Global poll: 49% in favor of Palestinian state
Ynet Reporters
Published: 19.09.11, 09:44
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1. I don't believe any polls especially
Israeli 2   (09.19.11)
coming from Britain.
2. The Whole World is With Palestine
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
According to many polls conducted, all of them indicated that the majority of the world is with a Palestinian state, sad news Israel. Therefore, Israel should accept reality.
3. 49% support : BBC misinformation
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.19.11)
Ynet, short of drama felt it can reproduce BBC misinformation,
4. Palestine never existed, never will!
Werner ,   South Africa   (09.19.11)
Ibrahim you are obviously under a delusion. The whole world does not support Palestine. And even if it did its not what the world wants that counts but what God wants that counts. The Jews are the rightful owners of the Promised Land. Thats is why they call it the Promised land becuase God promised it to the children of Israel. Palestine never existed, never will! Israel will last until the return of the Messiah and then it will rule the world!
5. The people who voted for "P" state are uneducated fools
Yoav ,   Germany   (09.19.11)
6. The numbers decrease proportionately with true information
kate b ,   uk   (09.19.11)
7. #2 should accept reality
mike ,   Australia   (09.19.11)
That reality being that regardless of what polls say, regardless of the way the UNGA vote will swing, it won't change anything on the ground. The PA is mistaken to think there wont be violence. Not only against Israel, but directed against them. The average Palestinian, in fact the average person, believes that GA majority vote will result in the creation of a state on the borders they seek. This is not the case. No country, and in fact not even the UN, can or will force Israel to give up its territory. When nothing happens on the ground, which will be the case, the people will be pretty darn angry with Abbas and the PA and my bet is that he wont last another 12 months, likely the remainder of the PA's life as well.
8. What proportion want to support financially
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (09.19.11)
I wonder if the questionaire also asked whther they want to their governments to use their taxes to support the Palestinian state financially? Note that the states who do not pay, are the ones who want a Palestinian state.
9. Hypocrites!
Yoni ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
It's amazing...out all of those countries who support the many of them have their own ethnic and religious minorities who are fighting for their own statehood. Let's see, China, Turkey, the Philippines, Indonesia....the list goes on. Turkey why don't you put your money where your mouth is and grant a state to your ethnic Kurdish population, China, how about statehood for your Muslim Uighurs? Yeah, free Palestine, but when it comes to your own country, "Not in my backyard!""
10. Let them declare a State, then defend it
Az ,   Oz   (09.19.11)
Israel declared a State without the support of its neighbours. If the Palestinian's wish to do the same thing, let them. Let's see how well they can defend the territory they claim (as Israel did in 1948). Because the minute the "State" commits an act of war, they are going to have to. They will not be Israeli subjects, or dispossessed refugees. They'll be enemy civilians and enemy combatants. That means artillery can be used to respond overwhelmingly to rocket/mortar attacks. It's good, it's time the gloves were taken off. PS One has to wonder, why have they waited so long when UNGA Res 181 gave them a State in 1947? Is it because they wanted it all, not part? PPS There are studies that one more operation like "Cast Lead" will destroy the coastal aquifer under the Gaza Strip making it effectively uninhabitable without water being piped in from Israel. Without that, they'd have to abandon the Strip and move to the West Bank.... Better and better.
11. Stop being greedy and just give them their own state already
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.19.11)
The world's sick of this conflict and the illogical arguments from both Jews and Arabs. There is no Promised Land, no flying horses from Saudi Arabia to Jerusalem, no invisible dictator concerned with the propritorship of this tiny dot of land. The Jewish Israeli state's going to stay whether the Arabs & Muslims like it or not and Israel has nukes so it can defend itself. The Arabs who became refugees are going to get their own state on the west bank of the Jordan river and Gaza eventually because the status quo has passed its use by date. It's just amazing that it's taking this long. @Werner- a winged horse magically flew Muhammad ibn Abdullah to Jerusalem and gave it to him. Their fairytales about ownership are no less valid than yours.
12. Who cares about polls
Mordechai ,   London   (09.19.11)
I dont care about polls. We Jews have been the target for persecution for 2000 years, but we are still around to tell tale. Sometimes, the truth hurts, yet the truth will endure. We should not get frightened over polls, just like we dont get frightened about the fact the world hates us.
