Obama urges Erdogan to resolve crisis with Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.09.11, 08:11
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1. Turkey "tricks" US to buy drones
David ,   USA   (09.21.11)
Turkey is an axis of evil == friends of world terrorist nations, like Syria,Hamas, Hezbollah,and Iran & is storring up trouble for & endangering Israel. Their treachery is obvious. They connived to send terrorist IHH on flotilla to confront and kill Israelis & to open Gaza for import of terrorist weapons so they can hurt Israel.
2. Erdogan wants cash
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.11)
from Obama. Turkey's economy is headed in the same direction as Greece's. Lots of debt and very little real economic growth to support it. He manufactured this crisis and sabre-rattling so that the US and EU can come to his rescue by paying him off. Obama should keep his check-book out of the discussions; let Turkey carry on all it wants. Erdogan will fail as his countries economy further falters. And when they hit rock bottom, they will be a bit more reasonable with their bluster.
3. Bomb blast yesterday = self inflicted
ex-frummie ,   johannesburg S.A.   (09.21.11)
the turkey govt is very crude and amateurishness - by planting a bomb in the capital to extract sympathy and drones from the o-dum-a administration - and no doubt they will get them.
4. #2
teo ,   ankara   (09.21.11)
S&P raised Turkey's rating yesterday.Maybe you shoul read newspaper.
5. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
Yes. Turkey has risen two notches to BBB-. Israel's rating, by the way, is A+. Eat your heart out. Turkey is facing a long, uphill climb.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.21.11)
As much as I dislike Turkey's turn towards radical Islam. Their economy is fine (last I read, Turkey went up to a "BB+" rating, Israel is rated an "A")...although not as strong as Israel' be careful with your comments. But I agree that we shouldn't give Turkey any drones. Obama should have poublicly castigated Erdogan for his recent bully remarks to help isolate his arrogant regime. Which thinks they can do whatever they want, and threaten whoever (Israel, Greek Cyprus) they want. Obama blew a great chance, but of course that shouldn't surprise anyone.
7. #4 - so what if they raised Turkey's rating
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (09.21.11)
They still need US money
8. ynet
Meir ,   London   (09.21.11)
It's good to feel that i am not the only jewish person who supports israel. Haaretz is full of sick left wing jews who seem to love arabs but hate themselves.
9. To n° 2
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.21.11)
You are so wrong... You should be careful about what people say to you. Turkey's economy has not the same problems than Greece's economy.
10. econ101
ali ,   turkey   (09.21.11)
Economy of Turkey is simply rising. it is still not A+ but the recent upgrading means turkey's economy is dynamic and future-promising. population active and young. read some papers on economics
11. #10 ali, turkey
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.21.11)
If Turkey is such a dynamic and future promising economy, you do not need EU money. Time to withdraw your membership application.
12. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
Oh, dream on. Turkey's economy is in the toilet. Circling the bowl. The Turkish government has been manipulating the numbers -- everyone knows that. Some of us actually know how to read numbers, and how to compare those numbers to the facts on the ground. I -- unfortunately -- have the unlovely task of traveling to Turkey at least three times a month. I KNOW what's going on. Simply put, Turkey's economy is anything but "dynamic" and "future-promising." And just exactly do you think will happen to Turkey's alleged "economy" when NATO bounces you? And that's coming; you know it. Who will come to your rescue? Iran? Yeah. Dream on. Read some papers on economics, why don't you? You have either drank the Turkish Kool-Aid or are severely deluded. Take your pick. Do you think that printing incredible quantities of lira a viable economy makes? Guess again.
13. To: Josh at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
Turkey's economy has three bellwethers: shipping, drydocking and tourism. Turkey's shipping industry is in the weeds. Its drydocking industry has disappeared. I can speak reliably to both. Tourism: well, you'd be surprised how many people do not want to travel to Turkey as a result of its closer ties to Iran and its rampant persecution of the Kurdish people. Turkey is -- simply put -- a dead turkey. Gobble, gobble. Once Turkey is bounced from NATO and all those lucrative NATO bases disappear -- well, Turkey goes right on back to being a Fourth World backwater. Sick man of Europe. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
14. You are wrong Josh
A Turkish Friend ,   İstanbul   (09.21.11)
Did you not read something even on the wikipedia on Turkey's economy raise up. I beleve you have never come to Turkey especially in Istanbul to see how it grew up for last ten years. Do you think really that Turkey need some cash. Then why Turkey cut any trades (About 1.5 billion USDollars) with Israel.Especially in that crisis days. So Turkey don't need any cash. For those who don't know or don't want to know...Turkey suspended Greece's dept to Turkey (about 700 million US Dollars) as a signal of good neighbor. Best regards To Tel Aviv
15. Marmara was part of Islamist (Turkish) war against Israel.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.11)
16. Islamist Turkey OUT of NATO, asap!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.11)
17. Turkish economy....
mattan ,   merritt island, usa   (09.21.11)
if they get war, like they so greatly desire, then their economy will go to hell. especially after their entire infrastructure is bomed, and their young active population become martyrs for a bs war created by erdogan to boost his own image at the expense of his people.
18. Turkish Economy
Anatol ,   Anatolia, Turkiye   (09.21.11)
Economical growth of Turkey 1st quarter 2011: 12% (no.1) and 2nd quarter 2011: 8.8% (no.2) there is no comparison of Turkish economy to Greek. Europe is discussing the least harmful default and bankruptcy of greece.
19. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????????????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.21.11)
All this talk about the Turkish economy caused me to do a quick search of the economy. As we all know tourism is a large portion of the Turkish economy. I did notice an immediate discrepancy? First I looked at the economy in general, under "Tourism sector" on the Wikipedia page it stated in 2005 there were 24,124,501 visitors; 2008 it rose to 30,929,192 visitors. So it gave the appearance it was a rising number. But I wondered why it stopped at 2008. So I did a search specific to Tourism in Turkey. Which took me to another Wikipedia page. In 2010 the number had dropped to 28,632,204. A 2.6 million drop, roughly down 8%. But then I noticed a chart of visitors listed yearly from 1998-2010. Those numbers DIDN'T match the numbers on the Turkish economy page. It listed 2008 at 26,336,677; AND 2005 was 21,200,000. (This number is off by roughly 4.5 million-under- in (2008); and off 2 million-under- in (2005).) So put simply, on Wikipedia under "Economy of Turkey" and the separate Wiki page titled "Tourism of Turkey" the numbers don't match. Also is notes on the chart (on the tourism page) for only 2007-2010 those numbers came from the "Turkish Ministry". From 1998-2006 it doesn't list where those numbers came from, but apparently NOT from the "Turkish ministry", who would have a motivation to lie? Hmmmm. Is Turkey trying to cover something up? As some people (Sarah) have implied?? This took about 5 minutes for me to notice. I wonder what a detailed study would show about the Turkish economy??
20. to #11
Andrew ,   Istanbul   (09.21.11)
What EU money are you talking about? Turkey does not / did not receive aid from the EU in any way what so ever. Turkey doesnt want to be in the EU either, neither does EU want Turkey (But needs the ability to use Turkey's military, and NATO installments and NATO zones, they made that clear to both Turkey and Russia. So instead Turkey and Russia are forming slowly new trade zones / area's from which most EU countries will be excluded from... wonder how long Germany will be willing to bail out failed EU economies? ...
21. Anatol from Anadolu
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.21.11)
The GPI (Gross personal Income) in Israel and Greece are twice as higher than Turkey. Today one USD raised to 1.81 TL and is still rising. Interest rates in Turkey are low and people are still borrowing and spending. How long do you think Turkey can sustain th9is situation? BTW: I am writing this as a friendly warning aziz dostum. I am your friend who would like to see Turkey prospering in economy and Ataturk prescribed secular democracy.
22. erdogan article is misleading
steve ,   usa   (09.21.11)
The writer is drinking the anti-Israel kool-aid. The 2010 flotilla deaths are not the cause of deteriorating relations. In the same vein it would be the Turkish governments's financial and political support for the IHH. The deaths were the predictable reaction to Turkish aggression. In reality, the events were a catalyst but here the reporter blames Israel, which is absurd.
American ,   Los Angeles   (09.21.11)
by the jihadists gov of turkey.The obsession of restoring the ottoman control of the ME by erDOGan and creating a millitary alliance with egipt and other islamo fascist states is a proof that turks have moved into the jhadists camp for good.
24. Turk ships instigated an act of war end
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (09.21.11)
25. It is important to understand ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
... that Erdogan's strings are being pulled in Teheran. His ire with Israel over the MAVI MARMARA incident (get over it, already) may be genuine or it may be played up, but whatever it is, it is being orchestrated in Teheran. Make no mistake. It's also a useful tool to galvanize the Turkish people -- most of whom constitute the great unwashed and the vastly uneducated -- against a pretend enemy so as to deflect their attention from their increasing debt and Turkey's burgeoning economic crisis. Ahmedinejad says "jump!;" Erdogan says "how high?" Pitiful, really.
26. # 12-13 Sarah ... This is what you want not the reality
Emre ,   Istanbul   (09.21.11)
We follow your wishes very close here but you are wrong. I think Standart and Poors knows better than you to read the numbers and increased our rate 2 levels. It is only 1 or 2 level to reach Israeli credit level. We have a strong Industry dear. We are not an Oil country , we produce lately.But anyway you can reaseach and find out how we are.
27. # 17 Only In your
Izzet ,   Turkish   (09.21.11)
Dreams mate !
28. Emre and Izzet
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.21.11)
Do you remember when PM Erdogan had promised to raise Turkey's gross personal income to $10 thousand? 1. With dollar raising quickly against TL this objective is going backwards just like the Mehter Takimi. One step ahead two steps back. 2. $10 thjousand GPI is less then Israel's and Greece's (Under economic distress) current GPI. Again just a friendly warning from a Turkish born American who is a strong supporter of Ataturk's secular democratic republic.
29. To: No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
Here's a news flash: Turkey wouldn't last six hours in a war against Israel, and you cannot look to NATO for support, because Turkey is on the verge of getting kicked out of NATO. Perhaps if Turkey made amends, and apologized to Israel for its support, encouragement, underwriting and financing of the terrorist-laden ill-fated voyage of the MAVI MARMARA, we won't destroy you. Oh, hell. Turkey's well on the way to destroying itself. But we'll help you along if you insist. And no, Turkey is not entitled to a single square nanometer of Israel's huge natural gas fields in the Mediterranean. So enough with the tough talk. Turkey is making a grand fool of itself. Have you people no pride or dignity? That would appear to be the case.
30. Resolve crisis with Israel?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.21.11)
Contemplate the possibility -- no, the likelihood -- that Israel is not interested in mending fences with Iran's new best friends. Funnily enough, that is what is going to get Turkey booted out of NATO. Turkey's old news. It's time for Israel to turn the page and move on.
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