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Shas rabbi: Leftists are harm-doers
Akiva Novick
Published: 18.09.11, 14:58
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1. Of course leftists are destructive to Israel
Gilon   (09.18.11)
From the past 20 years there has been a growing division in Israel with the emergence of left and right wings. Many Israelis support many aspects of the people on the right (if not all). But there are a very few people who share the view of these left wingers. If they don't like Israel them they must go back to Europe. Simple as that.
2. Time to change your pills grandad
Haim ,   TA   (09.18.11)
The unmitigated arrogance of Ovadia Yosef only serves to drive a further wedge between people raised secular who may have a small spark of interest in religion. This man, this so called "rabbi" is a bloated goat whom G-d will profoundly punish. His service is to his cult followers the weak and vulnerable members of society who bleat at his side, kissing his hand only to further bloat his twisted ego. His ignorance of how he appears to the world and how he represents Judaism to the world, who like all other cult figures before him actually is only concerned about the power and the money , which 7 convicted and jailed Shas MKs on charges of serious fraud and corruption go's to prove. This man is a grave sinner and a fraudulent representative anything and everything holy. He is a criminal that wraps himself in religious garb of the most flamboyant nature yet flaunts the very basic laws he claims to represent
3. I do not like the Left but this is absurd
Golan ,   Modiin   (09.18.11)
Ovadia Yosef's over the top attacks are self destructive and down right rude. He does not fit the description of a mkubal but of a thug.
4. BUT those "angels of destruction" are FIRST tax payers..
nice ,   tlv   (09.18.11)
and they risk their LIVES while serving in the ARMY. is that "destruction" ?? thanx.
5. the governments are afraid of him
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.18.11)
At least he can say the truth of how he feels. If some one else were to say these words or similar, the secret service would arrest him.
6. Once again, Ynet twists Rav Ovadia's words
Ari   (09.18.11)
He made a joke based on a kabbalistic idea concerning the "left and right hands" and had a little dig at the political left. Is that a crime? If leftist professors can call on people to 'break the necks' of right wing protesters then I don't see why this is such a big deal.
7. This is rich...
Baruch Norman ,   Bat Yam   (09.18.11)
...Coming from the man who banned nose-picking on Shabbat and much much worse declared that Shoah victims were reincarnated sinners. What kind of angel is Yosef? An angel of peace? I don't think so.
8. R. Ovadiah Yousef , had then and lost it
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.18.11)
A truly learned man, Posuk Hador, went over to do politics, soiled his hands and lost any kiddusha that goes with the learned. A great sage, associating with likes of Arieh Derri, gets soiled beyond cleansing, and represents the shepherds Zecharia spoke of. R OY could have played a great part in holding Bnei Israel together, but playing politics he is but a midget to Rav Kook's giant He had no business abandoning his father's tradition, to go over to R Schach. Irrespective how smart, as he will never understand Ashkenaz. Slamming R. Amsalem speaking his mind is tyrany, ; R OY is no Saadia; that period is sadly lost and the Centre is long desolate I will pray for R Obadiah to regain his better senses and not lose them altogether like M.M. Schneerson who like him, had a chance to do good for Jews, as Rav Kook Z"L did, but blew it, going over the sanity line
9. Talmud Torah COMBINED WITH philosophy&sciences.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.18.11)
10. Medication
sam ,   Usa   (09.18.11)
He really needs to take his medication he is out of control.
11. He is not worth a response
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.18.11)
12. confused
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (09.18.11)
I am very confused as I read some of these talkbacks. I pose the following questions a. Why is it okay for the leftists to denigrate those with right wing politics, but not the reverse. There seems to be that the liberal left only believes in free speech for those who agree with the liberal left. b. Why is it okay for secular left to not serve in the army and no one says boo. Some of the leaders of the recent social protests did not army service and when this was pointed out--they cried foul and called such information irrelevant! Why is it only relevant when talking about the Orthodox who do not serve? c. I wonder how many secular leftists would be hung out to dry if the media wasn't so secular left itself? The day the media returns to reporting the news versus orchestrating it--WOW will all be in for a surprise!
13. No other gods. He wants me to get angels?
Josh   (09.18.11)
Once again I am beside myself listening to this man divide the Jewish people and add fuel to the oppression of our people. The very idea that this man (not a god nor sign giving prophet) would stand and say that the people rising up against the hording of Israels wealth by a few and the oppressed people's struggle is some how evil and from "angels of destruction" is deplorable. More so he wants me to turn to angels as advocates in heaven when G-d righteously judges me? (not that Moses instructs that we need angels to "choose life" and "chose a blessing") I serve One G-d, rabbi. This means I do not turn to dead for blessings, I do not turn to angels. I do not turn to objects, I do not accuse people using "invisible" flaws or invisible friends (angels). What court leader uses invisible evidence that can not prove out? A false one. Shame on the man who turns to angels instead of G-d. Who leads our family astray and into the curses? Who instruct people to adopt angels rather then "to do what is good and righteous in G-d's eyes". To stand alone and in confidence of G-d's righteous judgment without needing to sway G-d with angel advocates? Being righteous is a case by case roadway. It is not made of absolute blanket statements. Showing favor in judgment for the poor or the strong is asur! Even if the favor is based on some forbidden angel adoption, it is asur! Open your eyes to G-d / Moses given Torah and judge the left right and middle based on Torah, not angels.
