US presents plan for PA to defer UN bid for one year
Associated Press
Published: 21.09.11, 07:15
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1. what does Obama not understand
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (09.21.11)
For the love of it , what does Obama not understand the 1967 boarders are not on the table and jerusalem is not on the table , how many times must the guy be told , yes Obama has a vision and thats all it is. he also had a vision for America and look where we are now. some vision.
2. two states for two peoples, Jewish & Pales?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (09.21.11)
"two states for two people, Jewish and Palestinian" is BIG DIFFERENT from "Israel as a Jewish State". Israel, be very careful, the Quartet are playing with words, that the next generation of Palestinians can turn around and deny the Jewish Nature of Israel, thus providing the possibilities of flooding Israel with Refugees! Can't you see the "Jewish State" denial is plainly for the sake of the Refugees Return Plot into Israel Proper! Quartet don't know these, i doubt so, they know, but they want an easy solution out to appease arabs in their own countries!
3. INEPT PEOPLE! Retarded even says Snagglepuss
Israeli 2   (09.21.11)
"Israel would have to accept its pre-1967 borders with land exchanges as the basis for a two-state solution, and the Palestinians would have to recognize Israel's Jewish character" How UNREAL...Why expound on it?
4. Ah Ha! obumma's true colors now showing. Traitor to the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.21.11)
Americans, liar and cheat to the Jews, what a muslum the liberal Jews in America helped elect. I bet the liberal, communist Jews in America have even more rope with which to hang Israel.
5. No more compromise
Joe tango ,   Usa   (09.21.11)
If bibi and barak sells out israel again on borders it will confirm that this goverment is the most currupt Israeli goverment in History.
6. Wishful thinking
afried ,   USA   (09.21.11)
If Abbas wanted a real peace he could have had it with Olmert. Let us face it his problem is that he connot concide on the Refugees which is a non starter for Israel or for its existance. He also cannot give in on Jerusalem which is a major sticking block. That is why he choices not to negotiate. Why the world cannot see this is beyond me.
7. this is not complicated ...
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (09.21.11)
The PA will not accept Israel as a Jewish State but wants a Muslim State free of Jews. The above is a complete non-starter for any negotiations! Even anti-Israel supporters would surely be shocked if this new Muslim State started forcibly removing 500,000 Jews from their homes. And Israel would sit back and watch? Why does Abbas refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State? He wants millions of Muslims to return (700,000 left) to Israel but can't insist on that if Israel is a Jewish State.
8. obama
steve ,   usa   (09.21.11)
if Obama were not such a coward ansd actually believed in the values most Americans espouse, he would stop pandering to the Palestinians. Unfortunately, Obama is weak. If Netanyahu caves and gives Abbas this extortion attempt, he should be forced to resign. 20 years ago the US told the Pals to back off or lose funding and they did. Fawning over them like this is the greatest mistake Obama and Netanyahu could make.
9. There are 22 arabush countries
Jerome ,   NZ   (09.21.11)
and many more Muslim countries. Who said there can't be a JEWISH STATE? Why are we giving the world a chance to make an opinion? France: 78,000 Jews deported, 3000 survived! Germany hmmm not enough space for the number of gased and slaughtered. Poland? Russia? Saloniki? Tunisia? Who made all these collaborators the moral gardians of the palis?
10. No Deferring, "Palestine" Window Has Passed
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.21.11)
The PA has blown it. Not only are they non-elected, their years of refusals of offers, refusals to even negotiate, never an olive branch, only hatred, playing yes-man off the USA's insane suggestions to bolster some Dutch courage, and THIS is the end result? The PA no longer has credibility, as if they ever had any. Israel must let go of past illusion and annex the whole of Judea and Samaria. Dissenters are free to emigrate.
11. One year - after the 2012 elections?
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.21.11)
12. Clueless Obama....totally lost. no vision.
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (09.21.11)
no understanding of reality. He makes Jimmy Carter look intelligent....
13. This guy doesn't get it
Mike LA ,   LA   (09.21.11)
Obama just doesn't understand how to get things done. There is no point in telling the Palestinians to come back in a year because it will only give them an incentive to stall talks. It has been the Palestinians who have avoided negotiations not the Israelis. Unfortunately Obama's election to the Presidency was a freak accident.
