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Maccabi booed in Istanbul before kickoff
Associated Press
Published: 16.09.11, 07:25
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1. This makes up for the 9 dead turks, they won a soccer match.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.16.11)
They have their pride back and they can go back to business as usual.
2. “Martyrs don't die”
Ali   (09.16.11)
his entire, ''Martyrs don't die,homeland do not be divided.'' these slogans are not new.for soldiers and policemen who were killed say.Besiktas fans every match opens a giant flag of Turks and this slogan is thrown.carpet in the field of police and the teacher's wife who was killed while playing soccer..A few days ago 1 police, 1 soldier, 3 civilians killed in a terrorist attack,for they.does not show good faith at all to say that half of the slogan.
3. AP bias
R ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
1) The Israeli team could not leave their hotel for fear of violence and could not check out the field or practice before the game. 2) AP calls the Marmara terrorists "activists". Any activists were on the other boats that did not attack with knives and chains. Typical of Associated Press. I don't know what to believe in these AP articles anymore.
4. to Bunnie
turk ,   istanbul   (09.16.11)
You r not human r u ?
5. turks can play soccer
brian ,   ny, us   (09.17.11)
Stick to playing soccer and avoid sending your sailors to a certain death in the eastern Med.
6. thank god.!!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (09.17.11)
Thank god israel did not win , or turkey would have wanted israel to tell them that they was sorry for beating them then turkey would have sent warships to the med.
7. maccabi
sas ,   israel   (09.18.11)
they should be happy they got out of there alive.
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