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Barak: Netanyahu caved in to Lieberman over Turkey crisis
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.09.11, 09:39
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31. Turk warships against US oil in Cyprus
Robert ,   NY USA   (09.19.11)
Turkey IS now on the UN security council, but, I dunno, I'm no Barak, but I think siding with the US might be a better idea than apologising to Turkey. I'd need more proof that we can rely on their veto instead of the US. Just my opinion, but Erdogan's latest speeches sound, well... um...
32. You are wrong
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.19.11)
The article should have heading: Erdogan guilty of Turkey crisis. Just look at the Turkeys, now they are threatening EU, I just wonder who's next on their list...
EHUD BARK- OUT!!!!! ,   ISRAEL   (09.19.11)
34. No apology to Turkey, ever!
rick hays ,   rising sun, IN USA   (09.19.11)
I am in complete agreement with the PM Netanyahu, Mr. Lieberman & "Devy, EARTH"... NO APOLOGY. EVER!!! Though the world, including the palestinian & muslim sympathizing US president may turn away from you, STAY STRONG... ELOHIM still stands with ISRAEL!!!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.19.11)
It's surprising that after the Palmer Report, which essentially exonerates Israel, that Turkey still demands an apology? But why the world goes along with farce is dangerous, because they simply embolden the bully, Turkey. Look Israel could apologize tomorrow...or even at the time of the flotilla...and nothing would change. It's the illusion the world has fallen for, that somehow Israel is at fault. If only Israel would do this, or that, then everything would have been fine, BS! That is simply not true, there would simply be another excuse. We've heard the same crap about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, but we know that isn't true. Just yesterday Hamas said...for about the 10th time, in just the last year...that they want all of Israel. Hamas stated they don't recognize Israel and rejected the UN bid unless it gave "all" of Israel to the Pals. Plus the UN needed to annul the Resolution that created the rebirth of Israel. Wow! You think that would draw some criticism, it didn't! You have to wonder how much clearer can it be said. Only the total elimination of Israel will satisfy all these countries. All this is just the continuing delegitimizing campaign against Israel. It really is that simple.
36. The world is indebted to Israel
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.19.11)
Bibi and Avi forced Turkey to show it's real face. And just by the way, who is so foolish to believe, that Erdogan wouldn't have an other way to raise tensions and deteriorate relations between Israel and Turkey? Since years Turkey was planning to modify the IFF-System in Turkish radar systems and they started development two years ago. Way in advance of the flotilla incident, Turkey wanted to be able to identify it's future former ally as foe! The major flaw in Western foreign policy is, that they are always trying to appease unreliable partners because they fear to loose business and thus always make things worse. Western countries like Germany and UK pamper their future enemies until they have real trouble. The Western countries made this mistake over and over again and it's time, that they learn to define a goal and accordingly a policy and to also follow their policy and not the short term interests of disorientated second-row politicians. They not only equipped Turkey with arms but also Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They pampered Sadam Hussein and finally they lost track and pampered Gaddafi instead of removing him from power. ..... And we see the same problems in other continents, too. It's a shame!
37. Defenseless Minister Afraid to Blame Turkey ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.19.11)
The retreat and capitulate expert finds it easier to attack fellow Jews and tear down their homes instead of defeating Hamas or Hizblollah. The amazing thing is that Netanyahu has chosen such s despicable character to sit by him ,birds of a feather no doubt.
38. Lieberman YES, GET RID OF BARAK
JP ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
39. Israel needs new elections
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.19.11)
So that Bibi gets a majority and can get rid of people like Barak in his coalition. Barak does not understand that there are moral values and that Israel has to look strong. israel was right the way she acted in the Mavi Marmara saga and should NEVER apologize. Bibi, the majority of Israelis and Jews around the world support you.
40. when has barak ever been right or truthful?
dante ,   uk   (09.19.11)
barak wanted Israel to apologise to erdo. and, a momentary reconciliation could have been engineered around that. IT NEVER OCCURRED TO barak THAT AN APOLOGY WAS OWED TO ISRAEL AND THAT AN ISRAELI SURRENDER WOULD HAVE YIELDED NOTHING MORE THAN INSUBSTANTIAL AND TRANSITORY GAINS. DON'T BE STUPID.
41. Where is Barak's loyalty?
Brod ,   USA   (09.19.11)
Is Barak for Israel or for Obama that is trying to undermine Israel's government? It is time the PM replaces him with Gen. Yaalon who is more competent and loyal. Israel should be united, strong and resolute in defending the Land of Israel and the Nation of Israel against the Tsunami of dark forces that are unrelenting in attacking, undermining and usurping Israel.
42. Turkey is ....
JurkeyBaste   (09.19.11)
Turkey is the resident regional clown, who soon enough will learn their place OR BE PUT IN IT. Happy Thanksgiving! Let's baste the Turkey!!!
43. fire barak keep lieberman. only smart man standing with a
ralph   (09.19.11)
44. Marmara was part of Islamist (Turkish) war against Israel.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.19.11)
45. Let's see if I get this right
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.19.11)
Lieberman proposes backing the PKK and that would make Israel a terrorist supporting state. Turkey DOES support Hamas and even sent terrorists to attack our country and they aren't? How does that figure? Also the EU and USA fund Hamas, so doesn't that make all of them terrorist supporting states already?
46. LIEBERMAN = OUR MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.19.11)
47. Eric @16
Moragh   (09.19.11)
Barak lost his marbles a very long time ago. I think it left him soft on top. Isn't it clear that he is dead jealous of BiBi. Barak is a dangerous, dirty underhanded creature and for some reason he (Bibi) is afraid of Barak. I say, out with Barak at the earliest. Personally, I have never set eyes on Barak but what I can say without a shadow of doubt is that I AM a very good face reader. Barak is dangerous, BiBi. Watch your back!!!
48. Barak, a total failure!
Devy ,   EARTH   (09.19.11)
Israel, is time to roll up the sleeves and show the biceps, not some flubs. With Erdogan morphing into a bully fascist , this is not the time or place to play the role of Chamberlain with him. Respect for Israel won't come getting on the knees, that time is over for bazar diplomacy with our enemies. Grow a pair of cojones all of you ..even you Tzipy!
49. OK,Mr Barak.Tell us what YOU would have done.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.19.11)
This is just sniping at Mr Netanyahu and Mr Lieberman with no substance. If Mr Barak maintains that things could have been done better,let him say exactly what HE would have done.Not,of course,that it's his business to comment publicly on foreign policy issues when he's Defence Minister.It's best said from OUTSIDE government. I've asked before and still received no answer to this question.How does it come about that Barak and others in the Independence Party can sit as MKs and be ministers when they didn't present a list in the last election?Surely the clean way to get rid of Barak and maintain the government is simply to replace the sitting Independence Party MKs and ministers with Labor Party list members and bring the coalition back to its original state. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
50. Mr Barak
Erroll Gelardin ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
Mr Barak Next elections will put you away from Israels politic arena and this will be the very best day of Israel.
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