14. No more stalling. Let's get this show on the road.
Devorah   (09.21.11)
15. What is my Jewish character?
Yuval ,   Israel   (09.21.11)
Oh how shrewd these bastards, Israel's "Jewish character" you know its the wording of things, this whole game of media, politicians, posturing, the rich, certain people in place with their f--ked up agendas, the "Jewish character", the Pals have to recognize the "Jewish character" these people are sickening we will never have peace and its like something has to die from the head on down, something has to be toppled for the Palestinians and the Jew minus his character, to have peace. Dying people in pain after a while if that pain is severe they'll just go comatose and won't feel the pain anymore, this is the way we all are but we are still being crucified by our sadistic leaders and money changers, these politicians are the evil shepherds that lead us headlong into destruction unlike a beloved David
16. Alternatives?
Pontus ,   Sweden, Stockholm   (09.21.11)
I ask and ask again - what is the alternative to a 2-state solution? full Israeli citizenship for all Palestinians (including Gaza which Israel will never, understandebly, allow to fnctiong as it's own state). Be careful what you wish for. Stop the settlement building and return to negotiations now!
17. If this UN Spectacle serves any purpose
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.21.11)
Its brought the Israel Palestine issue to the forefront and underlined the need for face to face talks Lets accept Natanyahus challenge of talks without preconditions and start on a Step by Step practical plan to complete Independence of East Palestine in the West Bank WITHIN THREE YEARS At least we know now that Fatah and Hamas are unlikely perhaps never going to unite..given Hamas crooked agenda and so for the moment we must power ahead for Statehood for East Palestine in the West Bank. Most analysts will agree that for East Palestine in the West Bank to prosper we have to have good relations with all our neighbours including Israel. We could benefit from Israeli employment of Palestinians and Palestinian exports to Israel. An open East Palestine could increase tourism numbers by a factor of ten in five years! There could be an explosion of the arts serving all of the Arab world. We could increase agricultural output by 250% over 5 years. We could build the most successful centre for Arab Fashion Clothing in the Middle East....And thats for starters! That message goes both to Abbas AND Natanyahu. Pull your collective heads out of the sand, try to detoxify yourselves from years of prejudice and start afresh with some meaningful talks
18. Obama needs another year....
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.21.11) .he is vulnerable now. Abu Mazen wouldn`t postpone even for another day. As for century would be fine.
19. One year delay so after elections in US
Malcolm ,   US   (09.21.11)
Obama can apply his "tough love" against Israel for its own good? No , thanks.
20. Obama's visions
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.21.11)
"People who have a vision should go see a doctor." - Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany, 1974 - 1982.
21. #16
nathan ,   Israel/USA   (09.21.11)
Hmm.... Israel has offered to return to negotiations for the past 2 years with no preconditions, so I believe you should address that to the Pals on this issue. As far as Settlements...please take into consideration that the entirety of Judea& Sumeria/disputed territories are just that disputed territories according to international law. If Jewish settlers are not allowed to build then Palestinian Arabs should also not be allowed to build, as again these are disputed territories. So I would be all for the stopping of settlement building as long as it is all settlement building both Arab and Jewish. Just an FYI Arabs build and "appropriate" land in the disputed territories at many times the rate that Jews do.
22. Translated:
Isaac Storm   (09.21.11)
Obama is in big trouble and is looking for a way out. I know it never occurred to Obama (yeah, right), but the way to stop the resolution would be to meet with and pressure 7 nations on the UN security council to vote no, abstain, or to absent themself - that way the PA would be forced to negotiate without preconditions.
23. Translation
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.21.11)
...from English to Ivrit:"My re-election campaign is in the toilet and I am drowning here. Throw me a political life preserver and I'll screw the JOOOZ later.
24. To n° 17
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.21.11)
"Pull your collective heads out of the sand..." :lol: I do agree with you, meaningful talks are very important. Now, talking about the borders issue, I think it wouldn't works in practice as we expect in theory...
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