Abbas: Palestinians want full UN membership
Roee Nahmias
Published: 16.09.11, 22:04
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1. Yeah! Let Abbas go through, bury Oslo and then do what
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.16.11)
you have to do - in Israel's interest.
2. Bibi
AD ,   Canada   (09.16.11)
Bibi - If ever there was a time for you to stand your ground against Abbas, it is now! Be firm Bibi! Don't budge anymore! Abbas is attempting to manipulate the world without having to give an inch. Bibi, you're the one holding the cards. Protect the people of Israel and the State of Israel. Don't waver! Yasher Koach, Bibi!
3. Obama did not promise you a state in Sept. 2011
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (09.16.11)
Obama did not promise you a state in Sept. 2011. He said that a negotiated agreement could have been done by now if you had bothered to show up o negotiate,
4. A murderer and followers demand a state. NO! When they can
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.16.11)
recognize Israel and renounce violence THEN.
5. UK created Jordan, UK should rename Jordan to Palestine
USA   (09.16.11)
6. roee namias- "abbas: palestians...."
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation/land..   (09.16.11)
this time mahmoud abbas and his organization are right to say that, in that case, i thought/think...
7. Sick of it
Joe ,   New York   (09.16.11)
Let the Palestinians have what's left of their country back. Israel has stolen their land and all they want is a place called home
8. Isolate Israel???
James ,   Vermort, USA   (09.16.11)
Of course, the Palestinians do and they want to go even further and they are hell bent on destroying it.
9. #5 Israel will be renamed Palestine!
Wissam ,   Palestine   (09.16.11)
10. Demands vs Requests
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.16.11)
I really thought Israelis have the most chutzpah. Thte Palestinains have lost 3 wars, decades of fighting and 2 intifadas and they come to every "negotiation" with demands, not requests. They need to learn that the ultimatums they present will never bring them peace and it will be at the discretion of the Israeli government if they get a State inside not at the former 1949 borders
11. PA UN Statehood
Scott Mohn ,   Traphill, USA   (09.16.11)
UN INITIATIVE: As the Palestinian Statehood initiative at the UN has evolved it has become a symbol of more than Statehood for a single people. It now stands for a broader proposition that transcends any single people or nation. It stands for the proposition that: " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...." Compared to this now timeless proposition and the Universal aspirations it reflects, the office of chief executive in any single nation is a mere temporary, minor ministerial post.
12. "The Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.16.11)
an opportunity" for peace, observed astutely the late Mr. Abba Eban, and he is going to be proven right again. The move to the UN contradicts UN Security Council Resolution, 242, on the basis of which the PLO was ushered into the peace process. And, this move violate grossly the PLO's signed Oslo Accords on the basis of which it was permitted to set up the Palestinian Authority. Now, that they break both, Israel has no reason to be the only one living by the Oslo Accords, and in the process will annex all of "Area C" and much of "Area B". It will close the border to Gaza so as to not to enable neither goods nor people to reach the territory from Israel. It will expand construction for needy Israeli citizens, and will build a new Hebrew city in the Jordan Valley between Jericho and Beit Sh'an to serve the agricultural communities in the region. That which will be left - with or without money - of "Palestine" will have to become part of Jordan, in the case of the West Bank, and Egypt, in Gaza. This is what happens when people refuse to miss opportunities to miss opportunities.
13. abu mazen You Want?
How about What You Have Done To The Israeli People, The Israeli government, The Land MY ANCSESTORS Left To The YAHUDI. Are You Yahudi abu mazen? The Israeli's Have who Have Given GIVEN and given and YOU. You Want want, take Take Murder, murder, Steal STEAL and Lie LIE. LOL You want. Well Hopefully You Will Meet Reality SOON and You Will Get Noting!!!!!!!!!!!! What You Should Get is Expelled From All Israeli Soil. Yella Baruch Hashem
14. Is this a declaration of WAR ?
AlbertoGA ,   USA   (09.16.11)
No, it is just a waste of time. If Israel close the border, the Pals will eat sand in the future. The solution to the Pals including the Gazans is simple, do nothing but move to Jordan. This is Palestine. And at the same time you will get a King not rotten politicians.
Dr. Alan Phillips ,   Bloomington, USA   (09.16.11)
ISRAEL’S RIGHT TO EXIST AND LIVE IN PEACE I encourage Americans to read newspapers and get a firsthand quote from a member of the Muslim brotherhood who is proudly advising Islamic dissidents to get ready for recognition with Israel in the U.N.. Frankly, one has to be living in political isolation to think that the ongoing Middle east riots and the so called Arab spring in the region do not have an ultimate objective, namely the destruction of Israel. In my tweet recently in the Jerusalem Post I simply reiterated our national policy from Truman through Bush, basically we will not permit Israel’s destruction! We are fully aware that for Jihadists Israel is a compound term that includes basically more than one nation. It is inclusive of the U.S. and other nations that support Israel. Let it not be said that we are ignorant voters and citizens. We Americans will uphold the commitments of our former Presidents to the Jewish state, we will not allow Israel to be attacked by Jihadists or their cohorts without resisting them with everything at our disposal. I do not believe that the warrior view quoted by an Islamic brotherhood member in the Jerusalem Post reflects the views of a vast majority of Muslims. Yet for those few Jihadist radicals that articulate aims and want to see Israel’s destruction take place I simply say we will not permit that to happen in this nation. The Arab spring is a distorted pretense, let the Palestinians negotiate with Israel, finally admit to the Jewish state’s existence, and learn to live in peace. They won’t do it since they are insincere, they want to eliminate Israel. We cannot permit their membership in the U.N. until they finally recognize Israel fully. Dr. Alan Phillips
16. Livni blamed Bibi. Abbas says it is because of Obama.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.16.11)
Livni has serious problems grasping the situation. Seems she spends too much time admiring herself in the mirror when she should be facing reality.
