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Obama, Netanyahu to meet at UN
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Published: 16.09.11, 18:06
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1. It is about time US slap both kids and send them
Mark ,   USA   (09.16.11)
to their rooms and come out kissing, but US should urge Israel more than Turkey, if not Turkey will not respect US and this will complicate things, everyone know Israel have US congress in their payrol, so things will be very difficult for Turkey and US ,both country have very strategic allience and Israel always undermines the US intrest and became a liability for US, Israle should be very careful Isolating US this way you never know when and how US will finally say enough is enough, and this will sadden me also since US is the only true supporter of Israel in evey way
2. bumma tells erdo to chill it with the Jews, is that enough?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.16.11)
3. Will he be respectful to Mr. Netanyahu this time?
Benjamin ,   USA   (09.16.11)
4. I am completely sure that...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.16.11)
PM Netanyahu will act in a polite, correct and statesmanlike manner. He can do no other. It is in his DNA. The badly flawed, character damaged U.S.President will be his usual self. He cannot help it. Pee poor protoplasm propels pee poor performance. Who he is as a person and where he figuratively comes from, has left him with genes that refuse to allow him to grow. A destructive upbringing; molded by persons who most likely should have been prosecuted for political child abuse, taught him the merits of dubious merits of socialism and anti American thought. That stinking stew was seasoned by a formal education that finished it with a foul political garnish. He, as that the great philosopher Popeye would say, " is what he is". Let him soon go from the stage. Exiting stage LEFT of course.
5. Mark # 1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.16.11)
Israel isn't the problem Turkey is. Israel has done enough kissing up to the world and it is never enough to satisfy the world. Israel needs to do what's best for Israel and we need to support them in that. What is good for Israel is good for us in the United States of America. Countries and people respect strength, especially Muslim countries. Kissing up to them using the ( Carter/Obama ) approach only emboldens them to demand more and more and causes them to have less respect for us.
6. "urge" erdogan?
Uraz Cengiz TURKER ,   Turkey-Istanbul   (09.16.11)
quite funny :) we will see who is going to be urged?
7. Really
ALAN ,   NY, USA   (09.16.11)
While you are correct that both kids need to clam down - it is Turkey not Israel that is making the situation worse. Erdogen just needs to shut up - Netanyahu has not said a word since Israel's position was legitimized by the UN.
8. Arrogance
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.16.11)
Sometimes what prevents people from being together is arrogance. There is a kind of arrogant man... No one deserves this kind of political leader.
9. Last chance fro Bibi to tell it as it is; if he wants to go
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.16.11)
down in History as a true, great Leader of the Jewish People. I would let Caroline Glick co-author his UN speech and do it no prisoners taken....even if after that he'd have to pack and go home (politically). He'd sleep much better for the rest of his life. Just tell them: No More will you endulge in murerous behaviour towards the Jewish People and pay no price whatsoever. Enough is enough we're done listening and "accomodating", now YOU LISTEN !!!
10. Obama can make another Beer Summit
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.16.11)
As he did it at his early days in the White House to mediate issue between Prof Gates and Crowley. But there is a serious problem . Erdogan does not drink beer nor any alcoholic beverages. Maybe a mug full of Ayran will do it for him.
11. Cengiz Uraz
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.16.11)
After the results of the special elections in NY Wednesday I can assure you that it will be PM Erdogan the person who will be urged and very loudly. I don't believe he will be sitting with his legs crossed with President Obama this time.
12. David Israel
Uraz Cengiz TURKER ,   Turkey Istanbul   (09.16.11)
I see that you can interpret the body language of PM Erdogan, keep watching him. Besides i do not know how really special was the "Election" and its necessity because this time Erdogan has superior political strength in middle east and some how he is going to use this strength. Moreover, today USA in need of Turkey since we will see that Iraq sooner or later will become the garden of Iran (Molla's). How USA can stop Iran unless using Nuclear warhead. This is why NATO is going to place its missile's to Turkey. And do not forget that all the "Arab Spring" thing is done for the Greater Middle East Initiative. Without having the approval of masses can USA apply it? Who is going to shape the masses of the Muslim world? Sarkozy? Israel? or King Abdullah bin Abdülazi? It is about the masses. erdogan start talking about secularizm(another civil war in Egypt?) According to Muslim world today Erdogan is hero and by the game between Turkey, USA, and Israel Erdogan is going to shape Muslim masses and by this strength Turkey is going to stop Iran without loss of an Israeli or USA solder. So we probably (%20) see that Erdogan shows of muscle in this weekend and keep being a hero for the Muslim World. Personally i am not happy with that but this is going to be happen. Cheers!
