend of ours
Robin ,   Merion, USA   (09.15.11)
Obama might be a personal friend of yours, but he is NO friend of Israel or the Jews! The only reason for the US veto is reelection. If this was happening a year and a half from now and Obama was reelected (G-d forbid) he would be doing the opposite. He would be pushing as hard as he could for PLO statehood.
28. Will Britain and France also do right and veto?
Carl ,   USA   (09.15.11)
Why should the US be left standing alone among other supposedly civilized nations to do what's right? How can anyone possibly vote an avowed, unrepentant terrorist entity into the family of nations?! Hamas is still firmly committed to the destruction of a soverign UN member state.
29. #7 is confused.
Penny ,   Canada   (09.15.11)
In 1947, the UN Security Council voted to recommend the Partition Agreement and then the UN General Assembly voted by more than the necessary two thirds majority in favor of it. All the Arab countries then refused it and Israel accepted it and declared Israel as an independent state in 1948. Now, when the USA will veto the Palestinian Authority's resolution asking to become a state, that resolution will be defeated and the UN General Assembly will not be able to vote on it, and Palestine will have no state, and no state status at the UN. When the UN General Assembly will then be asked the same question on a new and different resolution, a majority will vote "Yes" to give the Palestinian Authority the status of a non-voting, observer State like the Vatican at the UN General Assembly, but "Palestine" will not be a real state and it will have no vote at the UN.
30. @ 4 Sarah B
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.15.11)
Now he is your friend.. You make me laugh. Where are all the it's Obama's fault post that the majority of the world is voting against us and the only country and or leader that has the balls to stand with Israel is Obama. Wow I guess Gates is right Israeli's are ungrateful like they are entitled to a US veto.
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