Haredi riots in Jerusalem following police raid
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 20.09.11, 10:59
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1. is this "Social Justice" Haredi lawless style? or what?
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.11)
2. Enough. This is a small group of people
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.20.11)
They should not treat the law of the land with such disrespect and they should not be allowed to make good Jews look bad either. I hope the police get a good case against these guys and start locking them up and protecting the greater public, incl Haredim.
3. Haredim
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (09.20.11)
As every citizen they to respect the law or they leave Israel. They do not behave the same way in Brooklin or Vienna.
4. Neturei Karta Arrests
Mark ,   Detroit USA   (09.20.11)
For those of you who think the government should treat Haredi lawbreakers with the full weight of the law, and are sick of seeing them throw rocks with impunity, this raid and set of arrests is a sham! This particular group is disliked by Likudnicks for their pro-Arab views and is being singled out for "justice". This government is not interested the rule of law. They narrowly interpret the law to push their far-right agenda. Shame on them! This is Soviet Union or China style justice. Wake up Israelis. Elect more left wing politicians to balance out your government. This group of ideologues is creating the groundwork for a self-inflicted war.
5. Thanks, Mark! Marxist-Leninists alive and well in Motor City
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.20.11)
Ah yes, nothing like a sham to set off the masses of workers. Oops, well, set off the masses of, um, well, you know, the masses of Torah scholars...? I was totally unaware that leftists actually like the Neturei Karta! What a pleasant revelation. I'll have to revise my notebook on leftists and erase all those comments and statements from leftist thinkers, leaders, workers, etc, who instead of despising the Neturei Karta for spitting on Israel and refusing army service and taxes (unlike the rest of us leftists and rightists and centrists) are now embracing them for what they are - respectable anti-Likudniks! Thanks so much, Mark, for setting the record straight. When their trials come up for tax evasion, running an illegal slaughterhouse and violating a dozen or more health laws, I'll go to the courtroom for you to shout epithets at the prosecution, who are obviously in the pay of the Dark Side of the Force....or the Likud....or Mad Magazine...
6. #mark dont tell me what to vote when you dont live here.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.20.11)
7. what do neturei karta do?
HH ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.11)
that (some) leftists do not do? their attitude toward the State is the same. The only difference is N,K. doesn't take a red cent from the government, while many lefty professors, leaders, intellectuals draw nice salaries from the State that they disparage.
su ,   jerusalem   (09.20.11)
THEY DON'T REPRESENT ANYTHING JEWISH EXCEPT THEIR EXTERNAL APPEARANCE. because of their extreme anti-zionist stand, they justify violation of most important principles of judaism. lock them up and ship them out.
9. Haredi/naturei karta=stones, iron bars,bottles
pauly   (09.20.11)
They call themselves Jews. In reality they are savages, the same class as Hamas, Taliban.,Al qaeda and other vile species of mankind. No laws, no rules, no Govt regulations, except violence, depraved behavior and sleeping with the enemy is not an empty slogan.They are a disgrace to Judaism, to Israel society and to their children to whom they pass on this dislike (hatred) to modern living.
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