Shaath: US proposal convinced Abbas to pursue UN bid
Elior Levy
Published: 17.09.11, 17:47
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1. Misteries in UN.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.17.11)
Egypt's population is more than 80 million. After a decade itt will be 100. Black Africa's has even higher demographic rgow. But not a word about that in the UN building in NY. At the city of Subotica near the hungarian border thousand of refugees are gathering. They try to enter the EU territory illegally. Serbian and hungarian police try to hinder it, with moderate success. Finally these peoples, mainly muslims and many egyiptians among them will reach their target. They will arrive Vienna, Paris and London. But not a word about it in the UN as well. But palestinians, palestinians day and night is the most important problem along the East River's building. There is only a single rational explanation, why they deal with this problem, instead of much more significant ones, the overpopulation , illegal mass migration and many others. They want to distract the world's attention about the muslims ongoing attempt to conquer the whole world by demographic means.
2. Between the years 1948 and 1967 the now disputed territories
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.17.11)
were totally "cleansed" of their former Jewish residents and ruled by the Muslim-Arabs. Yet, during this whole period no Palestinian state was set up there nor was any part of Jerusalem proclaimed its capital city. But, in 1964, three full years before Israel captured the territories in the defensive June 1967 Six-Day War, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), now headed by Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, was set up. Which part of "Palestine" was the PLO to "liberate"? The answer is found in Mr. Abbas's speech yesterday and in the PLO's Charter: the entire land mass between the River and the Sea, including of course the sovereign UN member state of Israel. Yet, some at the UN are about to hand over a "state" to these people..., from which they can continue their struggle of "liberation". What a cynical world...!!
3. "Honest Broker" Emperor's Clothes
American Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.17.11)
Clearly, Dennis Ross and many others like Elliot Abrams live lavish lifestyles using other peoples $money$ "negotiating" the continuation of negotiations while Israel strengthens her grip on the failure of any 2-state solution. Of course, the inevitable disasterous result of no 2-state is not considered. Besides, Israel & her so-called supporters would appropriately scream if a Muslim or Arab represented our USA as an "Honest Broker" lead rep, eh?
4. "We don't want war with Israel" sorry hon
palestine Hawk ,   alqods   (09.17.11)
War is the only way no matter how many times you lose you should keep trying one day you gonna win Jews kept trying for 3000 years finally they had temparorly win time to oil the machines
5. We've created a "culture of non-violent resistance"
Steve   (09.17.11)
Right. Like all the public tributes, ceremonies, etc., paid to Palestinian "martyrs" and suicide bombers who murdered innocent Jews by the hundreds and the thousands. Streets and public places have been named after these mass-murderers. Like the Fogel slaughter / massacre last spring in Itmar, Israel - babies and children mutilated - and other non-violent forms of resistance.
6. Look at Map
Joe Tango ,   USA   (09.17.11)
Take a look at at the map in the picture on the PA shield. If They were ever interested in a two state solution why is it that their map still shows all of Israel and West Bank and the Palestinian Authority together.
7. How stupid has the world become?
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.11)
Why the charade? Why the discussions with an invented people as of June 4,1967? The world has become nothing but lies anymore. What's more pathetic is our so called leaders playing the game.
8. Look at the picture, folks. Proof the Pals don't want peace
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.17.11)
Two state solution? Look at the picture with this article. Do you see "Palestine" and "Israel"? Nope. All you see is what the Palestinians want - a one-state solution with no Israel. The Palestinians keep showing again and again and again that they reject the 2-state solution. The world keeps closing its eyes to the truth.
9. Obama is a staunch supporter of Israel.Right wingers repent!
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.17.11)
10. They have 1 agenda in Security Council..Embarass USA
Alan ,   SA   (09.17.11)
11. #4 Good for you. You admit Jews were here 3000 years ago.
Yossi ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.11)
I suppose you have to tell yourself it's temporary, but advocating war, will probably backfire on you, yet, once again.
12. #1 = You see the effect ; The cause is
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.11)
made of 2 componebts: demise of communism dictated that leftists adopt new cause so they do not fall apart. Yasser Arafat became their Jesus and Palestinians the focus for their regrouping. They met with more success than they deserved, because they were carried on an FUEV thermal, FUEV a 1941 group created to execute Hitler's economic plan, B, was reared under the wings of the German foreign ministry wh financed it and grafted it into the UN Councils and Committees. They are meant to protect ethnic minorities in europe, that is except Jews , whom they want to deligitimise and dismantle their state. You see how the two cause unite, with a third, enhancer being, that from Khaibar at outset of Islam, the Jews were an easy target, and this continues till today. WE have to start shouting from the roof tops about the controlling power behind the UN and the mission they are on to wipe out Jewish people. Google Rodney Atkinson, a non jew Britain and FUEV, for research.