14. Rabbi Yosel is correct about the left and Abbas.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
Although Rabbi Yosef is over the top on some issues; he's correct about the left and Abbas. The left constantly empowers Israel's enemies; who'd otherwise have virtually no power to harm us. Abbas has the same genocidal intent towards Israel as Hamas and it's ludicrous to pretend Abbas is a peace partner. Neither Abbas nor the P.A.. makes any attempt to hide their genocidal intent. It's on PA TV every single day for everyone to see. It's on their billboards, in their public squares...everywhere.
15. True, the "Left" cause and sponsor hatred against Israel!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.18.11)
However, they don't bleed the country dry. They didn't deny the Fire Services the fire retardant to fight the fire which killed 42 Israelis! The self styled Israeli Pope forgets that Israel was founded by leftists, that Menachem Begin was a "liberal" and those "leftists" brought the Moroccan Jews s to Israel when the King of Morocco threw them out! Rabbi Ovadia Yosef seems to have the same hatred against Ashkenazi Jews that the lunatic, Ahmadinejad, has for the Jewish people!,
16. and who helped them?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.18.11)
Maybe the Leftists are harm-doers, but they couldn't do it alone. Until 1992, there was an argument between Right and Left how to make peace with the Arabs and ensure Israel's survival. In 1993 the argument was resolved when Ovadiah Yossef accepted a nice fat check from the Leftist government to support the Oslo I agreement. Ovadiah Yossef was also happy to support the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif by Sharon. I think he should think carefully before he condemns his former allies and paymasters.
17. R' Ovadia took a playful jab at the leftists and the rightis
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (09.18.11)
He was talking about a Kabbalistic concept which dicusses "left" and "right" metaphorically. He then used the opportunity to take a playful jab at both. If you think this is a story - go buy a sense of humor. I may not agree with Rav Ovadia all the time but he has one thing many hardened secular tel aviv leftists (and many other Israelis too, to be sure) dont have: a sense of humor.
18. Waiting for Deri-Shas nightmare
Avramele   (09.18.11)
Look for Arye Deri to make his political move either in Shas or without. If he makes a clean break with Shas, and particularly if the Ashkenazi yacimovich leads labor, then he could pull 3-5 seats that are potential partners in a center left government. Even it doesn't Totally shatter the traditional 65 seat rightist coalition it opens up the possibility of a grand secular coalition of kadima, Likud, labor and Deri. The settlers, lieberman and the Haredim would be left in the cold.
19. Leftists anathema but anti-Zionist heredim also hurt Israel
Poor ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
20. A Rabbi is supposed to be above Politics
shlomo ,   USA   (09.18.11)
A rabbi who engages in political rhetoric is nothing more than a politician in disguise and deserves no respect as a rabbi. A rabbi should set the example for moral behavior among human beings. This man is no rabbi by any stretch of imagination. This is the reason many Jews are turned off by organized Judaism. He should stick to teaching Torah and Talmud, not demonizing anyone who disagrees with him. That is what the Taliban do.
21. I prefer the sermon of Rabbi Yosef over
Israeli 2   (09.18.11)
any leftist rant. Of course the rabbi is correct
22. Oneness: BIG ISRAEL only practical option left.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.18.11)
23. The left & "Price Tag"
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (09.19.11)
I suppose it’s the left who are carrying out these 'Price Tag" attacks and embarrassing Israel worldwide. The truth is that no extreme is helpful to the nation.
24. the guy is right
observer ,   Egypt   (09.19.11)
Israel can never never be secular. Also, Ovadia is not right in his prophecies as regards to his wishes of good health to Mubarak and death to Abbas. The guy is not big blow to the secularism as he trying to impersonate, he is totally imbibed by politics.
25. I prefer youtube sermons of Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.19.11)
26.  Times change and will change again
ky   (09.19.11)
like the seasons change so does our political perception. There are times when we need the left to achieve social justice and there are times when we hate the right for their corruption and greed. Democracy is the ebb and flow between left and right . Would this man have condemed soviet Russia when they voted for the establishment of Israel in 1948.,and all the idealistic young left wingers who came to israel to help it establish itself ?
27. No more Dhimmi
ZICHRON   (09.20.11)
The early pioneers were mainly of the left though we must remember the nili martyrs that greatly assissted the english -australian expeditionary force that defeated the armenian holocaust perpertrating decayed ottoman empire giving the arabs vast lands and oil to be rich and in prosperity.
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