13. After the democrats lost the Weiner Congressional seat, it
Rivkah   (09.16.11)
makes sense to court Prime Minister Netanyahu to win back some Jewish votes since that was a 40% Jewish district. There is another reason President Obama should be particularly cordial to Mr. Netanyahu. Ha'Shem was so upset by the Clintons sabotaging PM Netanyahu's re-election in the 1990's that resulted in Ehud Barak being PM, Hilllary's chances for being US President were dashed by a Barack. So Obama should be mindful of Netanyahu's position with HaShem which is profound.
14. David, things are not as they look like from NY down here.
Ahmet ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (09.16.11)
Nobody tells a Turkish PM what to do. Turkey is not a pathetic state like Israel anymore. US can go to hell if they don't like the public opinion n Turkey.
15. Cenguz Uraz,
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.16.11)
I know a kasimpasali every time I see them from their body language. They are good at being kabadayi but nothing more. His kind of kabadayi behavior may look great for Middle eastern people but not welcome in the western civilizations. And as far as the early warning radar in Malatya (or was it Amasya) this is happening against the wil of the Turkish people just because USA wants it and your kasimpasali Kabadayi can only show his kabadayilik to a small country and not to USA. One more thing: How come PM Erdogan never talks good about secular democracy in Turkey but he talks about it when he is visiting other countries? Interesting isn't it?
16. Ahmet as you said things look different from out here.
david Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.16.11)
And what we see is that most Turkish citizens are against the new NATO radar system against Iran to be installed in Turkey. In fact the idea of installing this radar conflicts with FM Davutoglu's zero problem policy. However USA imposed it and Erdogan + AKP could not refuse it. You may deny as much as you want but Turkish PM, once a mediocre football player from Kasimpasa took Obama's orders and is executing them as we speak. Based on your post; Does that make Turkey a pathetic state?
17. Ahmet are u sure?
Uraz Cengiz TURKER ,   Turkey-Istanbul   (09.16.11)
Ahmet before talking about the opinion of Turkish people please answer this one. who shapes public opinion? Is it an intrinsic property? or it is a result of politicians? Not far away 15 years ago Turkey did not have a relationship with Muslim World as today. What changed in these 15 years? Government!! (Bingo!) What we say that, we stopped Turkish Army!, Turkey got better in democracy bla bla. But make a research about the PKK actions. They got stronger and stronger. can you convince me about the strength of Turkey now. can we really strong to stop PKK? If not then tell me how Turkey become an respectable country? I am sorry but Turkey just plays its role, the World known today is going to be changed by the conflict between the religions.Muslim world and the cristian world. Why? to control!
18. David Israel
Uraz Cengiz TURKER ,   Istanbul-Turkey   (09.16.11)
Yes good point, but look you are missing the BIG point. The point is to gain the acceptance of the Muslim world, unfortunately Muslim world (deep discussion point) likes kabadayi behavior. (besides western civilization also like it as well only if the kabadayi born in USA) The point is NOT to become a prestigious country in western civilization. Point is to control masses of the Muslim World. That is necessary to control Islamic World. And for the reasons that i mentioned before USA needs this control. That is why Turkey is strategic Alliance with USA, otherwise, as u adequately put, kabadayilik is not accepted in western civilization and USA should have already stopped its relations with Turkey. For the secular thing, it is again part of the game that is being played between USA,Israel and Turkey, Here Turkey is going to be the leader of Muslim world, USA and Israel are the controlling countries. Look without democracy how can you convince a leader that gets directives from Quran? Secularism is important to rule a country from within in another country. The politics of Israel and USA, and Turkey is to convert Quran countries to secular democratic countries to establish Great Middle East initiative. Otherwise no one can control the muslim countries because they get directives from a so called holly book! So that is why radical islamic leader PM Erdogan starts explaining secularism! Besides you said that "can only show his kabadayilik to a small country and not to USA" So israel is a small country? I do not think so, but you are right Turkey is not a big country as well. So how 1 minute incident happened? This is all PLAY! Now we have leader a hero in middle east! But why? to stop Iran!!!
19. To Ahmet-David
Uraz Cengiz TURKER ,   Istanbul-Turkey   (09.16.11)
David you are right!! This is the greatest evidence of the game between Turkey Israel and USA. According to an muslim person Turkey is a leader for the Islamic World and control the masses of islamic countries and protect islamic countries, but SOMEHOW Turkey again is allied with USA :) who is going to loose? IRAN! Who win? we will see...
20. Obama will meet with Bibi and Erdogan
nadya ,   Garden Grove, CA.,US   (09.17.11)
Mr. President don't waste your time meeting with Bibi, you'll just hear more of the same, his diplomacy skills are nil. As far as Erdogan, don't waste time interceding for Israel, let them handle their own affairs.
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