Turkey: We thwarted Israeli NATO request
Published: 18.09.11, 20:28
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1. Why do Turkey set itself on colision course -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (09.18.11)
-against both Israel and The US ?. Do Turkey count on Irans influense or on the USs or Bouth ? It seems to me that Turkey is playing High but will loose, the US will eventually abandon Turkey, and Iran will be Turkeys enemy. Turkey is a big looser. Arn.Sweden.
2. NATO must call a meeting to suspend Turkey
GZLives   (09.18.11)
You cannot be both with the Jihadis and against them at the same time. What is Turkey's relationship with IHH and theirs to Hamas? Or is everything just a bog bunch of BS that goes out the window where Israel is concerned?
3. NATO should kick out Turkey
Brod ,   USA   (09.18.11)
NATO should kick out Islamist-Jihadist Turkey.
4. Turkey Needs to Apologize
Seth   (09.18.11)
For supporting terror.
5. Turkey has been threatening Israel with
Dennouncing Erdogan ,   Any time   (09.18.11)
the speed of light, so, it is impossible to count the threats. On the other hand, I finally came to the conlusion of appologizing to Turkey's megalomanian PM Erdoogan: " I hereby appologize on behalf of the whole world for not recognizing your rants, threats and Nazi propaganda earlier when you started to cheat and fool the Turkish people. I promise to sincerely and entirely correct this anomaly and dennounce all your empty and bellicose words whenever they are uttered and every time they are pronounced. So..."
6. Turkey's bravado will eventualy get out of hand
ronald   (09.18.11)
The clown Davutoglu or Erdogan's " porte parole" has a pretty big mouth. He reminds me of the old RCA logo of a dog listening to his master on every record. " La voix de son maitre" ( the master's voice ). Why must Turkey copy everything American?
7. Nice one,Davutoglu
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.18.11)
I bet that's REALLY put your government in the US administration's good books. Carry on going for broke,it's getting funny. HA HA HA HA HA HA....!!!!! THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. The Erdogan Circus
R ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
It's now two anti-Israel threats/ tantrums DAILY from Erdogan. He is absolutely obsessed with Israel, and is acting like anything but a leader. Israel is basically ignoring him. Erdogan, grow up. Half the people in Turkey deserve better. The other half voted for you.
9. Ps:
Marcela Ara├║jo ,   Brazil   (09.18.11)
I always like Ynet page pics... (What a joke... // shy :D ).
10. FRom reports of friends who live in Turkey
exUK ,   UK   (09.18.11)
I am led to beli that the majority of the Turkish population are not wishing to fall out with Israel or the USA.Further,they say that some were given washing machines to vote for him. Personally I'd rather handwash than vote for him.Just to balance matters,I dont like Leiberman Israeli FM either.He is probably the cause of the trouble.
11. Turkey out of NATO
sunshine ,   Germany   (09.18.11)
Turkey has to be expelled from the NATO and negotiations for their joining into the EU have to be cancelled once and forever. Whatever Erdogan does it's not for Turkey's benefit.
12. Erdbertha
Ber ,   Yahud   (09.18.11)
If Turkey was a high school girl, she'd be that b-list pariah prom queen wanna be of the shady side of the bleachers, who attacks all the other b-list girls, as if it was some reflection of her potential as a star, and not really a pathetic outburst of a desperately frightened and injured ego.
13. erdogen
September 19 2011   (09.18.11)
You need a stiff glass of whiskey to put you on the right track. May I recommend Johnny Walker or even Haigh. Hey, why not try a sup at a few different whiskies. Apart from getting sozzled, you'll be able to sleep off your nightmare. Maybe you'll even be gifted with some sense !!!
14. the kalif of turkey wants to start a war
zionist forever   (09.18.11)
Erdogan is looking to start WW3 to prove to the world how tough he is. Sending warships to fire on any Israeli ships trying to stop flotillas. Illegally changing the source code of Turkish F16s so Israeli jets are considered an enemy and can be shot down. His big idea to suspend relations with the EU if they give the presidency of the EU to Cyprus. Now he is thinks he can block any bid by Israel to join NATO. Turkey must be expelled from NATO before Kalif Erdogan's ego gets any bigger and he decides he wants to start a war and people get killed. The US must suspend all weapons sales to Turkey until this idiot goes and Turkey should never be allowed to build the F35 under license because as an islamist state they cannot be trusted and the designs will probably be sent straight to Iran.
