Anti-Israel Turks erroneously hack into Palestinian sites
Ilil Ben Zur-Laron
Published: 19.09.11, 12:20
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Mark ,   t.a.Israel   (09.19.11)
2.  nine Turkish citizens were killed
carlosito ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
this is a new name for terrorsts ??
3. Stupid teenagers.
Can ,   Istanbul   (09.19.11)
4. Like when Palestinian terrorists blow up Arab restaurants
C ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
like Maxim in Haifa where many Palestinian Israelis were killed by moron terrorists.
5. friggin' boneheads
Cameron ,   USA   (09.19.11)
6. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.11)
Dumb turkeys. Gosh -- who would have thunk?
7. Like the faucet
Cameron ,   USA   (09.19.11)
8. hahha
zzz   (09.19.11)
9. Israeli servers
Mary snow ,   Usa   (09.19.11)
Why are we allowing palestian sites that hate israel on Israeli servers.
10. Oh, well...
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (09.19.11)
What else could one expect from an ignorant populace led by that pompous, posturing whackoff artist, Erdogan?
11. How come "Haaretz" is never bothered by hackers?
ab   (09.19.11)
12. the LOIC, low orbit ion cannon
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (09.19.11)
will usually do for this sort of stuff, though certain adjustments have to be made in windows. yadda. yadda. yadda...
Must have been the same people that were on the Mavi Marmara.
14. Good thing our enemies are so dumb.
Yonatan ,   Tsfat, Israel   (09.19.11)
As the UN vote shows us, we have very stupid enemies. This is a fact that should be embraced and rubbed in their faces, because I am sure stupid people don't like being called dumb.
15. when will our hackers take down these guys!
ralph   (09.19.11)
16. (giggle) makes you wonder if they r master
ghostq   (09.19.11)
of their own minds.
17. So it isn't about Israel after all...
William ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
They've just lumped us in with everyone else the Turks hate - Greece, Armenia, PKK.... I think there is more but they ran out of room. It looks more like a case of Turkish humiliation and a goal of regaining their pride when they brutally ruled over a large portion of the Middle East. The first step in nationalism is to hate everyone else.
18. #4 - but they extended the honor of "Shahid" to them
William ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
so it's ok.
19. #2 - you forgot two words: "armed" and "violent"
William ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
It's not the new name for terrorists. It's just an adherence to the old definition.
20. #11 - honor among thieves
William ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
21. Hi
Rozh ,   Sulaimani/kurdistan   (09.19.11)
They always are stupid rather than opportunistic
22. Time to recognize the Armenian genocide and call for a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.19.11)
state for the Kurds.
23. But wait.....
Susi Goldstein ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
The Pals probably LIKE those hacks and will keep them on their sites!
24. Inept on the seas, inept on the web.
Phil ,   Ireland   (09.19.11)
25. To #2 no, it is only where they are from
John ,   Alaska   (09.20.11)
The next logical question is this: was there Turkish government complicity with the terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara. Providing governmental permission for a group to run Israel's legal blockade is an act of war, as well as aiding and abetting terrorists. These Turkish citizens, or more properly the Turkish government's complicity in the acts of its citizens provides ample justification for Turkey's removal from NATO.
26. Turkey
rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.08.12)
Another example of Turkish the Flotilla.
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