13. This is the consequence of a lack
Yossef   (09.19.11)
of real information. Nobody knows the real history of the (re)creation of Israel and the arab wars that followed. You add to that a latent chronic antisemitism and you get this kind of poll. Fortunately the jewish people never decided its survival according to polls.
14. learn history ! palestine never was arab !
15. 49% a poor result...
Francis ,   London, UK   (09.19.11)
...given the amount of misinformation in the mainstream media (not least from the BBC), and given that the poll was commissioned (i.e. designed) by the BBC, the Palestinains could have expected much better figures than this.
16. to #2 The whole word is against Jews not for palestinians !
17. 49 in favour = 51 against
tiki ,   belgium   (09.19.11)
In my book, that's a majority, but it realy doesn't matter what the 'Europeans think, it matters what the Israeli's do. The John & Jane's of Europe couldn't care less, for they don't have to live with the consequences, so they can say no matter what.
18. @14 True, true...
19. polls are just STUPID polls, never mean anything!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (09.19.11)
it all depend on who you interviewed or phoned. even so, the whole nutty world stand with the palis.... bring it on. when the jobs continue to fail, debts continue to add on,.... when the people finally realised their tax-payer monies are "never-ending forever and forever" gonna feed that "NEVER GROWING UP" Palestinians, then... these same 49 % people who support the palis state can suck their thumb and bang their head on the wall for helping to create the "Glorious State of Palestine!" Majority are not always right!
20. BBC poll
A ,   Belgium   (09.19.11)
I'd save the BBC survey for when I'm out of toilet paper. Thats about all its worth, together with the BBC.
21. pal state
paulo ,   brazil   (09.19.11)
bibi and lieberman are also in favor. where and how are the right quetions...
22. Do they really know what they voted for?
...The consequences of this? I'm sure most people have not much of an idea what this about except for the 30-sec grabs that continually portray Israel badly.
23. #11 Greedy? Worry about australia idea
Do you know anything Eddie? Do you know how small Israel is? The place is TINY. Do you understand that this is just a stunt? If you knew anything - even the Arabs will tell you that they will never accept Israel in any shape or form. They have been do it for 60 years.
24. What was the methodology of these polls?
Sidney ,   USA   (09.19.11)
How do you take polls in countries where it is unsafe just to walk around? Or where most people are unreachable by telephone? Do half the people in China or Indonesia know that Israel exists?
25. #7 Will Face This Fact
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
As much no one will force Israel to give up its territory as you claim, no one will force Palestinians to fight to get their territory back. At the end of the story Palestinians didn't arrive in a ship to Haifa and Yaffo and started building settlements and kibutz in Palestine! So at the end no one will force the other. It is Israel's own interest to accept a Palestinian State, because if they don't in 10 years or so (and since israel is democratic country (right :D)) will have Palestinians as majority, and guess what the Zionist dream will vanish. So it is in their interest to accept a Palestinian state next to it on 1967, i love to talk sense and not to talk about power and influence on lobby's. The sense tells u accept a Palestinian State before the zionist dream vanish for good, and Palestinians get to be majority. Regards
26. #16 Why are they against Jews?
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
I am Palestinian and Muslim, I have no problem with Jews, i have problem with the Israeli government and zionists overall. But why would a european or american hate jews? What did jews do to them?
27. Ibrahim @ 26, I see your point, but I would like
leo ,   usa   (09.19.11)
to know specifically what your exact grievances with Israeli government and Zionists.
28. BBC news deception and lies
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.19.11)
BBC news deception and false are well known by now,so who will believe to BBC % of pro Palestine state? This numbers are false and deceiving ...the pro-Pali are a few creaming youth payed to do so...they are unemployed or nulla-facenties,meaning people that have nothing to do but for money will do anything,including lie...
29. A Palestinian State will not bring peace...
Jeff ,   USA   (09.19.11)
You will just have less land. They will continue the rockets, because they hate you. G_d will bring victory to you.
30. New Poll
Julian ,   London   (09.19.11)
100% of the people in my house support Israel and 0.0% support Palestinians
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