15. Uh huh
Professor Miao   (09.18.11)
Sure, NATO would give Turkey veto power over this. Sure they would. NOT.
16. Turkey is a Joke
luis ,   tijuana   (09.18.11)
Turkey is a joke as a country, and before they started crying like three year olds, I would like to here an apology from the turkish governement for the murder and genocide of almost 2million armenians, and the recent murders by their american bought jet fighters against kurdish women and children. Israel does not have to appologize to those hypocrites.
17. From EU perspective
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.18.11)
Turkey always has been a "non-candidate" but the U.S. urged the EU to accept Turkey as a member to strengthen the moderate forces in Turkey. This never worked. I have the impression, Turkey wanted to be accepted with all its deficiencies. E.g. torture, lack of democracy, problematic treatment of minorities, an impudent lie on a genocide,... And there is the problem, that Turkey against intl. law occupies a part of an EU-members territory. Cyprus! I believe it would be vastly better to negotiate EU-membership with Israel. The only problem is, that many EU countries don't want to endanger their trade ties with other countries in the Middle East. All other political, economic and cultural "parameters" would indicate, that Israel would be a vastly better and more reliable Member of the EU. than Turkey ever could be!
18. Aside from the Turkish BS....
J.D. ,   Ashdod - Israel   (09.18.11)
Loved the suggestive photo ;), those horns really fit him well.
19. Myopic Turkish Leadership
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (09.18.11)
Erdogon and Davutoglu's obsession with Israel take precedence to the needs of their people. They are placing the lives of ordinary Turkish citizens in danger.
20. This is the result of Lieberman as Foreign Minister.
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (09.18.11)
Just imagine if, G-d forbid, he were Prime Minister. Israel would not be welcome in any international body. Israel would be boycotted. It would be a disaster of unparallelled proportions.
21. Israel never asked NATO, Davutoglu is lying.
robert renders ,   belgium   (09.18.11)
22. #10 - "Lieberman probably cause of the trouble"
William ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
Probably...but not really. Lieberman is a scapegoat by those who dislike a strong, outspoken Israel. Truth is Turkey has been on this course with Israel for years, before Lieberman came to office. Internal politics in Turkey, and the region, are the cause for Erdogan's actions and latest direction to become a leader of the Arab world (a role Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are all competing for). In reality, Ben Ali from Tunisia did more to affect Turkey's actions today than did Israel's Lieberman.
23. Turkey / isael
Igor ,   Usa   (09.18.11)
I am proud of lieberman. At last, israel does not kiss asses of different scoundrels and got its own pride. Turkey must be out of nato and kurds get their state. US administration is pro palestinian and does almost nothing to stop turkish fascism. Next year obama will be history we warned him last week in ninth districy here.
24. Grounds for removal from NATO
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.18.11)
Misusing NATO membership to wage personal vendetta against Israel.
25. nato and turkey need to apologize. eu abandoned cyprus and g
ralph   (09.18.11)
greece. they have some hard thinking and decision making ahead of them. with the potential gas find greece has the potential to come to the eu's rescue let alone brings its economy out of the hole it is in.
26. Turkeys threats
Spencer ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
More hot air from Turkey. What a pity that Turkey has such incompetent and useless rulers. I believe that the majority of Turks are good people and that the present regime is trying to poison their minds.
27. Islamists boarded Turkey, on course to sink her.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.18.11)
28. Purpose of Gaza blockade-running revealed?
J. Kubis   (09.18.11)
29. #20 - I'd already vote for him for PM
William ,   Israel   (09.18.11)
No, Israel wouldn't be boycotted. For what? For having a strong leader who draws red lines and actually sticks to them? Lieberman has not said anything that is racist or discriminatory. His stance has more equality for all people than the biased Leftist position that makes some people more "equal" than others. However, if Israel were to be boycotted due to Lieberman's election to PM, I would bet my entire fortune that it would be based in local Leftist movement rather than Intl Organizations. And Daniel - I have no doubt you'd be in the forefront of demanding Intl action against Israel because they aren't following YOUR agenda.
30. Wait, Turkey is still in NATO?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.19.11)
Is this a joke? Simply astonishing.
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