13. To# 4
Yankelev, PhD, Msc' ,   Palm Beach USA   (09.17.11)
First learn to write elementary school English, you a%@-hole and then try an enema to make it easier to force your opinions through.
14. Their map of "Israel" says it all
One Big Palestine ,   ? Israel   (09.17.11)
Do you see any 2 state solution??? They don't
15. israel playing double standards
vishal ,   india   (09.17.11)
well as an outsider, i clearly point out that israel is the one thats causing the problem and shoud be tamed. i support the palestine
16. Misteries in UN. 2.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.17.11)
Dozens of nations with rich culture are without independent state. Tibetians and uygurs, tamils and sikhs, karens, nagas, beludshis and last but not least kurds. But not a word about them in the UN. Palestinians, palestinians without interval. But I have an exellent idea to mr Ban Ki Mun. Buy a parrott, teach it the word " palestinian " and appoint it the Secretary General of the UN !
17. us(administration), un etc.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation..   (09.17.11)
the us(administration) is not the united nations organization, vice versa/in reverse. there also already could have been a state for the palestinian people etc. in 1945-1948.
18. palestinian criminal terrorist #4
X'   (09.17.11)
You seem to have the delusion as usual that you can drive the jews into the sea. Its much more likely that you will get a second nakba and permanent residency in a radioactive former Lebanon and Syria. Don't wish for something too mach because you could get it for yourself moron!
19. Annex Judea and Samaria now !
Gabe ,   Canada   (09.17.11)
What is the Prime Minister waiting for ? His lack of determination is beyond reason.
20. #3, claiming to be Jewsh to attain credibility, I see
Bill ,   New York, USA   (09.17.11)
It is highly unlikely you are actually Jewish, but thanks for the unintended complment of claiming to be Jewish to attain credibility. This is not a new phenomenon, and more can be expected. You also know very little about either Dennis Ross or Eliot Abrams. Lots of people in the US have done well in any number of professions, and I can see from your tone that you have failed (no shame in that) and that you channel it into jealousy of political opponents who have done better in life than you (which you should feel shame about). They both have jobs and have done things like writing books that some number of people have purchased. People who earn a living do things that persuade people who have money in exchange (what you call "other people's money") for a good or service, whether they work for a nonprofit, a company, the government or start their own business. Whether the lving they earn is "lavish" is something I doubt you have any knowledge of. People in the US who attend conferences, own homes and take vacations are not considered to live "lavish" lifestyles, even during the Great Recession. Perhaps you can enlighten us about their "lavish lifestyles."
21. #13 luck number you are you Phd in nasty
palestine Hawk ,   alqods   (09.17.11)
no need to force it its slick and can get through even in thick areas and high walls get off the beach Hurricane is coming
22. American Values Compromised
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA USA   (09.17.11)
We as Americans should stop compromising our values and demand our government build its embassy in Jerusalem. Our government should pronounce that any attack against Israel is an attack against the United States.
23. To #3 - Last Chief Negotiator George Mitchell Was Lebanese
GZLives   (09.17.11)
24. Abbas puts the cart before the horse...
Shaul R   (09.17.11)
...then steals the horse and claims half of the cart. The world wonders why the 'peace process' is not moving forward...
25. arab states, europe and japan will continue aid to the PA
zionist forever   (09.17.11)
The arabs as usual are not delivering on their pledges and so the EU has already given extra in aid money but they are still moaning that they can't pay their people because they don't have enough money and they are getting American money. Now the US is talking about ending aid but it doesn't matter everybody else will continue to give. If they can already do without the US money then why add to the national debt and give money they don't need? If they think that they will be the next German bailout they have another thing coming.
26. Abbas repeated in the NYT what the Pal map shows. ALL Israel
PETER SM ,   MELBOURNE   (09.18.11)
is occupied"Palestine". Translation no peace ever
27. #17 Bone up on history
BEN JABO ,   ISR AEL   (09.18.11)
The Palestinian's had a state, as per the UN Partition Plan They rejected their state, preferring to attack Israel
28. I've said it before, I'll say it once again.
Vlad   (09.18.11)
Since when do the losers of a war get to dictate the peace terms?
29. Palestinians in no position to demand anything.
usa   (09.18.11)
They live off charity of others. Israel should stop playing games with PA and put them out of their misery.
30. Israel did not agree to surrender
Ron ,   oc, us   (09.18.11)
So Abbas thinks that the UN will give him 67 borders and a "wrong of return" of refugees and Jerusalem for good measure. Ain't Happenin", but let him go to the UN and fail.
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