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Netanyahu to address General Assembly ahead of PA bid
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 15.09.11, 20:22
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31. Give it to 'em, Bibi
A ,   Belgium   (09.15.11)
With the spirit of Menachem Begin on your shoulder, give them so much truth that the Europeans start sweating and the arabs start shaking from...fear of the truth!
32. Isn't the surname "Al-Malki" of Pakistani origin?
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
Unique population of natives, my ass!
33. #3 - there is still hope justice trumps politics
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
and those not totally blinded by Arab oil are reachable with basic facts. After all, facts and history are on Israel's side, even though oil power and greed by the West are against it.
34. #10 - he presents facts which are well-documented...
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
the only spin here is in NOT ignoring the facts in order to meet a racist Arab agenda.
35. Imagine how different the conversation would be at the UN...
William ,   Israel   (09.15.11)
if the world moved from its oil lust and used Israeli-produced renewable energy technologies? Imagine how different this conversation would be once Israel taps and delivers gas from Leviathan.
FO ,   Belgium   (09.15.11)
There is only one and UNIQUE TRUTH, Mr. PM, you can tell to the General Assembly, and that is that the UNITED NATIONS reafirmed and are bound by ARTICLE 80 of its CHARTER, to the resolutions of the LEAGUE of NATIONS, voted the 24th of July 1922 by all its 51 members. These resolutions called "THE MANDATE FOR PALESTINE" gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere in the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, a right valid to this day in INTERNATIONAL LAW. This is the only truth you can and must deliver to the UN General Assembly.
Deborah Lurya ,   United States   (09.15.11)
Bibi NO MORE NEGOTIATIONS- why bother. Show courage and stop all talking with these jew haters. How can one even discuss a Palestinian state when Abbas talks of making it judenrein. The hell with these hateful bastards. Let them go to Jordan or Egypt, and let their arab muslim brothers lend a hand. Israel needs to concentrate on strengthening her walls and her people
38. #21 eporue
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.16.11)
He already did confirm that he wouldn't continue construction. He put a moratorium in place for many months, and only at the end did Abbas ask him to reinstate it. Building didn't prevent the signing of Oslo; they knew they would have to talk about them. But Israel stopped and is not going to stop again. Just like now the arabs want to talk about the '48 partition plan after having refused it. LOL.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.16.11)
It seems as if no history has ever been learned and internalized. The nations of the world are angry and frustrated that for thousands of years they have tried to destroy the Israelite people and have not succeeded. Has anything really changed? Is weakness being shown by the Prime Minister that the nations of the world will never listen. There is only one protector toward which we can turn. Guess who it is!!!
40. un procedure etc...
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation/land..   (09.16.11)
security council a place within the un general assembly right away/immediately.
41. Go for it Bibi. Do what you have to do.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.16.11)
At the end of the day, what you say will make more sense than the garbage the Mahdi man spouts. It is important that you present Israel's perspective...for the record.
42. Bibi, Back in the day u were hot, 2day u r not!
Israeli ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
It is interesting to note that most of the TBers who are pro-Bibi are from abroad! Which is to say that Bibi still holds magic for those who live outside of Israel. Those of us who live here know better!
43. #42
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.11)
A wise man doesn't fall in a trap that a smart man can figure how to get out of. Netanyahu might make a great speech, but the actual votes will not be cast because of truth but because of national interest. Netanyahu could have prevented this day. Before Netanyahu came to power, the Arabs could not have declared a state. Since his election, Netanyahu spent his years illegally persecuting and attacking Jews. At the same time, he tirelessly built the Arab economy, encouraged Arab take over of land (including building a new Arab city) and strengthened their army. This is while they refused to negotiate with him, even when he acceded to their every demand. Zionists living in Israel wish him best, but cannot forgive him for ignoring Likud principles and betraying his voters.
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