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Hamas to Abbas: UN bid 'empty of content'
Elior Levy
Published: 17.09.11, 09:10
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1. Your not Ready!
ilani ,   israel   (09.17.11)
You cant even decided amungst yourselves what you want! you might as well ask for two states, east and west palistine, and while your there, demand a unicorn,you have better odds!
2. Re: # 1
Sabientje ,   Utrecht, Netherlands   (09.17.11)
Better yet...While Abbas is at the U.N, let him order pizza to go. He is going to need a snack and something to eat. After the U.N.visit, the U.S. Congress will cut off all aid to those Palestinian leeches and they won't have a piece of bread to eat. Too bad, their croonie, Ghaddafi won't be able to help them anymore. And by the looks of it...Iran and Syria only contribute arms to them...something they cannot chew!
3. Bid provides Israel justification to end all concessions..
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.17.11)
The difference between the two genocidal terrorist groups: Fatah and Hamas, is that Hamas is the more intelligent and honest. Hamas is correct that the Palestine statehood bid is "empty". It means absolutely nothing. Just as their 1988 statehood bid meant absolutely nothing. However, it provides Israel with excellent justification to abrogate all the lunatic concessions and agreements we stupidly signed with the P.A.
4. how can eu and un recognise a state where half is not
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (09.17.11)
participating. the half that is actually running a state albeit a terror state. Just as in kisivo there is not law at the un only horse trading laced with corruption and scandal. The un is an anachronistic organisation
5. Here is once again the answer...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.17.11) those who want Israel to compromise with the "Palestinians": A large portion of the "Palestinians" represented by Hamas doesn't want to recognize Israel in any form or shape! Isn't that clear enough? Israel has no partner to negotiate. As simple as that.
6. How Pathetic!
Bill Fonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (09.17.11)
And Hamas is one half of the new Palestinian government? In fact Hamas is yesterday's news and will quickly find itself forgotten and further isolated. More likely, Hamas will eventually be destroyed when Iran orders its pet poodle to launch rockets at Tel Aviv.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.17.11)
I loved the part where the lawyers in England told them it would legally hurt the PLO and the mythological "right of return". Yep when you break past agreements and treaties that tends to happen. As anybody knows who follows these issues, the PLO is the sole representative of the Palestinian people. According to what, at least 3 different agreements? That alone is a legal reason to deny any entity the right to even be "considered" for statehood, under Intentional Law. That's why it's kinda funny, all the states that have said they will vote for it. Evey country that takes that position, is in violation of International Law.
8. #1 Not Only Are They Not Ready And Divided
They eminate From Evil and will Always Be Divided, unlike the Goodness Like Kov Yisrael which is based on a Solid Corner Stone Lyed By Hashem. The arab/bedouins Where Never ment to Be legitimate Stewards of This Land To Be A Covnent with the offspring of Issac and Jacob. This Land is for the Yaudi and Yerusralem as it's Eternal Capital also Ordained by Hashem. With Such Insermountable Odds Surely these Ignorant arabs don't know Who There Up Againest? Baruch Hashem/Shabat Shalom
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