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Netanyahu: Peace only through talks
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.09.11, 20:50
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1. Talks with P.A. far more dangerous than U.N. statehood bid.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.16.11)
Israel has nothing to fear from yet another Israel bashing U.N. Resolution - which will join the hundreds of other hostile U.N. Resolutions in the garbage heap. Till the Western World pulls the plug on the worse than worthless U.N. and puts it out of it's misery. The way many U.S. Republicans are talking; it won't be long. On the other hand; talking to the P.A. terrorists is truly dangerous. Israel should refuse to talk to the P.A. (as Israel did before Disastrous Oslo) for the same reason Churchill made war on Hitler, rather than have a "peace process" with him. Genocidal enemies must be destroyed or at least pummelled to unconditional surrender. Not appeased.
2. Israel can't hurt the Palestinians more than she has
Joe Asfoor ,   Burke,USA   (09.16.11)
Somehow Israel thinks that there is still maneuvring room to put the squeeze on Palestinians . For over 70 years Palestinians have lived in misery and total despair. How can Israel hurt them more? Making their lives more miserable to-day? But what happens tomorrow , and the day after. There is another consideration to bear in mind. I remember seeing the movie COOL HAND LUKE over and over again. One scene particularly has been etched in my memory. In it, the character played by Paul Newman , is physically destroyed by his opponent in an unequal combat, until the onlookers slowly turn against the bully on account of their moral revulsion. So on both counts Israel can end up losing. Israelis have to act smart.. thinking about the future of their relationships in that part of the world. How long can you live peaceably among people who bear you hatred and revenge?
3. We should all stop using the term...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.16.11)
..."Palestinians". There is NO such people. Palestine is the name of a region where Arabs, Jews and others lived for centuries. Until recently there was no talk of a Palestinian people. This is a late 20th century invention to destroy Israel. The sooner we all (including YNET and other media) stop using this term the better for israel.
David ,   USA   (09.16.11)
DEAR Bibi: Please tell Pals & the world that the League of Nations gave Israel, most of what is now,Jordan. There is nothing to give/They have taken what is not theirs. What is Jordan but a niche carved out for a bunch of Bedouin from Saudia ,by the British. Tell them the whole truth. How they lie & cheat in name of Islam ,
5. livni again lives in dreamland
alexi   (09.16.11)
how does such a person who even kadima says should resign have fairytale illusions about the PLO wanting to negotiate in good faith to recognize israel as jewish in a secure environment. Her twin olmert offered to give away the heart of israel against the wishes of his people and abbas still refused. Its unfortunate because arabs are excellent merchants and would thrive in an arrangement with israel. Yet because they are a collection of disparates from syria, lebanon, egypt, jordan and saudi arabia, they have not absorbed the phony palestinian label and are unready for statehood. What they want to do is to take revenge on the jews and to beat them out of their state. Then they can revert to quarrels and citizenship under egypt and syria. Beilin also was also wishing and hoping for this utopian pal state. His hopes ended up in the spilling of major israeli blood, like the gaza withdrawal under livni, like camp david under barak. beilin was kicked out of the scene, the latest polls show barak's party would not win one seat and kadima will be reduced and eventually unseated as leader. Mofaz replacing her will not help that much as he was a lousy defence miinister and chief of staff..
6. The Israeli government never wants peace
David ,   San Francisco, CA   (09.16.11)
Shimon Peres BEGGED Netanyahu to either halt settlement expansion or go into negotiations based on the 1967 borders. Netanyahu refused BOTH! This is why the entire world hates Israel now! Not even the US wants anything to do with these vile creatures who control Israel today! What else can you do to the Palestinians? You're right Bibi, the party is over! FOR ISRAEL! And you will see that at the UN next week!
7. Talks???
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.16.11)
The PA easily could stop all settlements only by negotiating borders with Israel, but in doing so, they would formally recognize Israel and this is what they will never do! Regardless what the PA says, the only things that really count, are what they do respectively, what they don't do. Everybody who is concerned with the matter knows this! The problem for the outside observers is, that they are not aware about the individual interests of the players in the game. Even the Obama administration acts as if they were clueless. Obama will leave the White House with only one big goal achieved. There will be a Palestinian state and this U.S. president seems to ignore all side effects and consequences. Sometimes, when I add up the items of the issue, I only can shake my head and cannot believe, how it is possible to distort realities, so far, that those who caused the conflict suddenly are allowed to display themselves as the poor victims. My only hope is, that Israel will prevail. When I look at the situation in the surrounding countries, I see the following: Egypt and Jordan heat up the mob until they are ready to enter into a new war with Israel. If Obama manages to pull out of Iraq, he opens a land rout from Iran to Syria and Syria and Lebanon in fact are still at war with Israel since 63 years. No matter what Livni says, she couldn't make it better than Netanyahu and Liebermann at present are performing. When those who are assumed to be partners are acting so aggressively like Egypt and others, you can only wait and see and try to offer as little contact surface as possible, do as much PR work as possible (here the current government performed poorly but apparently is getting better!) Offer talks, start diplomatic campaigns and try to draw the best possible picture of Israel. Actually the surrounding "friends" at present are making it easy, because they display themselves as "Amalek" and the only work left is to put them in perspective.
