Small groups' control of economy to end?
Avital Lahav
Published: 19.09.11, 15:31
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1. Hilarious at best.............
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.19.11)
The government has failed to mention it's outrages taxes. 100 plus percent tax on fuel, cars. Can you imagine if people paid at least 50 percent less at the pump and for cars. The government will not respond. It is obvious that they will do nothing but throw up smoke screens and blame others.
2. "You want *how much* to dry clean a sweater!"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.19.11)
I was in Israel doing volunteer work in 2008, after which I took a place for a week just to get a feel for life day-to-day. I took a sweater shirt to a laundry to be cleaned; what they wanted was almost half what it cost to buy it in the first place! Netanyahu's reforms won't deal with such prices, which are more rooted in the cost of materials to businesses, and the attempt to compensate for the high taxes they're paying. Not to mention the tendency to fleece the "rich foreigner".
3. tycoons
colin   (09.20.11)
The only problem at the high costs of all commodities is the GOVERNMENT TAXES Nothing else Notice that all those giving advice are people that have failed to made an honest living and have become politicians to do the public.
4. Business as usual
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (09.20.11)
In all probaility nothing will change. Divesting ferom several holdings is the wrong approach to reduce prices. What is required is preventing control fo several business in the same field such as supermarkests under different names.
5. More competition amongst the little guys
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.19.11)
is not the answer. When you look at countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, or Denmark, you see there is no real competition internally. But for foreign markets, the major corporations from these countries are coming on strong. They train their people with the best skills to compete against foreigners for markets abroad. Internally, there is only friendly competition, and everyone get's a chance to make money. Israel needs to have a system like this.
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