17. Hamas
Leonard ,   Plano USA   (09.16.11)
The Palastinians do not deserver 1 single concession from anyone until the denounce Hamas and violence.
18. Palestine is forever fictional. U.N. can't create it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
Palestine has had U.N. recognition for decades. If the U.N. could create Palestine, it would have done so decades ago. The U.N. can pass more Israel bashing resolutions to join the hundreds, it has already passed, in the garbage heap. But it can't force Israel to allow a new terror state in our heartland. Palestine is forever fictional. The U.N. can't create it and Israel won't allow it. Moreover, the U.N. is likely to soon go the way of the League of Nations - into extinction. American and Western taxpayers are getting fed up with supporting this worse than worthless organizations.
19. #12 except this time
observer ,   Egypt   (09.16.11)
Abbas can not afford missing the opportunity given by momentum of events surrounding the region in this exact part of time. Palestine is going to the UNSC without losing the PLO, refugees right, water, or borers of the final status.
20. They fail UN Requirements
Frederick ,   Grand Rapids USA   (09.16.11)
Under the UN's own rules, the Palestinians do not meet the requirements to be a State. You need an elected government, self-sufficiency, permissions from the country your leaving (Jordan, Egypt) just for starters. Bibi, remind these of their own rules and Bibi, its time to BUILD THE TEMPLE!
21. UN is not a dictatorship
Hans Leutenschlager ,   (09.16.11)
non -dictatorships confuse muslims, but UN cannot create a state inanother state. That's why Jordan is out
22. Pharoh had the same attitude
B"H ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
THANK YOU for saving Israel
23. Joe, you clearly understand zero...why not stay out of this
David ,   New York   (09.16.11)
24. A question.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.16.11)
Abbas says Fatah or the PLO is the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Why? What about Hamas? Does Abbas pretend they don't exist? Anyway, even leaving out Hamas, why should one party be the only legitimate representative of anyone? This sounds like dictatorship to me (which it actually is). So why should we be even talking to a one-party dictatorship? The truth is that the legitimacy comes from us. We give them legitimacy. Why should we continue? Who says we can't deal with someone else? I say throw the PLO the hell out, expel them, back to exile. They're just an obstacle to any solution. I say to hell with them.
25. Your are surprised?
blancojoe ,   Meadowlakes, USA   (09.16.11)
When the Jewish population voted in their newest "Golden Calf", Barrack Hussein Obama, did they not realize what they were getting? He made it quiet clear where he stood in written words and deeds. Oh right ... it does not matter ... he had a "D" by his name.
26. UN recognition of 'Palistine'
Honest John ,   Dallas, TX USA   (09.16.11)
I am neither Jewish nor a supporter of Israel for the sake of supporting Jewish aspirations. I AM a supporter / advocate of western civilization, and that is exactly what I deem to be at stake in this matter. The Islamic world is actively engaged in intimidating the "infidel world", and with some notable success. The infidels who think their necks will be saved by throwing the Jews to the Muslims are incredibly naive. "Compromise" is no more or less than a tactic by which the Islamist seek to subjugate the "infidel world". Ignore this OBVIOUS reality at risk of your life - personally I propose to support Israel with all its warts as a FAR better alternative to civilization than caving in to the Islamists.
27. Of course he would,
Aries4 ,   Philly, PA USA   (09.16.11)
because it worked out so well when they were given autonomy! First election they vote in the terrorist Hamas party to lead them. Then, right back to lobbing rockets into Israel. Be careful what you wish for. Sovereign states cannot fall back on "Well it's just some loonies on the border shooting off rockets at Israel, not US as a country." No, those are acts of WAR between states and countries have a right to protect themselves and attack/invade neighboring COUNTRIES that attack them first. Becoming a sovereign state will take away the Palestinians' victimhood which they have turned into a cottage industry over the years.
28. Jewish Quarter and Kotel
Z ,   Chicago, USA   (09.16.11)
I am a Jew and staunch Israel supporter. I believe that the two-state solution is the only solution, and I support it. However, the Jewish Quarter in the Old City--including the Kotel--must remain part of Israel. No agreement that does not specifically stipulate this can be accepted by the so-called "international community". Additionally, those Israelis living in Judea and Samaria must be compensated for their displacement after a final agreement on borders, and their new homes in Israel proper must be paid for by the Israeli government--not out of their own pockets. Finally, Hamas MUST disarm and become a civil authority over schools, hospitals, and other public works, allowing the PA to oversee all police activity. Additionally, a Palestinian state should be demilitarized at first and allowed only a domestic police force. Let them demonstrate their readiness to militarize over time, much like Japan after WWII.
29. #9. Just as small children dream of Oz and Neverland.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
#9. Ten years from now; there will be well over a million Jews in Judea and Samaria. Many of the Arabs will have left. Arabs are currently leaving Judea and Samaria by the tens of thousands annually. This rate will only rise. People will have long since stopped talking about fictional Palestine. But you will still likely dream about it. Just as small children dream about Oz and Neverland.
30. Irony
Bob ,   New York   (09.16.11)
Ultimate Irony 1948 UN unilaterally creates State of Israel over Arabs objections 2011 UN unilaterally creates State of Palestine over Israel's objection God has a sense of humor...
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