8. #3 - Maurice
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.16.11)
You are right! I would prefer the term "Stateless Arabs"
9. Peace through talks
i love Israel ,   Germany   (09.16.11)
Wrong! Psalm (Tehilim)120 vers 6-7reads as follows: '' Too long have i had my dwelling among those who hate peace. I am for peace; but when i speak , they are for war ! '' So far the scripture.
10. #6 Check your facts before engaging in mindless slander
Softwalker ,   Canada   (09.16.11)
The "Palestinians" have been offered a state of their own twice in the past 11 years, and refused both times. Let's see if you can answer this: If everybody loves the Palestinians so much, why don't they pay for them? I'd love to hear why the ARAB states don't contribute a penny to the Palestinians, wouldn't you?
11. David #6
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (09.16.11)
The entire US laughs at the people in San Francisco due to their idiotic constituents. Only people from third world countries, too ignorant to know better, or communists, I mean liberals, hate Israel. People like you are a joke and only represent a small minority in the US that believe like you do.
12. A big all out ME war is looming...and...
Israeli 2   (09.16.11)
It will come upon us soon Nothing can diffuse it. This war will have more casualties than ever, but Israel will still be victorious. Israel will annex more land than ever before. From the Noth to the East and to the South Israel will double in size. I have seen the future and it is upon us.
13. #2 - Paul Newman and all that jazz?!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (09.16.11)
Israel will be free of the Oslo agreement which it should never have signed. Please check what that will mean. And the US and others will cut off funding to the PA. It's also likely that only the PLO and not the PA can approach the UN for recognition. Do you know how much Israel has helped and is helping Gaza? Obviously not. Better to get informed and then post ;-)
14. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.16.11)
15. Bibi, the last time
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (09.17.11)
you spoke before the UNGA you were waving recently/conveniently discovered plans/blueprints of a concentration camp. Perhaps this time you could be more specific... a map, Bibi, a map delineating the "secure borders" that Israel so desperatly needs.
16. Living in denial?
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (09.17.11)
Once again reading the talkbacks, I am struck with the strident tone and irrational response of some readers. It pains me to see that instead of using logic people allow themselves to spew venom and anger against those who have different views than theirs. The question remains: does Israel have a problem, yes or no? If yes, how to solve it ? That is what a rational person will do in life , rather than wasting his/her efforts vituperating against foes and friends alike. Of course , it is a totally different matter if israelis think they have no problem where they are . Then they live in denial and no one can help them. Shabat shalom !
17. #12. Israel must forever keep ALL liberated lands.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.17.11)
#12. Unfortunately, you are probably correct. All the signs point to another Mid East War that is unavoidable. Iran's nukes must be destroyed and whatever the risks are today; they will be infinitely greater if Israel allows Iran to build functional nuclear bombs. Let us make totally sure that all land Israel liberates in the next war is ours forever. No more Israeli retreats under ANY circumstances. As you note, Israel could very well more than double in size, security and viability when the war ends. Retaking Sinai alone would be an enormous permanent benefit for Israel in many many ways.
18. True, direct negotiations are the only path
Eric ,   Norway   (09.17.11)
...and the only path to direct negotiations is to halt the abhorrent practice of building settlements and ethnically-cleansing E. Jerusalem while *pretending* to seek peace.
19. Endless negotiations
Joe Asfoor ,   Burke,USA   (09.17.11)
Israel has lost the edge it had in negotiations in the past by failing to bring to meaningful conclusion the endless talks. It seems that in recent years Israel has become more comfortable with the idea that NO PEACE is better than PEACE for the simple reason that this permits her to keep extending the settlements and turning them into permanent land deals with a smaller Palestinian entity. The sad part of it is that the majority in Israel sees this as but natural and belittles the importance this has on the mind set of the palestinians and Arbas, let alone the international community that looks on with horror. Hearing Benny Morris, a well known professor from the University of Ben Gurion this morning on David Frost "pooh-poohing" the settlements issue was the last straw I could take. If intelligent , well read people see no problem in the settlement issue , then basically there is something rotten in the kingdom of the Danes...
20. peace?
Rca ,   USA   (09.17.11)
Please tell me what kind of LOCO WEED you had when you wrote your comments? Did you ever read the Bible? Did you ever read Histories book? from your dumb comment, all I can conclude is that you never done none of it.
21. The great majority of Americans Stand with Israel
Bobbie ,   Virginia Beach...USA   (09.19.11)
David, I think if you will check the facts you will find that the greater majority of Americans stand with Israel. The president may want Israel to give up land based on 1967 borders but most know that every time Israel tries to reach a peace by giving up land it just opens themj up to more and more attacks..Israel is very small. What do you think the UN agenda is? Need to do some research David.
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