Israel Police get 1st female sapper
Omri Efraim
Published: 20.09.11, 19:05
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1. for herself, for the women...and for the country, also ?
2. She did it for other women
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.20.11)
Well from what I hear about Israeli Police compared to there Western counterparts she didn't do it for the money.
3. Ms Gawi! Kol HaKavod! U go girl! & may Gd keep u safe!
4. I wonder
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (09.20.11)
B"H I wonder why is it good for a Jewish woman in particular and for Jewish women in general to neutralize booby-trapped vehicles and other suspicious objects. You really think it is good for the nation to show Hashem we couldn't care less about Him and what He tells us about being on His Land for? If you were G-d, would you want to maintain such a stiff-necked and indipendent-spirited people on the most precious of your lots?
5. @4 Y aren't u wondering about the biblical Yael?
You should know which Yael I mean. She's the one in the Book of Judges who killed Sisera in order to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin. She was the wife of Heber the Kenite. So if it is fine that Yael did this and surely it was fine because otherwise it wouldn't be recorded in the Tanach..then it is right and good for Inbar Gawi to be a sapper. My friend instead of asking silly questions outward, try to reign yourself in and remember that it is the Awesome month of Elul! Go do Tzuvah for your sins!
6. to #4
The Maccabee ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.11)
WHy shouldn't a Jewish woman neutralise booby-trapped vehicles? Why do you think G-d would object?
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