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Hamas slams Fatah's statehood bid
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.09.11, 23:26
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1. What Palestine??
Chaim ,   Canada   (09.16.11)
There is no Palestine. In the eyes of the one true God it is the land of Israel. Hamas are idiots for thinking otherwise and attempting to dupe them into following their stupidity.
2. Hamas Fatah Meeting
Adam ,   London   (09.16.11)
In this picture Haniyeh looks like he is trying to get to grips with the classic Arafat smile.
3. Haniyeh Picture
16.09.2011   (09.16.11)
I used to consider Haniyeh as a fairly good-looking man. In this picture, he is the image of an Ape. What on earth has happened to him? Could that be nothing less than sheer greed from over-eating? He's now a sight for sore eyes!
4. Arab unity. Yea right. And "Palestine" includes Gaza?!?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.16.11)
"the main thing is to protect the national unity." The United States of Palestine. The only problem is, of course, that there is not unity. The world dictators' club (sometimes called the UN) doesn't care, and will grant nation status to "Palestine", even though there will be two states: Fatahstan in the west bank, and Hamastan in Gaza, both of them calling themselves the real "Palestine". The Palestinians have made a joke out of international law, and have helped reduce the UN to a pointless body populated by despotic governments and staffed by fat-cat corrupt bureaucrats. Given that, it looks like maybe it is time for the two Palestines to join the same club. They'll fit right in with the rest, abusing their own citizens and begging the western powers for more and more and more handouts.
5. "Palestinians accept nothing less than flag waving over UN"
William ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
better than a "Palestinian" flag waving over Jerusalem. Coincidentally, flags are IN FRONT OF the UN and not over the building. An obvious Freudian slip which shows "Palestinians" purpose of power and control over the UN, and not as a member...just like the past several decades.
6. "UN Bid will not force Israel to withdraw"
William ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
Of course not. Only negotiations for a lasting peace, in lines with Israel's security and peaceful coexistence, will cause that. When you drop your racist genocidal goals, give us a call. Nothing less will be considered.
7. #6. Negotiations are more dangerous than U.N. bid.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
#6. Your heart is in the right place. However, Israeli negotiations with the P.A. are far more dangerous than another meaningless Israel bashing U.N. resolution. Until the Oslo Disaster, Israel steadfastly refused to negotiate with terrorists. The reason was obvious. It is lunacy to negotiate with those who want you dead. That is why Churchill refused to negotiate with Hitler. It is also why Israel should end all negotiations with the P.A. There are those with whom differences are reconcileable. By all means, negotiate with them. There are also mortal enemies who must be pummelled till they surrender unconditionally or are destroyed. Such as the Nazis and the P.A.
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