PA's softened proposal revealed
Elior Levy
Published: 16.09.11, 11:47
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1. redefining the word "negotiation"
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (09.16.11)
Maybe it is me, I was always under the impression that when you negotiate you work together to bring about a settlement that it agreeable to both sides. The PA continues to pre-define the outcome of the negotiations--and the world sits back and nods its' collectively ignorant head! When is someone going to actually READ 292 and see what it said! Remind me to thank the American President for this ( by actively working against his re-election!)
2. Idiots
Joe Tango ,   USA   (09.16.11)
Who is the stupid idiot in the Israeli goverment that is calling for continue aid to the Palestians. DUMB STUPID DUMB    
3. Good morning...
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.16.11)
... Or good afternoon Ynet! :)
4. We don't know...
Marcela Araújo ,   With you, Brazil   (09.16.11)
... If Mr. Abbas have been planned it for a long time... But, when people talk openly (I mean a direct conversation), it´s easier to understand each other...
5. Whle the UN is at it...
David M.   (09.16.11)
“The UN General Assembly will call on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume negotiations on core issues, including Jerusalem, refugees and the settlements and will allocate six months for negotiations.” It is such a great idea to solve the problem that has been festering for 100 years with one fast and easy swoop. While they are at it why not organize parallel negotiations to solve Turkish-Kurdish problem, Turkish- Armenian dispute and also address Turkish occupation of Cyprus, Chinese occupation of Tibet, Russian return of Kuril Islands to Japan and British occupied Falkland Islands (Malvinas) to Argentina. I am sure there are many other territorial disputes that could be added to the list. In this way in only half a year the world would enter a state of perpetual love and peace and the UN would justify its squandering of billions of dollars each year.
6. Starting...
Marcela Araújo ,   With you, Brazil   (09.16.11)
... A direct conversation... ... Always makes things better.
7. To n° 1, Ellen
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.16.11)
I do agree with you.
8. 500 lb Gorilla in the room
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia   (09.16.11)
Why do all of these items neglect both Hamas as well as the PA Hamas reconciliation? Why does the international community insist that Israel give up everything (i mean... negotiate) with someone who is not even in control of everything (Abbas)
9. Never a right move
Dan ,   Florida   (09.16.11)
No matter what the Palestinians do they ALWAYS make the wrong choice. It is time to end 63 years of insanity. Israel must announce at the U.N. that Israel is taking over the entire West Bank and will support and be involved in creating a Palestinian State on the EAST bank. The Palestinians can either make it a success or another terrorist sewer as is Gaza but as a state, if they launch any terror attacks upon Israel, that now becomes an act of war and Israel can legitimately destroy it.
10. #1 - you remind me of Livni
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (09.16.11)
And I don't mean that in an attacking way. Livni had several chances to form a colaliton but couldn't because she doesn't understand the machinations involved in politics. And you are most likely a decent person, but you don't understand them either. Don't read the lines, but read beween them; or read what isn't said.
11. Sorry post 1 - I meant post 2
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (09.16.11)
Ariely ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.16.11)
No difference between Arabs desire in 1947 and 2011. Destroying the Jewish state Only new tactics!(terror,boycode,deligitimization) --- In 2011 The Arabs want to get international approval to: *No to a Jewish state! *No to direct negotiations! *No to a peace that will remove the issues for conflict continuation! They want to bypass international resolutions: *UN creation of a Jewish state *Resolution 242 stating that negotiations should lead to peace and final boarders, end of conflict. -- The world need of Muslim oil combined with the wish to please the Islamism outcome is: --they are ready to give away all the moral values -- pay to Muslims with the Israeli coin (remember Czechoslovakia)
13. PA's softened proposal revealed
Yonatan ,   Yerusalem   (09.16.11)
Salma what the meaning of calum fadi
14. "Within the 67 borders"
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.16.11)
They can have a state within the 67 borders in the same way that Vatican City is within the borders of Italy or Wyoming is within the borders of the United States or Lesotho is within the borders of South Africa. These places don't take up the whole area of the borders they are within. And that is how the future Palestinian state needs to be as well.
15. Euro-buffoonery: How they started 2 World Wars in 25 years
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (09.16.11)
This kind of inept and unbalanced European meddling in the affairs of other nations is exactly how European arrogance managed to instigate 2 world wars in only 25 years. European perspectives on "middle east peace" are a meld of their thirst for oil coupled with an ongoing anti-Jewish bigotry marked by 1000 years of ghettos, expulsions, boycotts, pogroms, Inquisitions and Final Solutions. They have not changed, never will, and Israel and the US should just ignore them and fend off this kind of "proposal", which is designed to return Jews to their pre-Hitler weakness. Israel and the US were both formed as a rejection of Europe and their fetid Kultur.
16. #2 - global aid conditional on "palestinians" negotiating
William ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
but if they walk away from the table, like Abbas has done, aid will dry up. Not so idiotic after all.
17. #12 et al
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.16.11)
A. Yes, within the post '67 war borders, but not at the borders; the only question is how far within those borders. B. No demand that Abbas' statements be rejected? [1. No giving up of demands after a treaty is signed. 2. No recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. 3. No change in their children's education [that killing Jews is ok] C. No demand that the arabs halt unilateral moves? [1. Calling Rachel's Tomb (and other tombs) a mosque. 2. Calling for their 'state' to be judenrein. 3. etc.] D. No clarification regarding Hamas, or condemnation of it? Another biased attempt and non-starter!
18. Just proven to be BALONEY
Nour ,   One State   (09.16.11)
Palestine to UNSC.
19. what part of sanity don't you guys understand?
avramele   (09.16.11)
Will it take another war with hundreds dead and no resolution? Do you not understand that the two peoples are fated to either share and divide the land or subject their children and grandchildren to an endless conflict? That the wet dream of Jordan is Palestine is never going to happen nor is a greater Israel morally or politically feasible? That settlers can fullfill their legitimate zionist longings within the borders of a secure Jewish state west of the separation fence? that in a future confrontation the isolated settlements will be a liability requiring the protection fo IDF resources? That every historical gain made by the zionist enterprise has involved compromise and realism? And that armchair generals in Brooklyn and points afar should not be so glib, callous and irresponsible to call for and welcome the next war!
20. Joe Tango USA @2 - Idiots
macktheknife   (09.16.11)
I couldn't agree more with you, Joe. I wonder if ehud barak has his finger in tht PIE? With BiBi terrified to utter a word I can on ly assu me that he (biBi) agrees with the TROUBLEMAKER ehud barak! Let Hell mend this fella!
21. PA UN move... re comment #19
Honest John ,   Dallas, TX USA   (09.16.11)
An alternative concern to that expresses in comment #19, to wit "what part of sanity...": How about "what part of reality do you not understand?". The Islamists advertise in their doctrines and actions that "agreements" are no more than tools employed to subjugate "the infidel". Ever notice that Abbas is in bed with Hamas? And just what is that again that Hamas openly (OK, at least they are honest) advocates? Gosh, I wonder if Abbas just might be throwing out a red herring? Only an adult with a knowledge of history would dare to think such a thing!
22. Another gathering with empty heads,
Richard   (09.16.11)
empty words, empty deal,and above all empty results. Think, you stupid men sitting at the table; what are we going to get from all this, what do they have to offer; the reply is NOTHING, except that they are going to stop legally murdering Jews, babies, women, until someone decides otherwise. No matter what the Jewish State (unacceptable to this rotten abbas) will put on the table, it will be an enormous, irreplaceable loss, to be fought over at a later time at staggering losses. All this while the idiots, and i mean IDIOTS that run the US, EU, UN, and other small stupid countries being paid-off, refuse to acknowledge that the viper abbas has other ideas in his preamble to statehood; NO jewish state, No change in school curriculum for vicious children's education, one country from Jordan to the ocean, one Jerusalem and western wall (all arab of course);Tel-Aviv, Haifa, the Kineret all under pagan jurisduction. All to be written on toilet paper so as to be discarded at the earliest convenience. The perfidy of Abbas is of world renown, a good friend of America,France, The UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany, etc., as long as they fill his outstreched hand with Mullah $ $. . How right you are Ellen " and the stupid world sits back and nods its' collectively ignorant head ",. For 64 years , this stupid world of ours, together with their ignoble conterpart in the satanic sect, have been ignoring the facts on the ground created by the cretins of the islamic denomination and their lakeys in the western world. Their single , most interest, was, is and will be OIL. Until this changes, all the meetings, discussions, agreements (toilet paper is cheap) will be to no avail.---- Return to their rightful owners Cyprus, Tibet, Kuril, Falkland and solving Turkish/kurdish/armenian problems should be a world priority, but the sheiks of arabia have decided otherwise --- and they call the shots. The 6 months talks will amount to nothing, while all sides sharpen their knives.
23. #19. What part of "15 minutes by tank" don't you get?
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
#19. Dividing tiny Israel is not sane. It is insane. Judea and Samaria legally belong to Israel, as countless legal scholars have incontrovertibly proven. Moreover, Judea and Samaria make Israel viable. Without Judea and Samaria, Israel would be 9 miles wide or about 15 minutes by tank. What part of "15 minutes by tank" don't you understand?
24. Nobody wants to return to 1967
Ehai ,   London, England   (09.16.11)
The UN Charter recognizes the right to self defence.
25. Reply to Chaim
Avramele   (09.16.11)
There was a time when the government of Israel relied on military and security experts and not the tshuvas of rabbis and the putinist bravado of a former nightclub bouncer. Were that the case the case today you would hear that with proper security guarantees and measures an Israel within adjusted 67 borders is fully defensible and politically and diplomatically more secure-not to mention more Jewish. But I guess you, the hilltop youth and your poseks know better. Silly me.
26. One major question to consider
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.17.11)
At Oslo, Arafat agreed to and signed on to an agreement to eliminate the clause from the PLO Charter that called for the destruction of Israel IT IS STILL THERE, TO THIS VERY DAY So much for Arabs keeping their words about anything
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